10 Reasons to Hate Miley Cyrus


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201 She dated Liam Hemsworth
202 She's a twerking monster
203 She tries too hard to show that she's not a child anymore
204 She's a disaster
205 She acts like an animal
206 She's a horrible role model
207 She's so bad that she makes you angry
208 She claims she likes punk and hates pop, yet she still makes pop music.
209 She's really sleazy
210 She's makes you sick
211 She makes a complete idiot of herself
212 She acts like an idiot
213 She loves sex V 1 Comment
214 She's a failure
215 She is talentless

Who made her way "up" from her Dad and his money, and through sucking dick. She seeks the shock factor because she knows she is intellectually deficient.

216 My role model is gone

I used to love hannah Montana, I still watch it sometimes to remind me of the girl I fell in love with, as a role model, of course. She used to be my favorite person when I was 5 until I was ten, now I'm twelve and I can't even look at the new Miley. If you are reading this Miley, please change. I loved you the way you were.

The person who said that she loved Hannah Montana and all, that same experience happened to me. Except I started hating her when I was 9 and now I'm ALMOST twelve. Yeah, I watched Hannah Montana at the same time as you.

217 Her boobs are small and pointy
218 She's ignorant
219 She doesn't deserve the fame she has at all
220 She gives singers a bad name
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1. She wears fur
2. She exposes her body
3. She pole danced at the Kids Choice Awards
1. She is a slut
2. She sticks out her tongue way too much
3. Her voice is so irritating
1. She pole danced at the Kids Choice Awards
2. She twerked with a Mexican flag at a concert (during Mexico's Independence day)
3. She is a bad role model to kids

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