Top Ten Reasons To Hate Kim Kardashian

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101 Bad music video for Jam (Turn It Up)

Not to mention She got popular for showing her butt in Thailand

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102 She's stupid and thinks she is better than everything

Lies all lies to the point of view of kim k thinking that she is better then everyone and everything she's wrong

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103 Her feminine thighs

They can't stop stinking like dead fish.

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104 She needs much thicker thighs that are also slightly longer

She does, yet she is short at 5'3".

At some points South Park is RIGHT, she does look like a hobbit,

She's just 5'3?! I'm 13 and I'm 5'2! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Wait..she's 5'3. And I'm 12 and 5'5. The heck?!

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105 Examples like these individuals perfectly portray what is wrong with American today. V 2 Comments
106 She's has the attention span of a goldfish if the topic isn't about herself V 2 Comments
107 She hating on Beyonce and other talented stars who are superior than her

Beyoncé is way more talented than her

Beyonce is the real superstar unlike Kim Kardashian

Beyonce has more potential then her she thinks she knows everything well it's a shame she is a trash and we people don't prefer to like trash.. Ugly fake women u r a disgrace to womens

I think there's room to hate her and Beyoncé!

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108 She is annoying
109 She's self centered
110 She says you gotta wear a lot of fur in order to look attractive

Looking real is the REAL deal, ho. - MorganChambz

Sorry, but I only own one leather jacket and I wear it repeatedly :D leather rules, fur drools

If she wants beavers to die maybe she should too.

U don't deserve fur.. U deserve naked body only.. Besides fur is not what makes u look pretty even u can look pretty in a pj or sweatpants

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111 She's overly sensitive

I bet the one leading her emotion headquarters is the kid of Anger and Disgust (I'm not saying I hate anger and disgust! )

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112 She doesn't care about other living beings

Skinned alive and tortured. But who cares cause Kimmy needs her precious fur coat.

I saw a pic of her with that stupid smirk of her holding a poor, live cat like it's a piece of cloth. I'm not exactly an environmentalist but IT JUST MAKES ME SO MAD.

There's an awful lot of personal stuff on here, which is probably unneccassary. But what upsets me is how sad humanity is when we are supposed to feel some sort of pity for a women who was robbed of 9 million in jewlery when we have starving people in the world. Women buying designer bags, when we have wars, lack of education, lack of medication in some parts of the world.

Sad when society treat celebrities like royalty or even worse like Gods, when we have people not able to feed or buy medicine for their children. Do we not all live on the same planet and breath the same air?

Its truly ugly when someone like Kim Khardasian can flaunt her wealth whilst others struggle on the same planet, country, state and even town.

113 Her undeserved fame

Seriously she does nothing helpful to society and yet people love her. She's only famous for dating black guys.

114 She always wants to have attention
115 Her butt photo V 2 Comments
116 She can't deal with people being popular over her V 1 Comment
117 She is the daughter of Robert Kardashian (O. J. Simpson's defense attorney during his 1995 murder trial)
118 She wears animal skins

Brutally killed, many skinned alive and does not care.

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119 No one knows what she really even does

Is she a model or an actress or what lol

120 She thinks she's entitled to everything

You are a waste of human flesh and oxygen, and you are probably one of the most arrogant, ignorant, unintelligent pieces of plastic on the face of Planet Earth. Do you actually believe that you can achieve something just by the click of finger? Believe me, you can't. There are barely any normal people out there who do this live this lifestyle. You know why? Because that's not what life is about. If you really want to achieve your life goals, then I would suggest that you get off your fake, fat, plastic ass, find a hobby which you couldn't develop into a talent and start doing something worthwhile and influences people in a good way instead of just being lazy and sitting on the sofa to make a quick buck. Your wasting your life and I don't consider you as a role model (or a good one at least). Yes, I can admit it, life is hard. Yes, you're going to have to beat the boss at the end of the game, and shovel a load off your driveway to get anywhere in life, or to simple it down, work jobs ...more

She drinks poison thinking its some fancy champagne and dies.

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