Top Ten Reasons To Hate Kim Kardashian

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61 More people have been married to Kim Kardashian than have died from Ebola in the United States

Really? Wow kim...

Hahaaa! Truth people!


62 Her a** will explode one day

That's actually good. Think about it... no ass, no reason to get famous! Then hopefully, she'd realize the misery of her ways!

Okay, now I'm being to optimistic, aren't I?


Its gunna explode from all the crap and fake it contains

It will happen on her show KTUWK

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63 She is so rich for nothing
64 They are mentally sick.

The mother is their pimp and should have been prosecuted long ago

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65 She is skanky, not sexy

the truth

66 She has a stanky booty

Bet it smells like a used Compton condom.

П could you imagine the size of her💩

67 She's fake

Everyone thinks she is so pretty but have you seen her crying face and she is an hairless rat without her make up, clothing and hair extentsions

She has had way too much plastic surgery.

Just looked her! It 's faker than fake

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68 She's disgusting.

Kim Kardashian is even more perverted & stinky than Axel Chains.

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69 She copied Paris Hilton

Kim needs to always remember... Paris did it first.

Why they boat suck

70 She's famous for the most wrong and undeserving reasons

I completely agree. A sex tape? Really? I don't even understand how she became famous in the first place. I mean, who saw her and said, 'Oh, she should be a celebrity! '

There's literally no ong reason other than that.

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71 You're jealous

Kim is very disrespectful how she talks to her mom I like him I have nothing bad to say about any of them but I know that if I talk to my mother the way she talks to her mom my mom would feel very sad I believe that Kim's mom loves all of her children and tries to help all of them but I think you should have more respect for your mommy after all she is your mommy

K Kim would not have a career if it wasn't for her mom's helping her now her mom has made her famous and everybody following her on the Internet is making her more and more money if you don't like her stop throwing money at her I think her mother is very nice and she loves her children but can I saw on an episode was very rude and talk to her mother very disrespectful

Her famous line when she first started is " Your jealous"? Like that doesn't give a red flag!

I don't think anyone on these comments suffers from jealous but instead sees and are saying there truth and opinions. The facts are aloud only in court and the facts on this family is beyond...please support truth and healthy images in the world not this stuff.

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72 She's fat

Fat isn't ugly and she isn't fat. She's thick. You are the reason the world is a horrible place. Because of hateful people like you. All of you.

73 She is racist
74 She always wants to be the center of attention of her family

Like they're other people in your family

She is the family Nasty people

Her family sucks to

75 She has no dignity

She does nothing but promote herself.. Seriously what good does she do in the world? She is a spout brat that has no idea about the real world or real problems, she does not deserve the status she attains... It's a crock. If I ever met her I would like to tell get that she's nothing.. And does nothing

True! She will do anything for money and attention!

76 She's a tyrant

As part of their torture of American citizens... Television has chosen to shove in our faces the children of OJ Simpson and his lawyer for years on end. I guess it pays to chop off white women and Jewish men's heads.

77 She's trashy

Very Trashy just looking at her I power Hurl LOL

78 She's so dramatic about things

When she lost her earing in the sea, who told you to wear them?

You mean super duper drama queen.

I could imagine her crying over a lost cheap pathetic.

79 She has the body of a hobbit

Laugh out loud, this is from South Park, isn't it?

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80 She is just slobby


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