Reasons to Hate Kids

This is the reason why you should AVOID talking to kids. If you read this, you'll regret being married.

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1 They're annoying

My cousins used to be annoying, but as they grew up, they got less annoying.

It actually depends on the type of kid. - Lucy1402

You were a kid once - BoyGenius234

They can be annoying, especially in movie theaters, but we shouldn’t really hate them. - MegaSoulhero

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2 They cry too much

They act like spoiled Caillous

3 They prevent parents from enjoying sex while they're in the house
4 They're always in the way
5 They do stupid things like provoke wild animals or throw rocks at hornets nests then expect you to help them
6 They can't talk

That's just what happens right after your birth. Everyone needs to learn to talk. - Userguy44

"This is the reason why you should AVOID talking to kids"
"They Can't Talk"
LMAO - DCfnaf

7 They all are ugly

This is very rude and offensive. - Userguy44

This is very insulting! - Userguy44

Okay. This is just too far. - MegaSoulhero

Then your calling yourself ugly everyone was kids once you only made this list because u hate urself

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8 They grow up and hate you even though you sacrifice everything you have for them
9 They're gross

They fart too much - Piplup

Oh boo hoo, all human’s fart

10 They get triggered over an obvious troll list

It's still offensive. Stop. - Pokemonfan10

Hint hint. - Cyri

True though. - MrCoolC

I could've seen this coming. - Userguy44

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? They watch Jojo Siwa

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11 They are always the cause of tragic accidents at a zoo
12 They always find a way to get filthy
13 They're needy

I don't think I'm capable of caring for a child - Phillip873

14 They are bullies

People do this regardless of age. - DarkBoi-X

Where you recently beaten up by a 5 year old...?

But not all children are... - LAURENRL

Heh, sure - Phillip873

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15 They make you walk very slowly so they can keep up
16 They always want to eat fattening foods
17 They only care about their parents

How is this a bad thing? - MegaSoulhero

Didn't the bible say to honor your father and mother - BoyGenius234

what? - Ale99

18 They smell

Mainly applies to kids who are still in diapers

You would too if you keep going in the mud all day

19 They whine in an irritating high pitch voice
20 They steal other kids

Oh my goodness! BILLY just went to his FRIEND'S house! - Cyri

Okay, what? I'm laughing. - Ashes

21 They pee sitting

Adults do, too!

They copied that from Deadpool 2

22 They swear

They learned swear words from Deadpool

Oh boo hoo you hear a swear word! 😭 - Userguy44


So? Everyone swears. - PokemonYesTeletubbiesNo

23 They roast you

You call 'dum dum', 'your mum', and 'poopypants' roasts? - WheresMyGuitarPick

Nah hunny my parents roast me - lynxa

Their “roasts” are stupid though so who cares? - 3DG20

24 They make genital jokes

And adults do this LESS often? I'm sorry, but if you want to troll, be funny. - Cyri

25 They watch kids shows

Seriously? This is a really stupid reasons to hate kids, and I really hate Teen Titans Go. - MissRWBY202

26 They love Pokemon

So? - Pokemonfan10

Excuse me I'm a kid and I love pokemon what is wrong with pokemon?

I love Pokemon! I have most of the core games, many cards, and 2 posters! - Pokemonfan10

Bulbasaur fans are trolls. - Piplup

27 They disrespect elders

They don't stop being poop

28 They are expensive

To purchase? Or to provide for...?

29 They sing the same song over and over

My cousin used to do that. THANK GOODNESS SHE NO LONGER DOES IT!

30 They watch annoying shows

Yeah...I can agree on this one... lol... - LAURENRL

Dora, TTG, SpongeBob, and many others. - Piplup

31 They make lame jokes

Your mean I'm a kid crys

32 They want to be on Disney Channel

To become Sitcom brats

33 They are spoiled brats

Some kids are starving and living in poverty. - WheresMyGuitarPick

34 They throw tantrums

They want to go home and watch baby shows.

What a bunch of wimpos

35 They hate vegetables
36 They break things

Fnaf got to them - Pokemonfan10

37 They like to show off
38 They steal


39 They throw tantrums
40 They stare at you
41 They play video games

They play fortnite when its for teens - B1ueNew

42 They listen to bad music

Like lil Pump, ricegum, jake paul, camila cabello etc - B1ueNew

43 They like dogs

Dogs are adorable - Pokemonfan10

44 They twerk

Brain bleach is needed.

45 They love using the word poop as an insult
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