Top Ten Reasons to Hate Katy Perry

The list Top Ten Reason to Like Katy Perry was made now I got mad so this is my revenge on that list.

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1 Her Songs

Cancer songs they have no meaning whatsoever plus she is rude to her fans

Her songs are meaningless

Top ten reasons to like her she ain't got nothing on gaga. I kissed a girl think about what they mean

Probably the legitimate reason. Her songs make me cringe.

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2 She's Ugly

People who are calling her ugly are fools. How many of you know that the harry potter star Daniel Radcliffe has a crush on Katy Perry?

Her new style now, with her short blond hair, is just ugly.

This is a dumb reason to hate someone. I think she was better looking with long black hair.

It really put the UG in UG-LEE!

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3 She is a Huge Moron

So true!

Prove it

4 She Insulted Obama
5 She Has No Talent


6 She Doesn't Know How to Sing

Yes she does know how to sing. So you all need to SHUT UP!

7 She's Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga Combined

Not really. She's Starset and Jackie evancho combined (yes I don't like Evancho but that's who Katy is like) - AnonymousChick

This is true

8 She Has to Use Auto-Tune

Both anymore than Tay does.

9 She's a Bad Role Model

How can anybody even look up to her as one, all she talks about is sex, love and homos.

Very true

I'd ahte my child to look up to someone like Katy. I'd never lower my standerds so low.

10 What She Eats

What did she eat?

This list is dumb, It doesn't matter what she eats... - LapisBob

What did she eat her enemy? No! Exactly! - RockStarr

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11 She Doesn't Care About Others

I believe that this comment is true

Is this true or not?

12 She Stabbed Taylor Swift In the Back

I used to like her but when I heard what she did to Taylor, I hated her so much

What did she do to taylor?

This is why pretty much everyone in my school turned against her

Taylor whinny slutt doesn’t own people (dancers). And Katy has given her a song. The dumb whinny delusional b***h should b more greatful & kinder to Katy!

Though Bad Blood & Swish Swish. Katy is being a dumb slutty whiny b***h nowadays as well.

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13 She's a Jerk

She used homosexuality to insult her ex boyfriend.

Aw nah I know u ain't nuthin about dat.

I guess

14 She's In Love Too Much

And you are complaining about Katy when Taylor is in love too much? - AnonymousChick

15 She's Only Famous for Her Boobs
16 Her Dislikes for Videos On Youtube

Her dislikes is something you hate? This whole list is bull

17 Her Fans

It doesn't matter if someone dislikes Katy Perry. No one is forcing anyone to like or hate Katy. Your opinion is your own so you have a right to say something without everyone calling you names

Her fans aren't even that bad! - Minecraftcrazy530

Hey, dislike Katy because people like me exist. - AnonymousChick

Ok this is offensive

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18 How She's Using Taylor Swift's Name To Promote Her New Track And Album
19 She Dances Horribly

Her dance moves is a bit weird but Ariana Grande dances even horrible in 'Love Me Harder' music video

20 She's a Fake

A singer can't sing without studio editing, is she still a singer

21 Her Song ''I Kissed a Girl''

Yeah I think it was horrible. I don't like her cause she wanna kiss everyone and she always gets naked in her music videos. And her voice is annoying...

No wonder all the gays love her, she promotes homosexuality.

The song speaks for itself, no morals...

"She is promoting homosexuality without being a homosexual."

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22 Her Voice

Or lack of one. - Doom

23 She Cheats on Every Boyfriend She Gets

I know she's cheats on every guy she gets, I think that if she would got a little sense in her toasty brain then she would have known the worth of a love,....I don't know but how she finds herself a new boyfriend every time, I can't even find the end of a cello tape ****.. She's so overrated, she's like Taylor swift, she's ugly and she has no rights of stabbing swift... She dated niall horan of 1D and I was like # katy got niall..yah woo brush Humbugs..! Niall is so sweet,innocent and kind and Katy on the other hand is rude and evil..god they breaked..good..! ;P

24 She sang Bon Appetit.

This is the worst song ever!

The worst song ever.

Wow y'all quit hatin just a song

25 She's Overrated


26 She Supports Hillary Clinton
27 She Thinks That She is Better Than Other Great Artists
28 She Can't Sing
29 Her Voice is Ugly
30 She Has Fake Boobs
31 She's a Horny Cow

Her songs are inappropriate

No she's not

32 She's a Sell Out
33 Her Songs Are Inappropriate

I wouldn't listen to any of her songs for the life of me.

No they're not

Haha true...her songs r like a have a dark hors e..m ess with a part of i t..a nd then u mess with a part of me!..I must have kissed a girl but I will love you unconditionally.. I will always rise like a sun in your heart cut ie. t hen your heart will just roar my name! And then s o..g oes o n..s o overrate d..s meaning, no sense and first of all useless messed up..

34 She Doesn't Care About Her Fans
35 She's a Wannabe
36 She Thinks She's a Goddess

She prances around like she's the Queen and is SO greedy and acts like a mental idiot! My opinion personally! If your a Katy lover and only on this website to spill some dirt on the haters (me) well, sorry! 😌

She's not even a servent if the goddess, well if u want advice..hoe girl Katy then just listen up! U must reach your fans heart to be the coolest pop singer of all times..u should be remembered for your good deeds..not for going on a date, breaking rumors, and a sad lonely breaker up song! U need more hit songs about brave,fighting bullies back and also about keeping peace in the Katy..personally I hate yah..and want u to know that if u mess with some fans feelings, u mess with me!

37 She Wears Wigs
38 She Insulted Tokio Hotel

This bitch insulted them and called them gay despite her song "I kissed a girl" this ugly ass untalented bitch can go because tokio hotel actually makes good music

39 She Won't Leave Britney Spears Alone

Britney shaving her head was YEARS ago! Give her a break smh

40 Her Out of Breath Voice is Crappy

Have u heard her voice?!?! If u have, then u will know what I mean.

41 Sesame Street Went Downhill Because of Her
42 She is a Lefty Idiot
43 She's Homophobic
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