Top 10 Reasons To Hate Metal Heads

You hypersensitive little 12 year olds can get mad at this list all you want, but whether you want to hear it or not, a lot of you had it coming, so you can either get tf over it or leave this list. Nobody asked you to be here.

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They’re toxic

This only applies for some. Not all of them are like that. Every fanbase has toxic fans, not just the metal fanbase. - RiverVibeZ

I feel that metal fans tend to be on the more toxic side on average, but of course not all of them. - TheHabsFan

Only the elitists are and even then, imagine thinking all metalheads are elitists. Kinda toxic in it's own right, don't you think? - DarkBoi-X

I’ve even seen some of them go as far as to send people death threats simply for not liking metal. They are no doubt one of the absolute most toxic scumbags I have ever met. Stay as far away from them as possible! - 3DG20

So by your logic stay away from every fan base because all of them have the fans that will send you death threats because you don't like what they like - germshep24

I agree with you and that's shocking - lovestarlist

They harass anyone that doesn’t agree with their music tastes

I've seen a few who do but again, this doesn't apply to a lot of metalheads. I enjoy tons of Metal music but I not only enjoy other Rock based genres such as Progressive Rock, Experimental Rock, Alternative Rock, etc but I'm also big into Hip Hop. Not to mention, I generally can find stuff from any genre I can enjoy. - DarkBoi-X

They play the victim

Excuse me, but how do we play the victim? I would definitely like to see the reasoning behind this. - RiverVibeZ

They’re hypocrites

Crying when people don’t respect their music tastes only so they can go harass anyone, mainly pop and rap fans, that doesn’t headbang to their precious Iron Maiden. - 3DG20

They think being a pop or rap fan automatically makes you an idiot

I don't. In fact I'm a Rap/Hip Hop fan too. And this list seems to come off as you thinking all metalheads are retards and elitists so this is another hypocritical reason. - DarkBoi-X

Gotta love the hypocrisy here. - RiverVibeZ

According to your typical retard metalhead (especially on this site), your music tastes somehow interfere with your intelligence. - 3DG20

They think their opinions are facts

Just like you, mate ;).
And no, not all of us think that metal is above all. I'm sure that there's lots of metalheads who aren't elitist. - RiverVibeZ

Only metal elitists think like that. Maybe you should have named this list “Top Ten Reasons To Hate Metal Elitists” because not all metalheads are bad. I’m not a metalhead myself even though I like metal, just saying there are nice metalheads too and not all of them are elitists and don’t respect opinions. Every music genre has hypocritical fans and elitists to be honest, not just metal. - Userguy44

They put their music on high volume so you can't hear anything else

As someone who has probably listened to less than 5 metal songs in full I don't really care for this list. I have so far found on this site that metal heads have never bothered me so I don't think there needs to be another list attacking metal heads. I must admit that there are several lists attacking pop and rap music and it's fans and I hate that but I think most of them were made a while ago and I have made sure not to give the users who made them any attention. - Powell

Yeah. I can understand that but that is not really a good reason to hate metal heads for most metal heads it isn't really their fault that there are not more fans of other genre's on this site. - Powell

Lol, this is the best reason. But I don't hate metal heads, I just disagree with their choice of music. - TheHabsFan

Yeah, that’s kind of the point my dude - Manlypants

A lot of them aren’t even real metal fans
A lot of them are satanic

I’m only “voting” on this reason to let everyone know that I wasn’t the one who added it. This is one of the dumbest stereotypes I have ever heard, because I still don’t know a single metal head that is actually satanic, so to anyone who sees this, just know that it wasn’t me who added it. - 3DG20

They think head banging makes them a badass

No, me putting this item does not automatically qualify me one of those jackasses that still dab in 2020. I just don’t see how swinging your head back and forth like a mentally challenged kid throwing a tantrum could possibly take that much talent that it gives you the absolute need to brag about it all of the time. - 3DG20

Still better than Crip Walking and twerking. - RiverVibeZ

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They brag about how they’re so much better and more “intelligent” than everyone else their age all because they like metal

Because, again, the type of music that you like apparently determines your level of intelligence, and if you like anything other than metal, then no matter what kind of person you are, you will always be seen as an idiot in their eyes. - 3DG20

They think being edgy makes them cool

Not all of them think this way. There are some calm and understanding ones. Like any type of music fanbase, there will be toxic ones and there will be good ones. - BlueTelegraph

Not all metalheads are edgy. I have seen a bunch of metalheads on this site and none of them were edgy. - Userguy44

They head bang without rhythm
They think heaviness is quality
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