Reasons to Hate Kids

This is the reason why you should AVOID talking to kids. If you read this, you'll regret being married.

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1 They're annoying

Just so everyone here knows... Not too long ago Piplup tried to upload a list giving the reasons why child abuse should be legal. So he/she's obviously an evil child hater that should be banned.

Why was this list approved...?

This list is terrible...

Says the person that used to be a kid - ToddHoward

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2 They can't talk

Reasons to fall for an obvious troll - Satire

Nice job generalizing all kids( I know he's a troll but still) - ReltihFloda

"This is the reason why you should AVOID talking to kids"
"They Can't Talk"
LMAO - DCfnaf

3 They're gross

The creator of this list is gross but I didn't made a list about them - Myuuu

Not as gross as the creator of the list

They fart too much - Piplup

Oh boo hoo, all human’s fart

4 They all are ugly

If you think all kids are ugly, then the only kid you saw was yourself on the inside.

Okay. This is just too far. - MegaSoulhero

Who is this? A disappointed pedophile? - SpectralOwl


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5 They just want to live

How is wanting to live a bad thing...?

Yeah I hate them because of this... NO NO not the poor kids the people who made this LIST! They were once a kid to

Like any other creature of this planet - Myuuu

And what's wrong with that? Who DOESN'T want to live? - DarkBoi-X

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6 They're needy

I don't think I'm capable of caring for a child - Phillip873

7 They beat up people

Where you recently beaten up by a 5 year old...?

You got all angst because some kid beaten you up? - Myuuu

Heh, sure - Phillip873

People do this regardless of age. - DarkBoi-X

8 They cry too much

Are you a child abuser? That would explain the crying...?

They act like spoiled Caillous

9 They get triggered over an obvious troll list

Like this one. - ReltihFloda

It's 2018 fellas, wake up. - Puga

I could've seen this coming. - Userguy44

Best entry of the year, y'all need to grow up over a troll list - B1ueNew

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10 They only care about their parents

How is this a bad thing? - MegaSoulhero

Didn't the bible say to honor your father and mother - BoyGenius234

Well u care about your parents so much when they give u even the slightest hate then u just explode.
Here’s another note to pooplup. Pooplup be so idiot not dumb be basculin be as cyndaquil no piplup no kill yes kill as if and rhyfrshdscfiuhjscfuhgibgbsfcjgbfscsfcisdsfchbjgdsc
This message was MADE to be confusing so she would be confused to death

what? - Ale99

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? They twerk
? They hit you in the privates if you bad mouth about their favorite shows they like

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11 They smoke marijuana

Galway is a small place in USA u know

Because they don't
because pooplup is being a poop
because pooplup is offending herself because she was a kid too u know
because pooplups reasons are dumb
because pooplup hates school
because pooplup lives in usa in galway
because pooplup is greedy and pees and poops amd barfs and farts and shakes her stupid bare butt into peoples faces amd does the other for stuff she gives them viruses eww

12 They whine in an irritating high pitch voice

You KILLED HIM?!?! Should I call the police?!

One of my kids destroyed my Persian rug. Then I KILLED him and managed to get away with it. - Piplup

Yes u should because she wants to kill herself and annoy autistic people (go to reasons to hate your parents)

Me:Four give pooplup the screech
Four:*screeches in her ear* She deserved it lol

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13 They steal the sofa when you want to watch TV

No, that is what my dad does.

Kids, where'd you put the sofa this time? - Torchpost

14 They are bullies

But not all children are... - LAURENRL

Once in school I got bullied by a 5 year old visitor from kindergarten. - Piplup

The only bully is you because I am a child - lynxa

15 They miss their "childhood"

So do you.

16 They love Pokemon

Excuse me I'm a kid and I love pokemon what is wrong with pokemon?

Bulbasaur fans are trolls. - Piplup

We'll replace it with bulbasaur fans r trolls then and u love Pokemon too so that means that u hate urself u sexist poo poo face

17 They disrespect elders

They don't stop being poop

18 They act like Caillou
19 They sing "Let it Go" from Frozen over and over

My cousin used to do that. THANK GOODNESS SHE NO LONGER DOES IT!

20 They are expensive

To purchase? Or to provide for...?

21 They stink too much

You would too if you keep going in the mud all day

Mainly applies to kids who are still in diapers

22 They grow up to be bullies later on

Does that mean everyone's a bully then!? - LAURENRL

I'm sorry if I put it in there. I really didn't know back then, but everyone can be a bully in a while, but this stupid of me. Sorry. - MissRWBY202

Then the only kid you met was yourself

23 They roast you

Nah hunny my parents roast me - lynxa

24 They sing songs over and over

Everybody has already heard the new overplayed mediocre garbage pop song already, we don't need to be reminded of it more. Still though: This is a stupid list. - ReltihFloda

25 They make genital jokes

They don't ahh your facts are sooo pooop

26 They watch annoying shows

Yeah...I can agree on this one... lol... - LAURENRL

Dora, TTG, Spongebob, and many others. - Piplup

27 They watch Caillou
28 They watch Teen Titans Go

Seriously? This is a really stupid reasons to hate kids, and I really hate Teen Titans Go. - MissRWBY202

29 They destroy extremely valuable things
30 They are spoiled rich brats
31 They throw loud tantrums at the movie theater

They want to go home and watch baby shows.

What a bunch of wimpos

32 They swear


33 They break things
34 They like to show off
35 They break animatronics at Chuck E Cheese
36 They spam cringe on YouTube
37 They smell like dog poop
38 They make Teen Titans Go jokes
39 They steal your Final Fantasy 7 game


40 They Watch Disney Channel
41 They want to be on Disney Channel
42 They throw tantrums
43 They annoy
44 They stare at you
45 They play Fortnite

They play fortnite when its for teens - B1ueNew

46 They play Call of Duty
47 They listen to bad music

Like lil Pump, ricegum, jake paul, camila cabello etc - B1ueNew

48 They like dogs

When u run out of ideas for stuff to put on the list so u put in dumb, nonsense reasons which make no sense and r stupid like this one.
Dogs r a common pet so that's y it's considered a dumb one

49 They ruin everything
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