Top 10 Reasons to Hate The Legend of the Titanic

The Top Ten

1 It is Disrespectful to The People who Died on The Titanic
2 It makes No Sense at All
3 It Exists

I had never even known there was a cartoon Titanic until I saw the DVD in Poundland.

Titanic itself is awful and garbage and has to be one of the worst films ever.

This is FAR MORE AWFUL but I haven the finished watching it because I don't EveN BOTHER! - AlphaQ

4 Never Explained why The Humans can Talk to Animals
5 It has a Sequel

They even made an animated movie with a rapping dog.

6 It's Made for Kids

How about making an animated Titanic movie where the ship sinks and there is no happily ever after in New York.

7 It gives Italians a Bad Name

I'm Italian and I feel like this is really embarrassing. We don't make good animated movies, but this is like, Disney rip offs at its worst. I feel embarrassed to say I come from the same country as the child-hating man who wrote this.

8 Has Bad Animation


But other than that I've seen worser nowadays.

9 It's Insulting to Kid's Intelligence

Creationism the movie directed by Ken Ham.

10 Nobody on the Titanic died in This Film

Read number 20.

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11 It's Inaccurate

I feel like this pathetic excuse for a "production company" is at work on "9/11: The true story", which features a bunch of hamsters killing bin Laden, everyone surviving, and all of the would-be victims singing "Why should I worry? " Spoiler: they're all saved by the magic belugas from SeaWorld (SCREW GEOGRAPHY, right? ) and the film ends with everyone dancing to a Duran Duran song. Just because they can. And anyone who says the Twin Towers were destroyed is a lying idiot who has no idea about actual history.
"The Legend of the Holocaust", where Anne frank survives (with the help of mice who are pretty much Jesus), marries the king of the Netherlands and becomes a children's book author. Oh, and Miep Gies becomes an award-winning composer who wrote the score for most Disney movies. The musical number: "How bad can I be? " from the Lorax, sung by Adolf Hitler, and "Let it Go", just 'cause.

They made a handheld game.

Are you being sarcastic? They would never make animated movies about any of those.
Yes I know everyone survived a historical disaster In The Legend of The Titanic and they made a silly sequel where they end up in Atlantis. But this movie was also about the romance of the main characters.

12 It's the Worst Thing to Come Out of Italy since Mussolini


13 It says Evil Jailer Sharks are The Ones who Sunk the Titanic and Not the Iceberg
14 It's Insulting to Animal Activists
15 It's Insulting to History
16 It says that a Giant Octopus with a Dog's Face helped sink the Titanic

1. Everyone's lives were saved, did the movie makers forget what the history of the Titanic was?
2.Why didn't someone show the animator a photograph of an octopus.

17 It Rots your Brain
18 The Dialogue

Mouse 1: I hate to break it to you, but you're a mouse, and she's a human.
Mouse 2: Well, there's one thing I'm not, and that's a racist.

THERE YOU HAVE IT. Opposing a mouse+woman relationship is on the same level of the KKK.

19 A Rip Off of the 1997 Film
20 Made to Not Scare Small Kids
21 It Has a Handheld Game
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