10 Reasons to Hate Lil Wayne


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1 He's Illuminati

No he's not he would have to be alive in 1776.

I don't know anything about the Illuminati and I don't care. All I care about is good music and Lil Wayne's music sucks monkey butt.

How the heck is this number 1? It's never said that he is in the illuminati. Stop worrying so much.

Plus illuminati not talented. Devil made them famous

2 He Talks About Sex In His Songs

I was a LIL WAYNE fan but after he changed his game he is now boring with his boring lines and being selfishness in a game of hip hop and his not create any more and he must press his brake now

It's just straight up lazy

Hey that is good stuff

No yall just can't get nun

3 Thinks He's Better Than Other Rappers

If you think Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive, you obviously haven't heard any other rap. If Tupac, Biggie, or Eazy were still alive, Lil Whiny would be working at McDonalds

Nicki Minaj is the worst female rapper. And Lil Wayne is the second worst. Didn't you see the list of worst rappers? They were at the top.

Eminem is duh best - TiGz_BRO

Wait, is he a rapper for real?

4 Ran His Mouth About the Heat
5 Danced On the U.S. Flag

Still he disses the USA flag a lot like when he said that he sees the flag and stars but they aren't shining how rude after all so many solider died for us and our nation just so rude! That's just my opinion you can believe what you want to.

Seriously dude? If he doesn't know who/what made him whatever Wayne, then he is messed up! The world know him as American, so he should respect that.

No he did not he was but didn't it just looked like he did

It was a background picture

6 Thinks He's Tough

5'6" acts and says he's big. Need I say more?

7 Thinks He's So Sexy

Nah his voice sounds like a dying goat.

His voice sounds like a dying sheep.

Ugh he's garbage his music's garbage too thinking that he good like get outta here you garbage bruh.

His voice can sound weird sometimes

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8 Thinks He Is Better Then Eminem

The day he wins an oscar... No even then he won't be good enough to be compared to the "RAP GOD" Marshall Mathers A.K.a Eminem. If he wins an oscar (not bloody likely) then I'd say it was a joke or the function was rigged.

He should have never collaborated with Eminem. That just boils my blood so hard.

He's amazing but he is not better than Eminem sorry Wayne

It's obvious that Eminem is way better than Lil Wayne. Eminem is called the "Rap God" and he wrote "Lose Yourself", one of the best rap songs of all time while Lil Wayne is just saying the N word.
Note: I am not even an Eminem fan or a rap fan, I prefer alternative rock and electronic

9 He Can't Rap

This is all you really need. The illuminati thing is silly and unsubstantiated.

Why do people always say he uses auto-tune? He never sings with auto-tune except for in lollipop (not a lot) and prom queen.

He does rap like them in build the beat up

Tell me one song he actually raps like eminem or busta rhymes? All he do is singing with autotune.

10 Says "N****" All the Time

Wow Lil Wayne, you're so gangsta cause you say the n-word and carry a skateboard around. You can't even skate!

Quite a lot of racist dialogue Wayne.

Dos he mean it no he just likes the word

He needs to get shot by a officer. 👮"

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11 He Looks Like He Smells Bad

I bet he be smoking cigarettes toi

I seen a pic of him comparing to a 3000 year old statue!

He's The Ugliest Person Alive =_=

He looks like Stripe from Gremlins.

12 The Way He Wears His Pants

One pant leg up, one pant leg down. Just ghetto.

Here's a thought, just wear em normally! ! !

That is not ghetto that is swag

He wears diapers lol

13 He Has Way Too Many Tattoos

So does ty dolla $ign have all the tattoos all over his body.

Common Wayne, you're ruining your whole body with those tattoos of yours.

He's not the only one with ink all over his body so does kid ink and tyga do

That guy is a bastard... Stupid hoe

14 He Plays Guitar Badly

When he performs live, he tries to make people think he is playing the guitar even though there is no jack lead in the guitar.

I agree but I already posted something about his guitar playing


15 He Always Sings About Bitches, Money and Drugs

All he raps about is girls, money and drugs. He thinks that richest person in world. Meanwhile people like billgates don't even carry a dollar with them.

I'm a rap fan but That's not the kind of rap I wanna hear. Rap shouldn't all be nothing but drugs, money, bitches, And violence. Heck even real MC fans wouldn't call those kinds of rappers "rappers."

16 He Promoted Nicki Minaj

I will never forgive him for this.

Nicki Minaj is the greatest girl rapper of all time

Wish I could vote for all. - ThePwoperMuser101

Nobody likes nikki minaj

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17 His Emmett Till Lyric In Karate Chop

This is very offensive to...pretty much everyone murdered brutally because of racial causes.

18 He Has Fans

I bet all of his fans have criminal records of epic fail. And I bet over 90% of his fans are in jail without parole.

I can't believe I used to be a fan of this junkie

19 His Music

His music is just pointless noise

His music is just pointless noise.

And listen to we alright or senile. Or mile will made it buy the world ft. Lil Wayne, future, Kendrick lamar

In 2014 he has not even talked about killing people or skate boarding or money, drugs, sex

20 His Teeth

His teeth with that grills makes wanna puke. Does he really brush?

Ariana Grande's Let Me Love You song was ruined by his teeth. Just ruined.

The animatronics in FNaF have better teeth than him - TwilightKitsune

21 He Has Bad Lyrics

"Bitch real g's move in silence like lasagna! "

22 He Faked His Retirement

Luckily he's going to retire for real this December.

23 He Exists

Lil Wayne please go to hell and never come back.

Lil Wayne please go fly a kite and never come back

24 He Sounds Like a Frog

Haha! this is right

25 He Thinks Skateboarding Makes Him Look Cool

Skateboards more than he raps now

No, he does things active and keeps him from not doing sizzurp which is also his new drug of chose to skateboard

26 Formed Young Money

The most god awful record label to ever EXIST.


27 He's Ugly

Screw Lil Wayne. Lil Chris was the real Lil rapper and he was really cute. 1990-2015 r.i.p

When he smiles he looks ugly

28 He's Fake

Lil Wayne please go fly a kite and never come back.

29 He Calls Himself "Weezy"

Did he get his nickname from the penguin in Toy Story 2?

30 He Helped Kill Hip Hop
31 He's a Bad Role Model

He promotes the use of codeine

32 He's Disgusting
33 He Cannot Be Taken Seriously

This guy raps like a candy soft lollipop rapper.

34 He Gives Hip Hop a Very Bad Name
35 Most of the Beats to His Songs Sound Horrible

The beats in "A Milli" and "6 Foot 7 Foot" are trash.

Not all of them do. Most of the beats to his songs are pretty catchy.

Actually, the beats are the only reasons why I listen to some of his songs. - Popsicles

I think the beats to his songs sound pretty good.

36 He's a Terrible Guitar Player
37 The Way He Shouts "Young Moolah Baby!"

I heard it in Nicki Minaj's "Only"

38 He Claimed That He Is the New Tupac

Not by a long shot.

Even Snoop Dogg didn't appreciate that.

"I'm the new Pac" yeah Wayne go to hell you ain't even half as good as me

Lilwayne is a disgrace to rap, and can't even reach tupac level in 100 years.

39 His Music Videos

What about his music videos?

The video to Love Me depicted women in animal cages.

I can honestly say they're better than his actual "music".

40 He Steals Other Artists Music Without Crediting Them

When is that...

41 His Voice Is Fake

He totally sounds different without his autotune

He sounds like that because he got shot right directly at his chest. Just like how Eminems voice change after he stopped using drugs

42 He Threatens to Kill People

He isn't the only one who talks about murdering people. Eminem talked about murdering kim

43 Has Helped No One With His Music
44 Got Arrested Numerous Times
45 He uses Auto-Tune
46 He Spends His Time Getting High and Getting Arrested
47 He Idolizes Getting Messed Up and Getting Into Trouble

Yeah... that's a real role model right there people. Same with nicki minaj, who ABC said that she was a role model for the youth of America.

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD?! Kids shouldn't be listening to Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj at all! And nobody cares about it?! All nicki and Wayne talk about is drugs, partying, sex, making it rain in the club. these are not things a little kid should be hearing. Don't EVEN get me started on how those two little girls on Ellen DeGeneres sand Super Bass by Nicki Minaj and everybody thought it was cute and were not conservative at all. Letting your kids sing Nicki Minaj on national television, would be like letting them sing Gorgoroth (an actual Satan worshiping band! ) On national television.

48 He Sounds So Annoying
49 He Spells the "Tha"
50 Has No Flow
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