10 Reasons to Hate Lil Wayne


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21 He Has Bad Lyrics
22 He Faked His Retirement

Luckily he's going to retire for real this December.

23 He Thinks Skateboarding Makes Him Look Cool

No, he does things active and keeps him from not doing sizzurp which is also his new drug of chose to skateboard

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24 Formed Young Money

The most god awful record label to ever EXIST.

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25 He Calls Himself "Weezy"

Did he get his nickname from the penguin in Toy Story 2?

26 He Helped Kill Hip Hop
27 He's Disgusting
28 He Cannot Be Taken Seriously

This guy raps like a candy soft lollipop rapper.

29 He Exists

Lil Wayne please go fly a kite and never come back

30 He's a Terrible Guitar Player
31 He Sounds Like a Frog V 1 Comment
32 He Claimed That He Is the New Tupac

Even Snoop Dogg didn't appreciate that.

"I'm the new Pac" yeah Wayne go to hell you ain't even half as good as me

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33 His Music Videos

I can honestly say they're better than his actual "music".

The video to Love Me depicted women in animal cages.

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34 He Threatens to Kill People

He isn't the only one who talks about murdering people. Eminem talked about murdering kim

35 Has Helped No One With His Music
36 Got Arrested Numerous Times
37 He's Ugly V 1 Comment
38 He uses Auto-Tune
39 He Spends His Time Getting High and Getting Arrested
40 He Idolizes Getting Messed Up and Getting Into Trouble

Yeah... that's a real role model right there people. Same with nicki minaj, who ABC said that she was a role model for the youth of America.

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD?! Kids shouldn't be listening to Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj at all! And nobody cares about it?! All nicki and Wayne talk about is drugs, partying, sex, making it rain in the club. these are not things a little kid should be hearing. Don't EVEN get me started on how those two little girls on Ellen DeGeneres sand Super Bass by Nicki Minaj and everybody thought it was cute and were not conservative at all. Letting your kids sing Nicki Minaj on national television, would be like letting them sing Gorgoroth (an actual Satan worshiping band! ) On national television.

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