Top Ten Reasons to Hate Michael Jackson


The Top Ten

1 He changed his looks
2 He's seriously overrated
3 He is a child molester

Any sane person knows his accusers were just trying to get money - bobbythebrony

Ok idiot! we fans know he was innocent unlike you beyond stupid haters who think he was guilty. It was for money. - MJfan119

4 Everyone's in love with him

Awww you poor baby go cry to your mommy - MJfan119

5 People call him king of pop

Um duh stupid belieber thatโ€™s because everyone is which Justin goober will NEVER be! So go cry now. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ - MJfan119

6 He always grabs his balls when dancing

And Elvis Shaked his pelvis! - jp12960

7 He never collaborated with other artists

-_- he collabrated with tons of artist from Paul mcarthey to freddy mercury - samanime

Umm how stupid ARE you!?! he collaborated with tons. Quincy Jones, Vincent Price(does the evil laugh at the end of thriller) Freddy Mercury! Well this has got to be embarrassing being told off by MJ fans ๐Ÿ˜ˆ - MJfan119

8 He's ugly
9 He was asking for trouble by singing about the illuminati
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