Top Ten Reasons to Hate Mary Sues

So many sites probably have this type of list(A Mary Sue Hate list),But I wanted to make a thetoptens edition.I hope you guys don't find me copying.Anyways,Do you hate these perfect brats called mary sues?! No offense,but I have to admit,They are too perfect to be realistic(sometimes,could even find it hard to fit the story),They are poorly developed(Needs more work to sound more friendly),And here are some other things found in a mary sue:They have an unusual/incredibly rare hair and eye colour,Everyone loves them,they can do many amazing things that can woo the other characters,they have bad pasts,and stuff like that.Don't get me started on about the girly ones...Some of them are even trying too hard to be like a tomboy(however,this is rare to find).Ugh,I hate them!

Sorry if I wasted your time(and my time)writing a very long complain about mary sues.I just hate them.P.S:This list is not made for negative or offensive purposes and is just based by personal opinion.

The Top Ten

1 They're perfect

Mary-Sues are boring to read about because they're too perfect, I draw no enjoyment from reading about them. I can't relate to the character (s) because real people have flaws and imperfections. I also hate when authors interject their crap OC (s) into a fandom and everyone swoons over them. Game fandom Mary-Sues make me agitated when they have some overpowered, unbalanced abilities that no sane game developer would ever implement. Also, in games where there are ongoing wars and the Mary-Sue is on the front-lines and are 8 or something (yes I have actually seen those before) are an annoyance as, again, no sane military officer would ever put a child on the frontline (as they can be easily manipulated onto the other side and share strategic information to the enemy).

I've always hated mary-sues. They don't have flaws AT ALL, which bores me to death when reading about them - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Perfection is a flaw

Almost all my friends have mary sues and when I point out what their doing wrong they get upset. And worse yet they treat my OC like trash -_-

2 They're poorly developed

They feel superficial because every person has flaws, yet they don't. This takes away from any sense of relatablity.

3 Everyone loves them

Every sans fangirl in a nutshell

In fanfiction, yes.

4 The spotlight always goes to them rather than to the real main character

I've read many stories and sometimes every once in a while I read stories that had a Mary sue in them, but most of the ones with Mary sues in them I get tired of reading because the attention is always on them. Even in X reader stories! The main thing about the story is it's supposed to be about the READER and THEIR love interest, not the Mary sue! I almost never bother finishing those kind of stories simply because the Mary sue takes all the attention and it ends up being boring. Heck, sometimes, the love interest likes that Mary sue before liking the reader when they are introduced.. -_-

From Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja, some of the episodes always focusing Bucky more than Randy. Randy is main character but why the spotlight always focuses Bucky?! - ChatNoirFan18

5 The only characters who hate them are only the villains

I have a villian oc and she is popular (not for being a villian, she hides it well)

6 They don't have real flaws

No, being allergic to strawberry sundaes with spiders on It Is not a flaw. Being too cute, everyone chases her/him around isn't a flaw. Stop trying to cover up the character with such flaws and give them real flaws like depression, enjoys solitude/isolation, etc. - MLPFan

Allergic to tears,Loves rainbows and glitter...Shall I continue? - MLPFan

7 They have too many friends and barely have enemies
8 They never need to worry about their future

Because they would likely sleep on their parents' money when they grew up - MLPFan

9 Most male characters have a huge crush on them

Especially, Danny Phantom. His fans kinda crazy. They often said "i have a crush of Danny when I was a kid", so annoying

I'm a person under that comment. Danny Phantom is gary stu. He is perfect, everyone loves him, the fans can't respect opinion - ChatNoirFan18

10 They always win

The Contenders

11 They were bullied by the prep stereotype for no reason at all

I hate this!

12 They are annoying
13 They always play victim to circumstances they create
14 They have no "Character Development"
15 They are too colourful!
16 They solve every problem in a minute

Mary Sues find a solution to their problems in less then a minute because they are too smart

17 They are rude to the protagonist yet people still love them
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