Top Ten Reasons To Hate Kim Kardashian

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81 Her huge ass

Oh my gosh, they change shapes AND sizes. It's mind boggling. She must have had openings put in the bottom of her butt and has different butt cups for whatever mood she's in, just like her clothes. I've seen her butt small, medium, then large, large wide, pointy, extra large round, then smaller wide, then extra extra large, and so on it goes, I mean she not only has a huge clothes closet but I bet if you could go in her house, you'd find a butt closet too!

They should come out with a horror movie about her ass, because it keeps growing. Sorta like that movie "The Blob" except it will be "The Ass". Everyone run for your lives, Kim's ass is growing and it might eat you!

Seriously how is this not on here

Simply repulsive.. Has her own zip code and then sum

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82 She sounds like a alien

She is an alien. sometime they'll find all of the kardashian clan missing and they'll have left a message saying that they've gone back to their home planet.

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83 She is a waste of oxygen every day and a waste of blood every month.

Don't forget her and her family alone is one reason T.V. sucks

84 She is a waste of blood every month.

She should get a blood test for contamination!

85 She can't put two decent thoughts together on a good day.
86 She has cankles
87 She doesn't do porn flicks with white men.

Who would want that after she had monkey meat

Thank God I would never touch that horrid skank.

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88 She thinks animal cruelty is okay

Why you ask? Because it makes her look good

Couldn't you get in trouble for that?

Only a heartless ass hole would think like that

First she hates seniors... AND LOVES ANIMAL CRUELTY? She is an awful being who only cares about being sexy and money! she is awful!

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89 She's Kim Kardashian

i agree

90 She's the way she is
91 She is fake

I hate it when some of my friends talk about how Beautiful Kim is
And when you look at her old pics then you see her Real face
She's fake and her Butt is discusting to look at
They all say how they admire her beauty and even when you say that its fake, then they will just say " I Saw her prove on the T.V. that her Butt is Real"
They are all just being naive and keep forgeting that they are prettier, than her because they have natural beauty
If she dident have the money then she wouldent have Beautiful face

92 She really thinks she is sexy

Yeah maybe in a fun house mirror shattered

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93 She is your typical dumb American

True I mean they voted for obama Hitler twice.

Most of y'all hoes broke will she making paper laugh out loud y'all dumb right now y'all could be at work but no y'all wanna be ignorent I'm 14 so I don't need a job

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94 She's starting to look too much like her mother

They both look like the goodyear blimp. I bet if you light a match within six feet they explode. ROFLMAO

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95 She's dramatic

Always crying for dumbest of things.

96 She's short

Yet her stomach is flat, she is stubby anyways. Kim Kardashian is pervert, & it seems as if she can't stop her thighs, hips & her bum from smelling bad, whereas she has so much estrogen.

What on earth is wrong with being short and fat? It doesn't make her a horrible person. Stop hating people!

Short smort... So she's 2'2"..oompa loompa

97 A pornstar and a fading rapper have a wedding that is treated like the Royal Wedding

Why would you treat street trash like royalty, DISGUSTING!

I can't believe that the Kardashians are considered "American Royalty" - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Why did they prefer to report that when the Iwate Incident is more important.

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98 She shouldn't have fame

True just what the hell,does she really do

99 She is mean and hates her fans

Do you really care about this messed up family if you answer yes look at your own

Let's face it she hates everyone

100 She lipsynchs

Britney Spears at least knows how to lipsynch

Aweful lipsynch not cool she's horrid

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