Top Ten Reasons to Hate Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

The Top Ten

1 No OCs

What? - darthvadern

Nintendo doesn't do customized toads that other people created so... Why does this list exist?

2 Bad music

Honestly the music is awesome. Mount Brrr and Gloomy Woods, enough said - darthvadern

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story's atmospheric, serious soundtracks > Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time's silly, hit-or-miss soundtracks.

3 No partners

So? It's a Mario & Luigi game, not Paper Mario, so stop whining - darthvadern

So? I was hoping for the old Paper Mario TTYD partners but they didn't add them but Paper Mario himself is actually good

4 Wasted potential

Probably the truest item here. I wish the areas and bosses were original and not just generic like the NSMB series - darthvadern

5 Sticker Star graphics for Paper Mario elements

Graphics do not matter - darthvadern

6 Dream Team graphics

So? They're good - darthvadern

I agreed, Why did Nintendo copied and pasted the same Dream Team graphics in to the game, I'm not trying to be mean but the paper characters... they look fine.

7 No Rosalina

She didn't need to be here - darthvadern

She actually did, she is a battle card cameo.

Rosalina doesn't need to be in this. This is the real reason you hate paper jam. - DCfnaf

Your just a rosalina fanboy/Fangirl she appears in so many games why should she be in this one the title says Mario and LUIGI PAPER jam so means luigi and Mario with peach and mabey even daisy who is more inportant to luigi and the main villain Bowser rosalina has nothing to do wit the mal series so it doesn't make sense

8 Pape Kamek instead of Kammy

*Paper - darthvadern

9 It was made instead of a proper sequel to TTYD on the Wii U

No it wasn't, it's a Mario & Luigi game, not Paper Mario game - darthvadern

10 Bowser and Paper Bowser are the main villains

Not that big of a problem - darthvadern

So what? That's what Nintendo did

So what there the main villains

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