Reasons to Hate the List "Top Ten Reasons to Hate Girls"

"oh the memories of this awesome list."

Actually, this list is terrible, sexist, and VERY OFFENSIVE. So here are some worst things about the list. Here we go, folks!

The Top Ten

1 It's super offensive

I am a guy and I hate anything sexist to both girls and boys. Girls and Boys are both equally awesome. We all have pros and cons, that makes us human. Both girls and boys should be equal. That's all.

Boy they can be offensive but not all girls. Take my girlfriend for example she is sweat as sugar and the nicest thing god put on this planet - TragicalRobin72

I agree with the guy below V

2 It's sexist

They aren't sexist - TragicalRobin72

3 It says they're annoying
4 It's says they ask if they're fat

Well, I hate to break it to you, but lots of girls, especially teenagers, ask if they look fat. It's a horrible thing that girls ask, but there's actually much worse things girls ask - kaitlynrad11

5 It says they think they are the prize
6 All boys and girls should be equal

Stop making hate lists about girls. It is suicidal encouraging and cyberbullying - TwilightKitsune

Cyberbullying, oh man I thought I would be never bullied in the internet

7 People hate things that are more for girls, and that's not nice.
8 Not all girls are ugly

Even so, who cares about appearance? Attractiveness can go away, but a personality stays with you forever. - Garythesnail

If anyone thinks this, I beg them to check their eyes. And then maybe check them again. - keycha1n

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9 It says they make you sick
10 It says they're stupid

While I was enraged there was a "Reasons to hate girls" list, this has to be the worst thing on there. If anybody says to my face again that men are smarter in any way, I will punch them in the face. Men, by nature, have more muscle to start out with, although women can be incredibly strong. But our minds are equal in every way. I am serious, we are not as a whole stupid. Many girls are stupid, and many are smart, and same with men. I cannot express how much this angers me. I have thrown things at the T.V. when even Bart Simpson (or Homer in the Girls Just Want to have Sums episode) says similar. Why anyone would think this I don't know. - pandagirl

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11 They are breaking the economical progress by angering youth
12 They make the two genders more offensive
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