Top 10 Reasons to Hate Lois Griffin

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1 She's Mean to Brian

She be drinkin haterade

2 She Cheated On Peter
3 She's Mean to Meg
4 She Is Annoying

I can't stand her she's always nagging at Peter

5 She Made Out With Meg's Boyfriend

What kind of mother are you Lois

6 She Tried to Abort Meg and Actually Aborted the Baby In Partial Terms of Endearment

That's a little dark don't ya think?

7 She Told Peter to Spank Chris But Yet Peter Didn't Do Anything

Um, that would be a reason to hate Peter.

8 She Tried to Encourage People Not to Hate TV
9 She Has an Annoying Voice
10 She’s a Bad Role Model for Girls

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11 Her Sexual Ways Are Just Wrong

Yaaa u are rite who wrote this god bless u

12 She Starred in a Porno Once
13 She Told Peter That Men Can't Be Sexually Harassed

Okay Then what do you call a women who slaps a men's butt, forces you to wear tight revealing cloths in front of them or blackmails them to have sex with them or they're fired. SO WHAT do you call that LOIS.

14 She Calls Peter "Peeta"

Maybe it's just her irritating accent... - Turkeyasylum

Tell me about it. When I first checked out Family Guy, I always thought Peter's name was "Feeda". All because of her.

Peeta From The Hunger Games?

15 She's a Terrible Mother
16 She's a Pedophile
17 Her Laugh Is Irritating
18 She Was Relentlessly Cruel to Brian In Quagmire's Dad
19 She's a Pervert
20 She Imagined Herself Making Out With Meg's Boyfriend
21 She Laughed at the Drawing Stewie Drew

What mother does that

22 She's Disgusting

These words sum her up ( slut b word spoiled prick abusive all 3 ways perverted sex addict druggie ) she will probably lose all her money after her kids graduate divorce Peter and start snorting coke you till she dies she may be a fictional character but she is disgusting I hate her I wonder if drugs and years of living with a rich family made her the excuse of a human being she is.

23 She Wouldn't Let Stewie Sit Next to Brian at Thanksgiving
24 She Has Big Lips
25 She Thinks She's So Sexy, But She's Not

She's only sexy when she's naked and has long hair

26 She Had Sex With Peter in The Laundry Room
27 She's a Hypocrite

She considers herself a Great Mother, a Moral person, a devoted community member and a truly faithful devoted Christian, yet she commits a lot of terrible acts in both her past and present. When she claims that she regretted all of her actions, and all of them are behind her and she is a better person, she really hasn't really improved, she is worse.

She's always making fun of brian for dating dumb women, yet she's married to peter griffin, who is possibly the dumbest T.V. character ever created.

28 She's a Whore
29 She's a Drug Addict
30 She Slept With Gene Simmons and Bill Clinton
31 She's a Porn Star
32 She's a Shoplifter
33 She Looks Like a Clown
34 She Doesn't Care About Anyone But Herself
35 She's Boring
36 She Made Out With Richard Dawson
37 She's Stupid

She Didn't Even Know that The Balloon on The T.V. was Stewie, She Thought it Was Another Baby, What an Idiot!

38 She's Dumb Enough to Let Her Father Not Reveal the Cure for Cancer

Yaa so stupid lios

39 Her Voice is So Whiny and Naggy
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