Top Ten Reasons to Hate the List "Top Ten Reasons Why Fat Girls Are Better Than Skinny Girls"


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1 It treats women like objects

Actually I just found out that the person who made this list is actually a teen! So ya, he's probably just immature and just boobs lol. So ignore this list, he'll grow up and learn eventually not to be a prick.

You can appreciate beauty, but if that becomes all we are and our bodies are the only reason you're interested in us... That's when you cross the line. The true beauty lies in our minds. - keycha1n

Who cares what they look like! As long that they're nice and accurate for drawing. - SamuiNeko

That list is a sexist peice of trash and should be burned. Men need to learn to have more respect for women and not make lists about their bodies. - ToptenPizza

I'd to point out that in this day and age women are just as bad or even worse than men about sexualization. - llamabaconllama37

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2 It enforces stereotypes

They're nicer- I'm thin and I think I am very nice, even though I'm agressive. I also have a lot of thin friends and they are also very nice and wouldn't hurt a fly. We aren't all mean.

They're easy to talk to- I can talk to all my thin friends very easily, even more easier than the fat girls at my school. I am also a very good person to talk to. - ToptenPizza

That list is a lot like All About that Bass by Meghan Trainor. A top ten list version.

3 Both bodies are beautiful

As long as the body is healthy, like not underweight or overweight than it is a beautiful body. - ToptenPizza

4 If someone posted a list "top ten reasons thin girls are better than fat girls" it would go viral and everyone would hate it

Meghan Trainer All About that Bass and Nicki Minaj Anaconda- FEMImIZ AUNTEANM SsssSS0000 JGOOoooDK BOAWDY POWSAUETIEAV! 1111! But if anyone insults thick girls it's the latest controversy. - ToptenPizza

5 It isn't even high quality

The poster didn't add his own comments, or even a description. - ToptenPizza

6 It shames skinny girls

I'm really really skinny and I'm trying to gain weight, and that list made me feel more pressured. - RockFashionista

Just because you prefer dating fat girls does not mean you get to slam your dick while watching porn, and adding a low quality list enforcing stereotypes and objectifying women. - ToptenPizza

Truly an objectifying list. Its upsetting. - keycha1n

I am skinny! And I am no jerk! I mean, I am rude at times, but everyone is, and some aren't rude at all! I congratulate you, Toptenpizza and I shame the creator of the list this list is talking about.

7 Looks don't matter

Don't listen to what those kinds of lists say. It's the beauty of your heart that counts. - Garythesnail

I agree. I'm a tomboy and I don't even CARE what I look like. It's in your heart what matters! Remember that, kids!

There on my 4 on my list what I'm loking to a girl

8 Everybody has feelings
9 There is no purpose for it
10 It is offensive

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11 It was likely inspired by an awful song

Apparently this list was made back before. But either way it's rude and insulting.

Is this song All About That Bass?

12 It's ignorant and untrue
13 People agreed with it

Not me. It seems like everyone was against that horrid list. The person writing those snarly sexist egotistical things was probably just one person.

14 It's sexist
15 It puts dirty thoughts into people's minds

Sometimes thoughts like that easily trigger for me. Stop it, TheTopTens!

16 You feel like you're not pretty
17 It's biased
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1. It shames skinny girls
2. It isn't even high quality
3. Both bodies are beautiful
1. It treats women like objects
2. It enforces stereotypes
3. If someone posted a list "top ten reasons thin girls are better than fat girls" it would go viral and everyone would hate it
1. It enforces stereotypes
2. It isn't even high quality
3. Looks don't matter



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