Top 10 Reasons to Hate Middle School

The Top Ten

1 We don't have recess

I'm going to middle school next year. I'm sure it will be torture - EpicJake

My middle school sis has more than me and I'm in elementary! - AnonymousChick

2 Everyone turns into a douche bag
3 If you tell on someone you get called a snitch

Happened to me in 7th grade

Or you get called an "Opp" - MeaganSaysHI

4 You have to carry big books
5 Teachers don't let you go to the bathroom

(in 6th grade music class)

I was having random stomach cramps that kept going on and off
Me: teacher can I use the restroom? My stomach hurts
Teacher: fine be back in 5 minutes
Me: (goes to restroom. Can't poop so I return to class)
(several times stupid cramps return and I had to repeat the above process several more times)
Teacher: Sop that you're disrupting the class! >:(
Me: but it hurts!

Stupid cramps! >:( Luckily they went away later during the day.

6 You can't go back to your locker

I can us locker passes, though, I'm lucky - funnyuser

7 Kids who pick on the innocent kids
8 Annoying teachers
9 Drama

Thanks whoever put this on I hate drama - 2storm

10 Too much homework

I made this and it's already in the top 10 :D

The Contenders

11 Everyone calling each other gay

I'm in sixth grade and I've been called a lesbian because I don't want a boyfriend. Most of the guys there are a**holes.

Boy 1:blahblahblah(talks to other friend)
Boy 2:Blahblahblah
Bully:Hey everyone! These two are gay! - MLPFan

12 Dumb boys

(I asked my sis. She said this) - AnonymousChick

13 "Dating"

Listen, I don't care about your boyfriend. Just let me finish my division sheet, m'k? - RiverClanRocks

14 Dirty old lockers
15 Lack of funding
16 More classes
17 Wannabes
18 Horrible tasting lunches
19 Profanity
20 Fights
21 Projects

Like... They take up so much time and stress me so much, and it's NOT EVEN LEARNING. YOU'RE JUST WASTING YOUR TIME PUTTING TOGETHER A POWERPOINT OR SOMETHING

22 Drugs

I did a lot of drugs in middle school I'm now in high school and really messed up due to my brain rotting.

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