Top 10 Reasons to Hate the List "Top Ten Reasons to Hate Rosalina"


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1 Rosalina is not boring

She is the best female ever!

Rosalina is helpful and extreamly hot. Those haters didn't have a taste to her - bugger

Every reason on this list is perfect.

Bugger, do you have split personalities? First in that list, you said That you don't like her.Now you seem to like her. You also say that you don't like Rosalina because she is hot,but now you said that she is hot.Do you like her or not?

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2 Rosalina isn't even close to be ugly

That is a stupid reason to hate anyone anyways

3 Rosalina doesn't have a brother
4 She is supposed to be overrated

Well there's good reasons why people like her so she isn't overrated

No she isn't I love this list rosalina can go right down the shoot

5 Rosalina isn't that girly

Peach is girly, Daisy is a tomboy and Rosalina is in the middle.

6 Rosalina is smart

Galaxy is one of my favorite games, and people pick her cause she has an amazing character.

Only in galaxy 1 and 2 (which both suck ) in other games shes so stupid useless and lame and dumb people only pick her beacause they think she looks hot which rosalina sucks

7 She doesn't suck

Sorry Daisy fan,

She sucks so much

Rosalina probably should have stuck with the galaxy games and smash.
I really like her but Nintendo is ruining her personality!
I think more people would have liked her if she had stuck to the galxey games as well.

8 She is supposed to be wearing a dress

"Wears Dress instead of Jeans"
Yeah! That's a Stupid Reason - ToadF1

All the human Mario females wear dresses 😜

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