Top 10 Reasons to Hate Math

Hate math? Why? If you like math, don't be offended.

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It's hard

Math is trash

Awww you use your mind for math, but not your mind to think that some people had it as their lowest (level) subject in school. We had special needs.

True, a lot of math is hard, but after a while and some practice, it gets easier (even though I still find it hard after endless review and practice)

What..NO?! MATH IS EASY! It's just boring!

It's confusing

I don't understand a damm thing

It's boring

I agree


No color.
No creativity.
No life.

We are never using some of it in life

I doubt everyone will ever find it that important for their life. Algebra? Times Tables? Not everyone is born to be a brainiac. Many normal people have the maths skills of primary school/elementary school student it doesn't make us stupid, you just think everyone should become a brainiac.

Forgive me, but that is simply an impudent statement. No matter what phenomenon you're describing, it roots down to complex mathematics. And chances are you'll come across the kind of mathematics taught in high schools in even the least mathematical of occupations. I can guarantee that it will come up in everyone's life. - PositronWildhawk

If you have a learning problem.
Poor teacher

I had only one bad teacher.

It has too many rules

Oh my gosh it does. Like in problems where it has more problems than one in one problem. 1. do the problems in parentheses first
2. do the exponents
3. do multiplication and division from left to right.
4. do addition and subtraction from left to right.

It took me a long time to memorize those rules! - funnyuser

Classroom dynamics
Failed in the past
It adds trouble, subtracts pleasure, divides attention and multiplies ignorance

That was so lit

That's the strong reason why I hate math with passion. It strongly affected me. - Delgia2k

Anyone want a challenge? Sag this to your maths teacher - Martinglez

That's genius

The Contenders

Give you more difficult problems to solve than you actually learned
You cannot argue with the teacher if your answer is acceptable or not

I can't argue, but sometimes I do and its not accepted.. - Ananya

We barely learn it before the test
Its repetitive equation-solving

So true

100 questions on the some thing! why? ! - Ananya

The teachers only care about one solution and not considering an alternative

Yeah that's right they never consider our interpretation - Toucan

Mental Math doesn't get you anywhere

Finch Not everyone will be brilliant at math. It not everyone in the world needs to use it only the brainy ones who want to use it for careers like science or maths teacher

Down with it. - Ananya

Because without math there would be no computers, internet, or video games. - Finch

To the ignorance of trolls like Finch.
High levels of maths anxiety, Cannot subtilize (the ability to recognise groups of 3/4 without formal mathematical processing, Cannot count reliably,Does not associate number words with their symbols. For example, they do not associate the word ‘eight’ with the symbol ‘8’, Reliance on ‘counting-on’ strategies: using fingers rather than mental arithmetic methods, Writing number digits the wrong way round consistently, Difficulty with estimating, Difficulty placing numbers on a number line. For example, cannot identify that the number 8 should go between 5 and 10 on a number line, Inability to tell which of two numbers is larger, can't apply applying + and " signs
Difficulty working with a pattern, Confusing signs +, -, x, ÷, Confusing or not understanding mathematical vocabulary, Difficulty with times tables and mental arithmetic, Difficulty with everyday tasks such as checking change, Difficulty with reading ...more

Pure equation worksheets are boring
Figures are not drawn to scale
Solving with pi and the square roots without the calculator is stressful
Finding the large numbers with the factorization is one burden.
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