Top Ten Reasons to Hate MattyBraps


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21 Good marketing

There's no way anyone actually likes this guy most of his subscribers and likes are paid for or his marketing team making 1000+ accounts

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22 He doesn't know what real music is

Marty sucks but hole he's such annoying

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23 He smokes weed

Does he really?

One day he was cought on video camera with five ounces of weed. That's what he gets.

I agree

24 He sings

Like why? He covers Justin Bieber!

25 This is what the end of the world will sound like

A mouse

26 Only cares about money

Yes and he is ugly and mostly crusty

All I see on tumblr are his nasty ads "MattyB wants 2 meet YOU LIVE" well guess what I don't "want 2 see" HIM. I get this ad at least every 8 regular posts.

27 He looks gay

Yeah, because people who are annoying TOTALLY look "gay". Homophobic prick. - mayamanga

so tru


I really don't like him at all, but that is not a reason to hate someone... Hate him because of how talentless or how spoilt he is, not because he 'looks gay', that makes you seem like a homophobe...

Personally, I think he looks like a naked mole rat...

28 Sends the wrong message to people
29 He shows off too much

He thinks he's the best of all and I think when he's older in the country or other people

30 He covered Justin Bieber V 1 Comment
31 He thinks he's tough, and shows it in the stupidest ways possible

He thinks blocking out haters, singing about his problems, making weird faces, and having girls follow him makes him tough, when in reality it makes him more like Justin Bieber. and we all know what a train wreck justin is

32 He can't make his own songs and he is the same as kids bop.
33 Thinks he's a heartthrob V 1 Comment
34 He is fake

He's living the Grand Sheltered Rich Kid Spoiled Brat Life

35 He has no personality

He's literally a malfunctioned boombox

36 He is rude

I want too fight him he a gay wanna be

37 He smirks like a dumbass

And he smirks all the time and thinks it looks sexy... Just stop..

38 His synthesizers are on full blast

Every time my little sister walks into the room, you hear his voice coming from hell. Alvin the chipmunk would win a rap battle with him, and a dying cat could roast him.

39 Only girls like him

I am a boy and I really hate him and so do my friends

40 He doesn't like black people V 1 Comment
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