Top Ten Reasons to Hate MattyBraps

MattyBraps is one of the worst YouTubers out there, he is so terrible it's not even funny. I think he deserves zero subscribers and his channel should be taken down to spare the poor ears who had to hear him because he was one of their recommended channels.

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1 He can't rap

MattyBRaps sucks. He can't rap, his rich parents paid an agency to post him online and make a big deal out of it. Seriously, how did iTunes accept this brat's extended play to be released? He tries to be some gangsta ghetto hip-hop icon, but he's a five-year-old rat/human. He probably can't even watch PG-13 movies yet. He's also hideous. He needs to take a dance class as well. How do you think those talented musicians have such deep, beautiful, powerful vocals (Alicia Keys, Adele, Sam Smith, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, etc)? THEY TAKE YEARS AND YEARS OF TRAINING, or they are naturally gifted! MattyB is always under "recommended" if you watch a video. My sister used to be obsessed, I had to hear his crap 24/7. He has damaged ears, scarred innocent viewers, and put lots of talented young girls who offer to be in his awful rewritten even worse than Kidz Bop "videos" through more than they need to be. I mean, who wants to be in a kid-version of "Blurred Lines"? NOT ME, ...more

His rapping sounds like talking faster to a beat while having an asthma attack, he can't rap to save his life, and he is basically an untalented looser. - ToptenPizza

I disagree. It's not his fault that he's rich. He raps well and he's hilarious and he is so not hideous. Peace out haters...

He's a bitch and always will be and he can't rap he's an stupid, idiot and a terrible voice too #15 year old gals don't date this stupid bitch

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2 He is only popular because of looks

Didn't know he looked good

He hates his fans he just says that he likes them but he doesn't. I bet he where's make - up

I think he is obsessed with his looks. He takes millions of selfies and I do not see the point.

He looks cute.Especially his blue eyes are gorgeous.

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3 His fanbase

His fanbase consists of screaming 9 year old girls who haven't hit puberty but still develop an abnormal appreciation for ugly boys who can't rap. - ToptenPizza

My older sister used to like that a-hole. Now she's super ashamed and won't talk about it.

His fanbase are consistent of 8-12 year old immature little girls; most of which have horrendous grammar and an abhorrent attitude! They're so obsessed, that they will even give out their personal information in the comment section of his videos, and one even gave her address and home phone number! Mattyb encourages this fangirl behaviour because it feeds his ego...

Even this very list has comments saying, "go awey haterz u jealous". I would love to meet MattyB so I could punch his disgusting, make up ridden, pre-pubescent, bitch-ass face.

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4 He covered Juicy

This rich kid poser just tried to screw up a legend, he has had no struggle to get to the top, nothing Notorious Big rappes about, such as teachers telling him he's nothing, in fact the teachers probably puckered up and kissed his butt. - ToptenPizza

Thanks a lot mattu b meanie and rude

Yass he did

5 His attitude

He's a horny 10 year old rapper wannabe who thinks his crap doesn't stink, and he stopped putting his pants on one leg at a time when he became famous, and can date 16 year old girls - ToptenPizza

I think he is a nice boy

6 He's pretty much the next Justin Bieber

An ugly boy people think is cute for some reason who can't sing but thinks he can and is overrated, and will be a fad for a while, then fade out and no one will know him. - ToptenPizza

He is such a Justin beiber, he can't sing or rap. And girls follow him everywhere but he is pretty handsome( I didn't mean that)

Matty is more annoying than Justin by 1%

He is boring

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7 He's extremely sheltered

His parents never want to show him the struggles of life and just do and give him whatever he wants because he is rich and can get it snobby rich arragont spoiler brat

He's like a mini-trump

I like him anyway he is nice you haters I don't care what you say

His parents are shielding him from every possible damger in this world, if you want to be online, you can't just block off all the haters...literally. He needs to know what's going to happen if he is a (c)rapper. Not to mention every song needs to be g-rated, he barely knows what any lyric means, even straight forward ones. - ToptenPizza

8 His Gangnam Style parody

The first time he started rapping, my ears split and blood spewed everywhere while I moaned in pain. Gangman style was a perfectly fine dancable beat until this monstrousity was made. - ToptenPizza

I listened to a few seconds of it and I felt like hitting my head against the wall. He sounds like a little girl! - mayamanga

I died from that video

It was so cringeworthy, that I actually had to turn off the video! Literally, it's THAT bad!

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9 He is a bitch

He might looks hot but I thinks he into boys

True that. He really is a -censored- that can't sing.

I like this reason the best - KrazzyMadd

U got that right

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10 He dances like an idiot

What makes me want to puke the most about this abomination to YouTube is the fact he dances like an idiot, attempting to be some ghetto hoodrat, witch is ridiculous because he is a spoiled 10 year old rich kid who looks like he's 8. - ToptenPizza

Toptenpizza you are a genius for making this

Yes I believe u

Shut up you need to leave him alone,u are talking crap about mattyb he no where near the next jb so shut up.You guys are just haters.Haters back off.

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The Newcomers

? His rhyme scheme is too simple, and he sings bubblegum pop when he claims to rap

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11 His featured singers often have more talent then him

Like in See You Again and 4 5 seconds, I spent the time wondering how these beuataful, talented young girls filled with passion and potential winded up here when they should be making hits. - ToptenPizza

12 He is a spoiled brat

Okay, let me say one thing: this guy has no future. I'm serious! Popularity doesn't get some people anywhere, and MattyB is a prime example of this. He is just a spoiled brat with no talent whatsoever, and somehow, his parents managed to get talented people into his videos just to cover up the fact that he is a fame wannabe. His parents treat him like a prince. His fans (mostly made up of young girls) attempt to defend him from every living MattyB hater they can find (and they should know it's the internet).

If the message I am attempting to deliver doesn't make sense, I am just going to simplify it: MattyB is a talentless wannabe with a life of a spoiled brat.

(I am trying my hardest to sound mature and not like those people that go crazy with caps lock and curse, stuff like that. If I am sounding weird, pardon me.)

His hair is brighter than his future at least

Can't wait for MattyB to crash and him fall from his seat in popularity.


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13 He is caring

So... On a reason to why to HATE him? Are you folks serious? - LemonComputer

This the number one reason to hate him! Ugh.

He's nice and cute


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14 He touches himself too much

He does it all night with the haschak sisters



15 He looks like a Muppet

Ok this is like ao accurate that its accurate. He looks like a muppet. Literally. If I got a picture of kermit the frog or the bear one they'd be twins.

16 He smells like old hummus

(to the person who added this): How do you know that? - mayamanga

I don't know if that's true

He Smells Like Old Hummus On A Dead Cat

He most likely does xDDD

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17 He uses Autotune


18 Total wannabe

He copies everyone's song and he gets famous for no reason and his songs are terrible like kids bop and his songs are the same as kids bop.

Bro, there is only one room for someone good. Be yourself. Our make us rip out our ears.

The end is what has come.


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19 His songs are annoying

I thought his "songs" were documentaries about poo in singing form

Yea he sings about spoons and his million phones

Tell me about it!


20 He has abnormal nostril shapes

I wanna fight Matt b


21 Good marketing

There's no way anyone actually likes this guy most of his subscribers and likes are paid for or his marketing team making 1000+ accounts

True true

22 He looks gay

Yeah, because people who are annoying TOTALLY look "gay". Homophobic prick. - mayamanga

so tru


I really don't like him at all, but that is not a reason to hate someone... Hate him because of how talentless or how spoilt he is, not because he 'looks gay', that makes you seem like a homophobe...

Personally, I think he looks like a naked mole rat...

23 He smokes weed

Does he really?

One day he was cought on video camera with five ounces of weed. That's what he gets.

I agree

No he doesn't

24 He doesn't know what real music is

Marty sucks but hole he's such annoying

He just don't know about it

25 This is what the end of the world will sound like

Play his songs when I am escaping the zombie apocalypse. - ACKREIK

A mouse

26 Only cares about money

Yes and he is ugly and mostly crusty

All I see on tumblr are his nasty ads "MattyB wants 2 meet YOU LIVE" well guess what I don't "want 2 see" HIM. I get this ad at least every 8 regular posts.

27 Sends the wrong message to people

I want it in my butt

28 He sings

Like why? He covers Justin Bieber!

29 He can't make his own songs and he is the same as kids bop.
30 He doesn't like black people

You know it's true.

If he does not like black people, then why is his best friend [justin] black

31 He shows off too much

He thinks he's the best of all and I think when he's older in the country or other people

32 He covered Justin Bieber

Who would do such a thing?!

33 He thinks he's tough, and shows it in the stupidest ways possible

He thinks blocking out haters, singing about his problems, making weird faces, and having girls follow him makes him tough, when in reality it makes him more like Justin Bieber. and we all know what a train wreck justin is

34 Only girls like him

I am a boy and I really hate him and so do my friends

35 Thinks he's a heartthrob

Believe me, he's not.

36 He is fake

He's living the Grand Sheltered Rich Kid Spoiled Brat Life

37 He has no personality

He's literally a malfunctioned boombox

38 He is rude

I want too fight him he a gay wanna be

39 He smirks like a dumbass

And he smirks all the time and thinks it looks sexy... Just stop..

40 His synthesizers are on full blast

Every time my little sister walks into the room, you hear his voice coming from hell. Alvin the chipmunk would win a rap battle with him, and a dying cat could roast him.

41 Everything he did is too cringy

Get a bleach whenever you went to his YouTube zone - Startinner

42 He thinks his being rich will protect him from real-world challenges in life

His parents always buy him the most expensive, hottest trends, like they think it'll enhance his popularity.

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