Top 10 Reasons to Hate MatPat

As some of you know. I HATE that idiot assclown of a YouTuber. Here's some reasons why.

The Top Ten

1 He encouraged his fans to attack Ellen Degeneres.

Don't believe me? Watch Exposing Dory. - Randomator

2 He treats his theories as fact


Exactly! His theories are so flawed and he claims them to be true. - Randomator

Regardless if they are total bull crap.
(Cough Mario is Mental cough Rosalina unmasked cough) - Randomator

3 He claims that he's the "smartest show in gaming"

But he’s the only theory channel I know that includes science and math. So I think he is the smartest show in gaming.

Yup, great reason! I think I hate him now! - EliHbk

That would be like saying I'm the best user on this website. That's far from being true because there's way better users like htoutlaws2012,DCfnaf, Modernspoungebobsucks, and so on.In my opinion there are way better channels out there like Lockstin/Gnoggin for example. - Randomator

4 He lies to his fanbase

"I've had literal petitions written to remove me from the internet for calling Mario a sociopath."- Matthew Patrick

And you wanna know why? Because he knows he messed up and wants to cover it up. - Randomator

5 His fanbase is awful like him

At least Pewdiepie chewed out his fanbase for acting up

And he has doesn't even try to stop them - Randomator

And his haters are clearly GREAT! :D - EliHbk

U TRIGGERED Game Theory Fans?!

6 The way he treats his Sans is Ness theory
7 The way he treats His Mario is mental theory

He used to be good until he starts to spew those FNAF theories. - StephanTheIdiot

8 He ruined the Luigi fanbase

Luigi fanbase has always been rotten, he just helped expose them.

Wrong! Luigi's fanbase was actually good before that God awful Mario is mental Theory came out. He exposed Dory. Not Luigi fans

9 He uses his it's just a theory as an excuse for bad theories and to avoid criticism.
10 He can't take criticism

He calls them haters and deletes their comments... - Randomator

The Contenders

11 He's cute


�� lol. Someone has a crush on him?

12 He's honest

Someone literally just added this to piss me off but that's okay because whoever did failed miserably. - Randomator

HaHa NOPE! Good joke but you forgot to add the word NOT!

How can someone be honest with theories, what? - EliHbk

Oh the trolls are here... yey - Randomator

13 None of his theories are original

What, do I need to explain?! The theory that earth is flat is wrong just because multiple think it, that's basically what your saying! - EliHbk

He literally PLAGIARIZED the Rosalina unmasked theory - Randomator

*Cough* Rosalina Unmasked

14 He Plagiarized the Rosalina unmasked theory

Just gonna let this speak for itself. No explanation necessary - Randomator

15 Because it's the cool thing to do

Proof that the Game Theory Fanbase is easily Triggered and overreacts.

Yeah because fans are butt hurt and think all of his haters are bullies!

Since when? What kind of reason is that - Randomator

16 He ruined Mario

Thanks to him we now have the Mario vs Luigi fanwar. - Randomator

17 He is a loser
18 He ruined five nights at freddy’s
19 He uses the same kind of "character image" the whole time.
20 He ignores certain game elements such as cutscenes and gameplay, just to fit his theory (i.e. During “Sonic is a Liar,” he never took into account Sonic CD’s opening, showing Sonic moving faster than what his conclusion had stated)
21 His smug face

MatPat always has this smug look like he thinks he’s better than everyone.

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