Reasons to Hate Kirito from Sword Art Online


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1 He constantly cheats on Asuna

In the new alicization arc; it gets worst. What's really frustrating is that Kirito claims that he loves Asuna but doesn't seem bothered every time Alice and Asuna get possessive or every time Alice flirts with him. Liek what.

He also seems way more fond of Alice...

No offense, but most of these reasons are kind of nitpicks. Just saying. I respect your opinion, though. Besides, Kirito isn't really cheating on Asuna. The issue is more of the girls Kirito meeting being attracted to him. Admittedly, that does get annoying, but I'm pretty sure Kirito has no intentions of cheating over Asuna. In addition, the reason the girls he meets become attracted to him is because he helps them out of good will and not out of cheating on Asuna.

Yeah it did get annoying when some girls flirt with Kirito when they know he already loves Asuna or how Kirito doesn't tell any of them to back off. - RoseRedFlower

He'd be an ok character if he didn't have to get a harem for no reason - MLPFan

2 He groped his sister


3 He pulled Sinon's tail to see her underwear
4 He is a Gary Stu

He's got no actual personality besides being good at literally everything in the show like swordfighting and martial arts. Thus, he experiences no actual personality development and we don't get to see him as a noob in the game. - nk_the_epic

Look who actually DIDN'T find this list - 445956

He obviously did but ignored it because the last time he found a list like this and reacted people called him out for being so awful - TwilightKitsune

5 He punched Klein for no reason

First off there was a reason he punched Klein because Klein was being a pervert trying to check out Asuna!

First off he punched Klein because Klein was being a pervert checking out Asuna's body! - MinYoongi28

6 He is ridiculously overpowered

Yeah this one bugs me too. I get that he's a beta tester so he's has more experience but coming back from the dead because of the power of true love is ridiculous. - RoseRedFlower

7 He wouldn't let Klein accompany him on a quest but let Sillica go with him
8 He broke Lisbeth's sword
9 He assaulted Klein for flirting with Asuna

Asuna wasn't even his girlfriend at that time - TwilightKitsune

10 Kirito Can Be Stubborn

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11 He treats Klein like crap
12 Kirito Glorified Kayaba in Episode 24

Kayaba was the one who created SAO and killed thousands of people. Yet our MC Kirito praises him in front of Sugou. Sugou is terrible but Kayaba destroyed lives. He's no better than Sugou. - RoseRedFlower

13 He's Bland
14 He's a Cliche
15 He's Boring
16 He is unrelatable
17 He can be stubborn
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