Top Ten Reasons to Hate Mariah Carey


The Top Ten

1 Her voice

If you think she can sing, you need to have your ears checked.

She has beautiful voice... You're deaf - Nandani

She is boring.

It's so high-pitched and annoying - MariahCareyHater

2 Her music

Her music is NOT that good.

She has #18 ones and her is awesome and Hard to sing - Nandani

All her music is generic pop crap. She makes the same songs over and over and over and they lack emotion and soul - MariahCareyHater

3 The woman has no true soul
4 She has a horrible personality

I agree with you. Deserves her right for being a weirdo.

Mariah is worst than the devil
faker than mac donalds
and her body is made 100 percent of alcohol

I remember reading an article in Star magazine about this. (It's not like we can meet her in person to find out for ourselves.) I forget what the movie was called, but the movie creators wanted her to make a cameo. She came to the set FOUR hours late and even tried arguing with the producers because she wanted her character not to die. Worse, she tried to make her role into some kind of Sci-Fi action thing, when the movie was not in that genre. She also was extremely picky about everything the set teams did. The article ended by saying that if she appeared at all (movies cut out scenes) the producers and the helpers on set would have gone through a lot. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

5 She screams rather than sings

I know, she’s weird

6 She's an alcoholic

That’s offensive to me.

7 She denied sleeping with Eminem

Because she didn't - Nandani

I have mixed feelings about this. - alphadan12

8 She is fat

So what..? - Nandani

Unless she's part of the fat acceptance movement, I don't see why this is a problem. - alphadan12

I agreed with this list until I saw this item. - Swellow

Incorrect reasons though? - waraypiso

9 She is jealous of every other female singer
10 She dresses like she's still in her 20's and wears clothes that are too small for her and they make her look even more like a fat cow than she already does

Also saw this in Star magazine. She refuses to accept the fact that she is growing older and that she has put on some pounds. Her dressers (I don't know if they're called that) even had to change the tags on her clothes so she wouldn't complain!
That's sad, because there are many other aging female singers who wear age-appropriate clothes and still look great. Even 90 year old women who aren't celebrities look beautiful because they wear clothing that suits their age. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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11 Most of her fans are horrible people

This list suck azz and retarded - waraypiso

12 She has fake boobs

Doesn't every female celeb lmfao

13 She's ugly

She is beautiful - Nandani

She's ugly on the inside and beautiful on the outside.

She is beautiful, not ugly. - waraypiso

14 She's not very bright

She is very bright. I am Filipino and who the ass made this damn list curse you. - waraypiso

15 She is overrated
16 She lip-synced and failed at it

No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. - waraypiso

On her nye performance, she lip synced and failed.
What a horrible singer.

17 She lied about being 50% black so the black community would accept her. Really she is only 25% black
18 She is ashamed of her good earlier music and in favor of her manufactured forgettable hip pop garbage
19 She is a sellout
20 She used sex to sell her records for the majority of her career
21 She is a diva
22 She always wears tons of makeup
23 She tried to do hip hop music and failed miserably
24 She thinks she is funny when she really isn't
25 She needs to grow up and start acting her age
26 She is boring
27 Her laugh
28 She is mean
29 Can’t sing to save her life
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