Reasons to Hate Kuu Kuu Harajuku

So far, this show is a total flop. Everyone hates it, I agree

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1 It has ugly animation and art style

Just like The Magic School Bus remake!

It makes Make It Pop seem good

It looks likesomeone cut,copied,and pasted this show from the Internet. PhantomStrider has a video about this - IceFoxPlayz

I just Googled up the images for Kuu Kuu Harajuku and the images of the show look HORRIBLE! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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2 It's ruining Nickelodeon again

I was happy with nick, I thought when the loud house came out nick was back at it's golden age. BUT NOPE! Gwen Stefani decides to go out of her stupid ass mind and make this godawful show!

Kuu kuu harajuukuu is killing us! send help!

Send halp. Nick is sinking. I repeat, NICK IS SINKING.-Vestalis

3 It is racist
4 It has stupid plots
5 It's a ripoff

This shows a ripoff of Japan

6 Airing on Nick Jr.

This can't be airing on nick Jr this will make babies obsessed with anime.

I turn it off when it comes on. My son is 1 and has no interest in it. It's too advanced for Nick Jr. and it sucks.

7 It has annoying songs
8 It's only made to sell toys
9 it is scary

Kuku harajuku is evil, scary, creepy, and it came from hell!

10 It's over-advertised

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11 It's for girls

No it’s not! Anyone can like a show regardless of gender. I’m sick of people thinking these things🙄

12 Bad lip syncing
13 The characters are stupid
14 It's so ugly and annoying
15 The ugliness

I mean Baby... come on more like Ugly.
Gwen? Why Why this Show and your're 47 COME ONE!

16 There's too much kawaii

In on episode, one of the girls said this cringey ass thing:" Oh look, it's a zero gravity kuukuu kawaii Cocoa maker! " That makes me vomit. - IceFoxPlayz

It's stupid and ugly

17 It's trying way too hard to be cool
18 The acting sounds forced
19 It's boring
20 It sucks

The animation is GODAWFUL! It's boring, stupid, and it's like a crappy anime gone wrong. It tries to hard to be 'cool' and this is worse than my little pony, that's SHAMEFULLY DEPRESSING.

21 The names for the villains are stupid

I mean, really? Two of the villains are literally named General NoFun and Commander Bo-Ring.

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