Top Ten Reasons to Hate Katy Perry


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21 She's Overrated


22 She's Only Famous for Her Boobs
23 She Thinks That She is Better Than Other Great Artists
24 She Has No Talent
25 She Has to Use Auto-Tune

Both anymore than Tay does.

26 She's a Sell Out
27 Her Songs Are Inappropriate

I wouldn't listen to any of her songs for the life of me.

Haha true...her songs r like a have a dark hors e..m ess with a part of i t..a nd then u mess with a part of me!..I must have kissed a girl but I will love you unconditionally.. I will always rise like a sun in your heart cut ie. t hen your heart will just roar my name! And then s o..g oes o n..s o overrate d..s meaning, no sense and first of all useless messed up..

28 She Doesn't Care About Her Fans
29 She's a Wannabe
30 She Thinks She's a Goddess

She prances around like she's the Queen and is SO greedy and acts like a mental idiot! My opinion personally! If your a Katy lover and only on this website to spill some dirt on the haters (me) well, sorry! 😌

She's not even a servent if the goddess, well if u want advice..hoe girl Katy then just listen up! U must reach your fans heart to be the coolest pop singer of all times..u should be remembered for your good deeds..not for going on a date, breaking rumors, and a sad lonely breaker up song! U need more hit songs about brave,fighting bullies back and also about keeping peace in the Katy..personally I hate yah..and want u to know that if u mess with some fans feelings, u mess with me!

31 She Doesn't Know How to Sing
32 She Wears Wigs
33 She Insulted Tokio Hotel V 1 Comment
34 She Won't Leave Britney Spears Alone

Britney shaving her head was YEARS ago! Give her a break smh

35 Her out of breath voice is crappy

Have u heard her voice?!?! If u have, then u will know what I mean.

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