She has no talent


She and the whole tribe would extort God himself for a Gucci handbag. Not that I care, but what bothers me is the young generation who idolize these thugs. They fool kids into believing money, possessions, and beauty equals happiness, while in reality this behavior develops a low self image, greed, sadness, hopelessness and envy. Kids! - beware of these lies. Behind closed doors these people are miserable addicts that money can't fix. Believe in yourself, focus on others through love, generosity and kindness and it will return to you in a life that is priceless.

Sex tape made her famous, but to be honest many pornstars are more talented and beautiful then her, many of them being exotic dancers. Kim Kardashian tries dancing. Fail. Singing. Fail. Modelling. Fail. Acting. Epic Fail. The only reason why she is famous is because her mother marketed on her sex tape. Her mother milks any personal details of their life for attention. Kris Jenner is a crooked PR who would stoop to any level for fame. Kim and her sisters are spoilt rich kids who needs servants to wipe their butts, so them having a talent or merit? (actual hard work is required for talent, duh). The products they sell are just a fad, which says a lot about how they want to make easy money. They even got sued for lying about slimming pills and ripping off other designers. All they do is roll about in luxury and feed us fake stories to make some more money.

Her and her family have absolutely no talent other then acting like brats on T.V.

Can they act? No.
Can they sing? No.
Can they dance? No.
Are they inspiring? No.
Are they smart? No.
Are they even pretty/fashionable? No. - ToptenPizza

She says she regrets her sex tape, which clearly is a lie, since all she ever does to get attention in drop her clothes. She breaks internet by getting naked. She models in thong to show off her butt. She even gets naked on twitter which is surely a big accomplishment. Not to mention her skills in business :- cheating, lying and ripping off other designers. How she swears by waist training spanx, when for real all she does to burn off her fat is liposuction. The products she promotes is a fad, she never uses them. Many of the products she promoted were sued, for lying. Kim Kardashian has no talent and no morals.

EVERYONE LISTEN: we need to stop giving her attention and stop following her on social media, and so she will slowly disappear out of out life!

The entire Kardashian clan suck.

She got famous for being rich and having a shameless sex tape with the first celebrity desperate enough to let her her latch onto him

She is famous for nothing when there are billions of talented people out there that haven't been discovered yet. That makes me hate America. - ShyChick

No talent at all, all she does it marry and divorce plus she get nude for photos and is sassy

True so true. I was once a E channel viewer not anymore. They have taken over everything decent as well as entertaining. I'd rather clean my stove then give them one more second of air time.

She has no talent and her butt is absolutely RIDICULOUS. Her butt is fake and all which I don't really care that she got surgery but it is WAY too big. It all makes her look fat. Kylie Jenner's fake butt is better than Kim's because it's not as ridiculous.

Maybe she wouldn't have gotten robbed at gun point if she wasn't a selfish rude person. She posts all this crap on Instagram about her jewelry and doesn't expect to be robbed. Too bad life isn't always the way you want it to be.

You know I don't really care for the Kardashians I know who they are and I've seen their show but the more I hear about how much people hate them the more jealous people sound..whether she earned her money or got famous by a sex tape or whatever..I thought this was America I can make my money anyway I want as long as it's in other words name calling and be a dick to a bunch of people you don't even know sounds petty and full of jealously..

Before the sex tape nobody really new who she was. The only things she is good at is being dramatic & self centered.

The family has NO talent whatsoever. They r only money mongers!

They only seem talented because their show is popular and Seacrest keeps shoving them down our throat. Stop watching the show, their ratings tank and then see how "talented" they are.

She encapsulates everything wrong with America

Lately, I've noticed on the Kardashian show and on ELLEN (yesterday) that everything with Kim has to be about "having FUN! " She says, "Wouldn't it be FUN to...? " "How much FUN would it be to redecorate the White House when Conye wins President in 2020? " Her obsessed "FUN" topic made me switch the channel, and so good-bye to the Ellen Show.

To the media that is obsessed with that family for some reason: STOP GIVING PUBLICITY TO THEM! No wonder our youth are confused. Celebrate a person with values and morals. What happened to modesty and being a class act, like Audrey Hepburn for example? I never watched the K family show. Yet I am still surrounded by their self-absorbed lifestyle since it seems the media "can't look away."

She got famous by making a sex tape. That's hardly a reason to call yourself talented.

I don't hate. Hate is too strong a word. If you hate someone, you hate. But I try not to hate. I merely, go, "Meh." at her. Hate is still attention. Think about this: The more attention she gets, negative or positive, the longer she is in social media. By not even thinking about her, she has nothing. I assume that is marinating in your brain, mainly left, also left.

Useless for that matter, born into the rich life, and probably has no sympathy for those who struggle (and I'm not talking about people who are actually lazy).

This is messed up, she nor her family should be famous for some sex tape. She's trash

Sex tape is her only talent! Wish the whole family would go away!

She didn't get famous till making a sex tape and they were family with Bruce. I don't understand her stars didn't go up till the sex tape