Reasons to Hate the List "Top Ten Reasons Why We Should Kill Off Conservatives"

That list was extremely stupid. Whoever made it was probably on drugs. Here is a list on why that list shouldn't exist.

The Top Ten

1 It says by killing conservatives everyone's lives would improve

This is so stupid. Killing people is bad! - Neonco31

Improve everyone's lives? More like making them worse. That list should be taken down. - AnimeDrawer

The creator of that list is a retard who knows nothing about the real world

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2 People do not deserve hate just for being conservative

You don't deserve hate regardless of your political view anyways, unless you're a really terrible political figure. - Swellow

3 It says everyone should be a liberal

You can't shove your opinions down their throats. Deal with it. - TwilightKitsune

4 It calls conservatives idiots without any proof

It's idiotic killing off a whole group of people JUST FOR BEING CONSERVATIVE. - TwilightKitsune

5 It thinks by killing off conservatives, no one would prioritize fetus over women

People will still prioritize fetuses at times, and sometimes the woman. - Swellow

6 The list has dumb reasons like 'Conservatives slow down evolution'
7 It thinks media will improve by killing them off
8 Being conservative does not make you a bad person
9 We should respect other's opinions
10 The list is hypocritical

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11 Under Liberalism, you eventually run out of other people's money V 1 Comment
12 It Promotes Genocide
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