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41 She is famous and rich for doing nothing

She hasn't done anything special or extraordinary to become famous.

Exactly! What is she famous for?

Can I just point out, she got famous for making a sex tape

She is a business women and entrepreneur. Stop hating on Kim Kardashian!

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42 She doesn't care about anyone but herself




43 She lost her really pretty Armenian looks

She use to be pretty, but ever since she got all of that plastic surgery, she now looks like a horse.

She was manufactured in China.

No, Kim was and always will be UGLY, she was NEVER pretty.

She should of stayed single and moved on with life. Stay out of everyone, s business. This way out of control and Ellen degerenes had used her show to promote unhealthy people. Just go away and let new people in. Boring and retire Ellen with them all. She is worn out. Drew Barry more would be a good new start.

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44 She's racist

If she hates white guys or any other guy because of his race,then she's a damn racist!


Yes She is quite that. and a trashy strumpet ( British slang for Whore)

45 She's not smart

I'm only 13 and even an immature like me is smarter than that fake ass ugly slag. As a society, we should be ashamed of having someone like this be the most famous. What happened about having talent? LIKE what, her ass isn't even sexy, its TOO BIG. It's like the world forgot about the concept of having something too big. I wonder how many dicks she smothered with that fat stanky ass of hers. Being famous requires TALENT, not having a big ass, a plastic horse like face and wearing 4 pounds of

She is so dumb.. Maybe she should go blonde so she can be blonde and dumb

My 5 year old cousin Sophie is smarter and prettier than Kim Kardashian, at least my cousin's hair and body is real. - MorganChambz

Some people say blondes are dumb

Then came the Kardashians

I'm a natural blonde, but I still have a bigger brain than hers ever will be

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46 She is a media whore

It's a fact. It's a truth. And it's an understatement. It's sickening.

You know kim searchs up her own name in Google

47 She showed her fake ass on the front cover of a magazine no one reads

That's gross - TwilightKitsune

She's too vulger

Media whores, no actual talent and a huge ass that she can't reach to wipe

48 She hates old people

I can't wait until that hag is all old and wrinkly and starts regretting all the silicone this rots in her body when she dies.

We all will become one of these one day. This lady is a dumb ass.

If she hates old people.. What thoughts does she have for her parents since they are old?

NOT THE SENIORS! Seniors are nice :(

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49 She said Selena Gomez is a bad role model

That is so not true

50 She's terrible at acting

What acting?!?.. She's a joke & getting banged onscreen is not acting

I would not call that acting, that is how bad it is.

51 She dates outside her race

So what? I'm dating a Russian-American boy. - MorganChambz

She can date anyone of any color, that doesn't make her annoying. If the race of men she dates is an issue to you, there is sickness in your heart that you must heal.

He can keep that fat ass pig

So what? Even I hate kim, but this is plain racist. I know a hindu girl who is dating a muslim. She's white (sort of wheatish) and he's black. Problem? 😡😡

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52 She is an embarrassment to all of Armenian descent

She one of them whether she likes it or not

Kim k is an embarrassment to everyone around her

Armenians are ugly and stinky

53 She is a materialistic, diluted, and fully plastic attention seeker

Kim k is a high price ho who only got with kanye cause nobody else wanted that ho. Remember she didn't want kanye at first. She did Kris humpries wrong.. She don't deserve nothing she got!

I can't stand her at all, I mean, I want to see one day when she isn't on the friggen news!

54 Her family thinks that they're the center of the universe

Who has a show about their lives? I mean, as complicated, stupid and awful her life is, Kim needs to get a REAL live, not just about sex tapes, ex husbands and stupid baby names. These people need to get a live!

They have their own show that is just about their stuck up lives as brats they're not the best of the best. Even an ordinary family has a better attitude!

55 More plastic surgery than Jocelyn Wildenstein
56 She acts like her baby is chosen by God

I swear, if that child turns out well with the parents she has, it'll be a pure miracle.

Kim Kardashian smells like dead fish by her large & feminine rump, her thick thighs & her big hips.

Every baby is chosen by god, even Kim's poor baby. - MorganChambz

57 She wears a lot of white clothing

She and Kanye must be worshiping satan Santaria. Because we all know that kim and mother sold their souls to the devil.

On an app I play, high school story, there is a Kim kardashian outfit called keeping up. It's white, but it IS pretty

She sure does like white clothes for a person who only dates black people - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Um…I sometimes wear white clothes but I will FOREVRER trust in Him, not the…evil man underneath.

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58 Her crying face

I hate that she has her own game to. The ads are EVERYWHERE.

It looked so stupid I felt like punching Frieza repeatedly

Kim's crying face is epic lol

Just saw her crying face... going to have nightmares now..

it looks like shes crying her eyes out

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59 Her dad
60 More people have been married to Kim Kardashian than have died from Ebola in the United States

Really? Wow kim...

Hahaaa! Truth people!


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