My Answer for "10 Reasons to Hate Miley Cyrus"

1 She only got famous because her dad was famous #Wrong ! It's so not because of her dad ! She's talented that's why she's famous !

2 She is a bad role model to kids #wrong ! more than 100000000000000 kids love her & she's an amazing Role Model ! Stop judging her & start judging the 9 - 10 years old girls who drink , smoke , wear slutty clothes , who are not virgin...

3 Her voice is so irritating #wrong ! Either you're jealous cause she has an amazing voice or it's just that you can't hear ? :)

4 She can't act in comedy at all #wrong ! Seriously ? so you never watched Hannah Montana in your life ?! She's amazing in acting a comedy show :O did you ever heard her " ... say whaaat " on HM? Can you do that ? I bet not ! So shut up ;)

5 She can't sing that well #wrong ! Oh so can you sing better than her ? :) NO !! ;)

6 She thinks she is loved by every guy on the planet #wrong ! what?hahaha seriously? how old are you ?!

7 She isn't pretty #True you're soooo true ! She's not pretty she's gorgeous ;)

8 She never apologized after taking lesbian pictures #True but what's your problem ? she doesn't need to apologize ! she didn't do something wrong ! so when you were little you never kissed your mom ? why didn't you apologized for that !-.- live her alone

9 She pole danced at the Kids Choice Awards #true & she's damn good at it ! ;)

10 She has horrible teeth #wrong ! She had braices at 11 you jerk ! so show me your teeth -_-


Haha interesting... Well good luck - visitor

I hate miley cyrus for the way she acts that girl needs lots of help - visitor

Y'know, I don't have to be drop-dear gorgeous to say someone's ugly. I'm getting braces too, and I'm also 11. Same with the 'Lets here you sing' thing... I also don't think you need to be the best singer ever to tell someone they suck. And her pole dancing at the KCA? KIDS choice awards! Not horny old pervs choice awards. Jesus! And also, yeah, I kiss my mom, but I don't put it on Google images! And the 'I'm jealous' thing? Why would I be jealous of a ugly slut who can't sing, or even twerk good? *sarcastic* Yeah, I'm so jealous... NOT!
So, yeah. - visitor

What happened to hannah! - visitor

What happened to hannah. I know I am just a kid but that does not mean I can not touch for my self. so what happened to hannah. when I was younger she was the person I looked up to and she was my favorite singer ever! ; (
' - visitor

I just type in something that the way she act - visitor

Sorry if you're a fan, but we have opinions too! - visitor

I love Miley so much - visitor

All your opinions are wrong wrong wrong - 2storm

Everybody has their own opinions! - HappyFlower

Um... First of all, there aren't that many kids in the world. Second of all, SHE IS NOT TALENTED! Do you seriously think she is actually talented? NO! And she also is an AWFUL role model! - visitor

Ignore haters.. We support you Miley.. Smiler forever - smiler

Miley haters gonna hate at the end she always. Win - visitor

What is this world coming to? - visitor