Top Ten Reasons to Hate Male Rights Activists

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1 They refuse to believe women face more sexism than men

Both genders face sexism! - BorisRule

Yes this is true. But women haven't gotten as much hate as they did back in the 1950's or so. There is a lot of stuff bashing men (Meghan Trainor) and even going so far as to say the women are better than men in some cases! This is why I hate radical feminists! (P.S this is coming from a woman) - RiverClanRocks

This is definitely true. Whenever I watch women's issues on social media, it sounds far more realistic than men. Men's issues being explained in society just sounds like lame excuses to show they have it hard as women, I mean they can sometimes have it hard in life in general, but generally, women have it harder. Just be grateful MRA, your men kind of are priviledged and/or have the upper hand almost like all around the world. There is no need to whine. Also, some of those issues aren't even relatable to me as a guy. - alex_son64

so true

2 They don't even defend men

The only thing they do is b**** behind computer screens about "why can't she pick up the check! " "I want flowers" blah blah blah, they do defend male rape and domestic violence victims... Only when it turns down a female rape or domestic violence posting memes. They don't defend black men, gay men, and protect their rights. They don't fund men in the military, try to make things more equal for men. They just bash feminists and whine. - ToptenPizza

This is not male-right-ish! - BorisRule

3 It makes fun of serious issues

I Am A Male But I Believe Women Should Have As Much Rights As Men And Making Fun Of The Women Gender's Rights And Problems Is Not A Acceptable - FettiMC

Well it's a good thing there is not one legal right in America men have that women don't - maverick88

"I like my women the way I like my eggs

Beaten" I mean I know it's a joke but real women suffer from that, and you shouldn't make fun of it. - ToptenPizza

I actually wouldn't mind meninists if they help trans men, male rape victims, stand up for feminine men, etc, but all they ever do is sit online and mock feminists. - JelloLife

"Air condesining is sexist" A video
-'All man must go to concentretion camps" An Article
-"Shampo is a male product to opress and make woman rape themselfs" Tweet
-"How to raise your kid feminist style" this "style" supports woman to not brestfeed the kids and even abort them
-"The nuclear family must be destroyed… Whatever its ultimate meaning, the break-up of families now is an objectively revolutionary process."Linda Gordon
-"Marriage as an institution developed from rape as a practice." Andrea Dworkin

Gogle it

If you don't belive me then Gogle them and see for yourself the modern "feminisam" is not even doing stuff that it should do they do the thigs above while helpless woman in Africa die of hungre geting raped 100 times more then in the west...we call this a Feminazisam

A woman that fights for rights everywhere and real equalty for woman and man is a ...more

4 They complain about sexism men face but do little to stop it

Male sexism in my eyes is similar to white racism. I acknowledge its existence and I'm sure its not pleasant, but compared to what others have to face, it's not that bad. - keycha1n

We do face sexism(try being at a school with all female teachers), but these menimists are stupid. And besides, we will never face As much sexism as females.(not trying offend you females, just stating you face more sexism.) - Therandom

They'll complain about how men rape and domestic violence victims are ignored, and men don't get a chance in custody battles, but do they create support groups for men who have been raped and beaten, or fund groups supporting them? No. Do they protest men not being treated fairly in custody battles? No. Want to know what they do? B*tch b*tch b*tch - ToptenPizza

5 It was made to mock feminists, not create social change

And (modern) Feminism was created to mock and demonize men. It works both ways.

No, modern feminism (radical and otherwise) is to fight for women's rights just like it's roots - ToptenPizza

The whole thing was an online backlash that got waaay too much attention, and feminism is nothing like that! Feminists are female rights activists.

Malalah Yousafzai continues to fight for girl's access to education, even after being shot.

Susan B Anthony and her group got women the vote in America.

Nellie Bly had proven gender stereotypes wrong by traveling around the world in less than 80 days

Now let's take a look at what menimists have done:

Dick-sucker Jones made fun of female rape victims

Doucheidiot pushed aside all female issues and cried

Bigfatlooser b*tched all day - ToptenPizza

6 They think they are better than they are

They complain feminists don't want to talk about male inequality: ya wanna know why? THERE IS NONE, NO LAWS RESTRICT MALES RIGHTS! Even in countries where laws don't restrict male's rights, 9 out of ten rape victims are women, 85% of domestic violence victims are women, men do not need to be fought for. - ToptenPizza

7 99% of the tweets are jokes

I've checked out the's mostly idiotic jokes rather than actual tweets trying to get social change - ToptenPizza

8 They have their own sweatshirts

There's no way to be a "menimist" because feminism is the movement for equal rights. So if you want equal rights for men and women, you are a feminist.Unless its just another name for misogyny. - keycha1n

9 They only hate gender stereotypes if it negatively affects men

Ah yes, woman hate it when their gender gets bashed, do you not expect guys to get mad when their gender is bashed? - ObviouslyNotATroll

Men are supposed to be brutes? That's sexism! Men are supposed to be dominant to women? Ok, that's fine. - ToptenPizza

10 They think video games are only for males

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11 They’re equally as hypocritical as feminists

They're just like SJWs. - RoseWeasley

The bad feminists.

12 It's not considered gender equality for them, unless they have more benefits and advantages over women
13 Some men don't care about feminism and joke about it

There are some really hurtful and sexist things around the web eve on this site, I really hate it

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