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21 She hates the baby

Does anyone notice how when Kim holds her baby its always far away from her face and body, mothers who hold their babies keep them close. Is there one picture of her kissing or playing in a park with her baby anywhere? Even the baby looks uncomfortable and like it is going to cry when she is holding it. Also she seems to be following her hubby West around every time he is out at night, does she ever look after that baby at all or is it all nannies 24/7 except when she needs photos or attention. I feel so sorry for that baby being born into such a selfish, lazy, self serving, out of touch with reality family (funny they are in a reality show ha ha). Kim remember Paris was just like you once, where is she now? It can't last forever that's when someone like you will really suffer because the attention is so much more important then the money. Tick tock, tick tock the clock is running down.

She didn't want a black baby, she wanted it to be olive skinned and look like her. Well the kid is Kanye Jr!

Her baby North is not crazy about her mom either! Did you see the video where Kim was holding her and she was trying to rip kim's lips off!

Kim kardashian is a terrible model,

1, shes just plastic now...

2, she dislikes the baby

3, all she does is show her buttocks

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22 Kimoji

Its stupid

No, just...just NO!

23 She is a bad role model

She believes she inspires young girls. Really Kim. You inspire them to be faker than a Barbie. All you did to get fame is lay on your back. Hopefully your child won't turn out to be like you.

She calls herself a role model, for getting so much plastic surgery, showing off too much skin, being annoying, having a stupid show, making inappropriate tapes, etc, who in their right mind thinks this is being a good role model?! Did she ever get educated?.

I don't think she understands the meaning of the word "literally"

I am liberal but I despise her and her family for teaching all the millennials the materialistic world is the ideal world, and teaching adolescence to be fake and abuse social media as a competition to gain acceptance.

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24 She cheats on men

Shameless, money grubbing whore. I wouldn't be surprised if she cheated with all her boyfriends. She's like a paris hilton duplicate with a huge ass.

She creates tacky mashed couple names and then cheats on theme for attention and fame!

Prenup Kanye and Kim.
Notice Kanye gets nothing if Kim cheats on him.
Watch out for Kardashian trap guys.

WHORE! WHORE! It is so annoying

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25 She is getting too old

To that person who wrote that paragraph about not hating Kim, umm we're not satan we're just giving our opinion just like you lol

Shes still doing sextapes I mean every body watch porn at an age but people don't want to see her bust up ass trying to get it.

Why is everyone making up excuses to blame her which are just parts of being human? Dating outside of her race? Plastic surgery? Megan Fox had surgery. Look it up. Most of Hollywood's celebrities had plastic surgery. Wearing white? Why, are you racist you want her to wear black? Blaming her for being fat? Fat isn't ugly. Most of you hating, jealous bitches here are fat so stfu. Kim doesn't hate old people, and she loves her baby like any mother. If you blame Kim for all of this, then you must hate all celebrities. You're basically blaming her for being a human being. You are all examples of Satan and hate. You have envy, wreath, and hate. Stop hating and start being nice. You say her personality sucks, well look at yours! Why can't you just ignore her if you don't like her? You aren't going to make a difference hating anyway. So stop the hate.

26 Her stupid family

Her family is okay, but sometimes they cause too much trouble.

What is this WEIRD family?! With Three fat girls, Oh my god...

They buy huge houses even though they have small families.

Someone here wrote its okay with the famliy.. I mean u have no idea how terrific they are they r sluts of ages.. Her mum shes a slut, sisters a slut dad and uncles and aunts and grans and granpas they all r whores

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27 She treats her brother like crap

Called him a loser I think people who put down other people are mirrors of themselves

If you pay attention to her show, she has not once helped her sisters or brother at a time of need. All she really cares about her mother because that is her manager and is exactly like her.

Its her family how could she do that!?

Like u should have know.. I love my brother too much.
Even if I am not famous it doesn't means my young bro wont be my first priorities..
It's a shame kim u deserve nothing in life

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28 Everyday she always shows up on tv news, magazines and internet news

Can we NOT have a kardashian in the news for just ONE day, PLEASE?

I cannot walk passed a magazine stand without seeing the whole ulgy ratchet kardashian family on the front cover with some sob story.

Unfortunately, society today has no dignity.

Wow pretty soon she will be walking down the street TOTALLY NAKED, I think it's gross that people like her can do whatever they want. She should stop dressing like a madam who's waiting for her next John. Just stop walking down the street like that, people with kids don't want to see it..they know what it looks like..they just don't want their 4 year old knowing...Total PIG..think before you leave the house. is this what I want to portray..or do I want to be Classy for a change...Oh I forgot a minute who I was talking about it's LITTLE MISS PIGGY.

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29 She thinks she is better than everyone

I agree on that.

Well she's wrong she in different ways it was a confusing statement and she is not better then everyone

30 She thinks her baby is "The" baby.

Kate Middleton who is royalty, showed off her baby boy on the day he was born, while Kim and Kanye refuse to show their "awesome" kid.

What made them think that their baby was so spectacular, that they hide her from the world. She plays the media game. She wanted everyone to go insane over her baby. Yeah right! An ugly, chubby chipmunked face baby with a retarded name, North. didn't they realize the whole world laughed at that stupid name? Idiots of the world!

I don't believe in comparing babies, but "THE" baby for me will always be Prince George, Kate Middleton and Prince Williams son. I'm not even a fan of The Royals, I don't even really like them and what they stand for but Prince George is mega cute!

'The' baby for e is princess charlotte because she's kate middleton's daughter, until I ever have a baby, if I ever have a baby

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31 She's evil

She has an black soul and says that all old people are unattractive. Her personality is unattractive

The nostalgia critic and his friends once satirized her as Satan's wife.

She hates old people? Doesn't she realize that in a few more years she WILL be one?!

She better start getting serious with herself. She's like 34 years old and she's still saying this stuff just for the money.


32 Her "Break the Internet" photo

Oh God. I hate that break the internet photo. Yes there is more than one. Even Nissan made a spoof (one of the best disses to Kim K). - SelfDestruct

I nearly threw up my lunch...0_0

I pity the ones who saw her butt as the first thing in the morning on that E paper.

It's actually photoshopped

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33 Her mixed opinions on guns

She's a nothing with money

She's a hypocrite

34 She makes herself act like a victim on social media

She's like stop the haters! Well, if you acted more intelligently you would not get as many haters


35 She has a horse face.

She looks like a glamorous horse lol

When she get's old, saggy and wrinkly she will start going from looking like a horse to looking like a human camel

36 She has a disgusting butt

I think the whole of her body is not sexy. She is just fat. That's all.

I believe if not for liposuction and breast implants Kim be just a very wide hipped yet flat chested fat woman in reality she is just fat sculpted via liposuction also I think her ass not attractive too primitive like what they call Neanderthal Venus

Her thighs are thick.

THANK YOU! I've been waiting to hear that forever! For goodness sake... miley is better then her! And miley is awful!

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37 She thinks she is really hot

Only with all that surgery, extensions, false teeth and heavy make up, Without it all, she can't bare how ugly she really is

Well someone's got to...

She just stupid, S.T.U.P.ID

38 She's ugly

Inside and outside

39 Her dumb show "Keeping Up With the Kardashian"

Her show should die now, I'm getting stick of hearing about it on T.V. !

Her show has no culture, message or positive influence on pop culture.

To many stupid people watch it mostly the young

��lol yeah it's a Shame

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40 She hates white guys

I take that as racist because I'm a white guy

What a hypocritical racist

Naw, she is just color blind.

She IS white and she has a white BROTHER and FATHER! does that means she hates her brother and father?

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