Top Ten Reasons to Hate Kidz Bop

I'm not trying to be mean to you all Kidz Bop fans, but it's my opinion. I do not hate Kidz Bop, I just don't like it.

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1 They ruin perfectly good songs.

Exactly! The GIRLS sing the song that the original artists were GUYS and the GUYS sing the songs that were intended for GIRLS! Just listen to "call me maybe" and "what makes you beautiful" and you'll see what I mean.

They take perfectly good songs, make corny remixes that makes you no want to listen to the original song anymore.

They make money off kids covering mainstream songs. - madoog

Kids Bop just needs to go die somewhere. - 23windomt

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2 They sang The Beatles' songs.

They sang the Beatles? Wow. They should not be doing that, just no.

I used to have that album. My dad loves the beatles so he got this for me to get in to the beatles. Now that I look back why couldn't I just listen to the original songs?

Lets see if United Kingdom Kidz Bop would sing them, lets see how in/famous Kidz Bop will be. Who were the first kidz anyway?

Wow that's how desperate they are - 23windomt

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3 The kids on Kidz Bop are not in school

They're future as adults they wont be singing. Instead they'll be saying "hi welcome to mcdonalds how may I help you? "

They should be because they won't be stupid

Home school maybe?

Meh not kidz bop home kidz bop

They do school online so I wouldn't be talking if you don't know this stuff - kbbella

4 They are still alive

Why do you send death threats? Its not children changing the lyrics, they just sing the songs.

They DO change the lyrics. But I agree death threats are too far.

YES Someone should kill 'em

Yes they should die

Umm...death threats.

5 They are evil

I KNOW! They are bad singers. Most kids can sing well, but these kid can't sing at all. Also, they ruin awesome songs. They never give credit to the original singers. Some songs took YEARS to make and yet Kidz bop steals the song. They should get sued

Singers should sue 'em for ripping off their original songs. I mean those singers worked hard to make their own songs.

They take credit for something the artists worked hard on. Screw them

The ORIGINAL singers ( Katy perry, the Beatles and even the Jonas brothers) should sue kidz bop for copyright. Also, most of the retards (the kids) are singer wannabes who sing like they want to KILL you're ears.

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6 Their voices are awful

They sound like either a mule getting their anus ripped off or they have bronchitis (sorry for bad spelling)

They sing like a dunce

Gosh! Their singing is more worse than their dumb Cd's I don't know why stores have them out

7 They now have 26 CDs

No they got more than that and they are crap

Gosh! How many songs have they covered? 489? They need to stop! - madoog

Now that they have a new album I've listened yes their new songs and album sucks

37 cds

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8 The Kidz Bop kidz are just preteen wannabe pop stars

Yes, they ruin songs of other famous people (including the Beatles). Why don't these guys make their own song BY THEIR OWN (meaning without the producer or director or things like that)

I hate them covering songs that I like or dislike. - madoog

True very true

Speaking Faxts - 23windomt

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9 They take out the bad words of the song

Then why don't they just cover songs WITHOUT bad words

Sometimes swears are good things for music

That's immature

That's why it should be the original not "Kiddie friendly"

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10 They can't make their own songs

They did make their own songs, actually. They sang Make Some Noise on Kidz Bop 30, Life of the Party on Kidz Bop 32, Best Time Ever on Kidz Bop 35, and now We Run The Show on Kidz Bop 38. They also sang a song called Awesome Awaits. They did make their own songs, and I hate this list as a fan of Kidz Bop!

They are such mind losers because they copy other musical artists songs that stinks because what if they are a fake band and not a real band and who knows they are a piece of crap for some point.

And their managers make the beats and play the instruments. Cause these little chumps are too stupid to learn how!

They can't write a good song for jesus I bet

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The Newcomers

? Kidz bop ruins every song


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11 They cover inappropriate songs for kids

My mom says that I can only listen to songs that are appropriate for my age and don't have bad words. Most of the songs kidz bop sings have at least one bad word.

Guess what I listened to inappropriate songs when I was a kid.

I can't wait till they cover, "Blame Canada," LOL.

I sneak innapropriate songs. I used to and I still do now.

12 They sang "Wrecking Ball" by Miley Cyrus

They should not be singing that.

13 They beat someone up

When did they do that? - Croy987

This should be higher!

Lol what? - NikoX


14 They make money by ripping people's songs off

They make money by COPYING other artists

They sang stay by alessia Cara and zedd which the real version is good and they ruined it

When they were doing starships, the original lyrics were:
Original: My name is Onika you can call me Nikki.
Innocent Right? Well,
Edited: My name is KIDZBOP you can call me KB

15 They Ruined JuJu on That Beat

Wow they had to ruin a great popular dance song ever.

Show Dem folks don't stop seriously kids bop? that's the dumbest lyrics to come wit


I love that song bop ruined my life by making Forney songs trying to get me to listen to their song

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16 They ruined Bruno Mars

Their lyrics to that's what I like and 24k magic suck

Bruno Mars should sue them for those great sings Bruno Mars made.

How could they ruin Bruno mars

17 They ruin Camila Cabello

I don't like Kidz Bop and Camilla Cabello.

Wow they just gotta ruin the greatest popstars ever

I prefer to hate kidz bop.One reason they have stolen Camilla cabello and Bruno mars.
Another reason is they are idiots.
The Last reason is they ripping people’s money ' for $1,000 Cleary,I hate kidz bop for many reasons🤬🤬

18 They want their fans to shutup and go get a life

Lol! Did they actually say that? - NikoX

They've also ruined rihanna

Again, when did they do that? - Croy987

Oh wow. What little brats.

19 It's not funny

Tell me about it.

They are just noobs

20 They sing Nikki Minaj songs

WHAT?! Kids should NOT be singing Nikki Minaj songs! (Or however you spell her artist name) They are inappropriate for kids!

They don't need to be doing' that.

21 They sang God's Plan by Drake

They shouldn't sing a song like that. And they're ruining the song. By changing the lyrics and their ugly voice

They made the music horrible and Drake should SUE to the crap outta them for doing that

22 They sang "Let It Go" by Idina Menzel

They have just ruined the most overrated disney song ever created

If I hear the hat agin I will kill Elisa oops wrong list

I don't want to even go NEAR it.

23 They make good songs sound bad and make bad songs sound even worse

They've ruined Rihanna and beyonce


24 They are brat wannabes

No they just want to live a good life unlike trolls on the internet like you - kbbella

Uh huh yes that's true

25 They sing original songs, which probably gets them sued

"If they sing Hotel California by the Eagles they WILL get sued."

If they sing side to side by

26 They Ruined Rihanna and Beyonce.
27 Wait a Minute! They just sang, "Get Lucky!"

W-W-What?!? How could they sing a song like THAT!?! Kids are NOT allowed to hear THAT!

28 They sang No Tears Left to Cry by Ariana Grande
29 They sang Congratulations by post Malone
30 They sang Thrift Shop by Macklemore
31 They sing Disney and Christmas songs most of which are already family friendly

What's so inappropriate about Deck the Halls besides the, "don we now our gay apparel," part?

32 They are brats
33 They are bullies They are bullies
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