Top Ten Reasons to Hate Lebron James

LeBron James is the most hated player in the NBA. He is a cry baby, a poor sport, a ball hog, and not very respected. Here is why...

The Top Ten

1 The Decision He Made to Leave Cleveland

That was in the past bro. Now he's back in Cleveland and ready to play! - EpicJake

Cavs fans and the city of Cleveland started to have faith again, they stood up, they began to believe they would see a championship again. But then, after losing to Boston in the 2010 ECF, he said he was taking his talents to South Beach. Clevelanders went back under their rocks and didn't come out. If he would've stayed, Cleveland would've had a recent championship. - DoroExploro13

2 He is a Coward

Due to his bad playoff performance with the Cavs, LeBron decided to join the Heat with 2 other superstars (Chris Bosh & Dwayne Wade). - DoroExploro13

3 Giving Up on Cleveland

He promised the Cavaliers he would win a championship for them. The city of Cleveland hasn't seen a championship since 1964. But after a disappointing playoff performance for LeBron in the 2010 Eastern Conference Final. James shot a miserable 33.9 percent from the field, averaged just 21.3 points, and committed 19 turnovers. The Cavs then lost the series to Boston and he left the Cavs for south beach. - DoroExploro13

4 Disrespect for the Game of Basketball

Remember when he danced on the baseline when a game was going on? Remember when he approached Joakim Noah like he was doing something wrong? Yeah. - DoroExploro13

5 He Compares Himself to Michael Jordan

Hey buddy, Jordan is the most respected backetball player ever. He earned those 6 rings for a reason. - DoroExploro13

It's not even a close comparison to MJ G.O.A.T! - htoutlaws2012

6 His Backhanded Comments

Have you heard some of the comments he has said only because he is a sore loser? It is just incredible. - DoroExploro13

7 Zero Clutch Factor

People say LeBron is just like Jordan and Kobe. But LeBron can't finish a game. - DoroExploro13

8 His Excessive Espn Coverage

"Oh boy! LeBron didn't play with his headband! Let's talk about that for 45 minutes! " come on! It is just a headband. - DoroExploro13

9 His Pre-Game Routine

Before every game, he looks like a five-year old playing with his mother's Johnson & Johnson powder. - DoroExploro13

10 He lied about someone painting a racial slur on his house

The Contenders

11 He is the Self-Proclaimed King

Fans and teammates usually give athletes nicknames. But LeBron James gave himself the nickname "King." - DoroExploro13

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