Top Ten Reasons to Hate Miiverse Admins

This is not about TheTopTens Admins is about Miiverse Admins. TheTopTens Admins are better than Miiverse Admins here's why.

The Top Ten

1 They Ban You for No Reason

Well you shouldn't have swore. If it's a game like 15+, then they shouldn't really ban you. However, if it's 3+, 7+, or 12+ you really shouldn't be swearing.

They ban me for swearing and I wish we could swear.

Just today I commented you must have great friends! on a post the very next time I went on miiverse I see that I've been banned for 2 weeks because I "tried to exhange friend codes" LIKE WHAT THE HECK ADMINS!

Miiverse is stupid it's a game that lies
They talk about the ones that will be deletled
That game is a freak

2 They Lied

They said they are trying to make Miiverse fun but they lied and act like complete trolls.

About what? Miiverse is fun and it' she only PLACE WITHOUT ANY HATRED.

You blame Nintendo for that then... - DapperPickle

3 They Don't Let You Use Friend Codes and Personal Info

Unless an artist users they can actually get away with it. - Sirkinsella98

I want some friends on Miiverse to socialize.

Uh, yeah, I'll agree with DapperPickle.

The REASON this happens is if they're a troll like YOU, and they're trying to become your FRIEND, then they're going to hack your system/console.

I'm starting to think you are the troll here. - DapperPickle

4 They're Trolls

They don't take their job seriously and act like complete trolls.

No they're not! Would trolls update Miiverse regularly? Nope, I don't think so.

5 They Hate Every User on Miiverse

They hate all of us on Miiverse!

Not even one of admins like anybody.
(troll) - DapperPickle

Then why do they bother to make Miiverse for us if they hate every user. You're just a troll. Maybe you should just buy a crappy iOS game, like Happy Pet Story.

6 They Ban You for Swearing

Except for Damn, Hell, Badass and Bastard. - Sirkinsella98

Seriously! I swear all the time! Even when I censored the swearing they delete my posts and ban me! What!

You said this on a comment already... - DapperPickle

Of course,dislike all my comments,what a childish thing to do. - DapperPickle

7 They make the post limit 30
8 They Delete a Bunch of Your Posts

Well it's possible to get them back if you LOOK.

And yeah, you deserve those bans.

They do that all the f%%%ing time and I get mad and swear a lot to them and got banned.

9 They Don't Let You Talk About Mods for Super Smash Bros. Brawl

I did talk about Project M but I didn't get banned but other people might of gotten banned.

This is actually pretty reasonable.L. - DapperPickle

10 They're Idiots

They are the stupidest people on earth. They have no lives!

I'm so feeding this guy right now. - DapperPickle

DapperPickle is the real @$$hole here.

The Contenders

11 They Defend False Reporters

After I got unbanned from miiverse I got ANOTHER 2 week ban. Why do they defend false reporters

12 They Defend Awful Users
13 They Redesigned Miiverse

The original Miiverse was way better!

I don't like the new design. What was wrong with the old one? Also, what's the point of play journal entrys? I was just fine with using posts!

This seems like - DapperPickle

14 It takes a long time for them to respond
15 They Don't Even Review the Reports

Most of the things were just removed when one people reported it without them even checking it.
that's how bad their AI was

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