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21 Her face just like Bieber twin sister

I hate justin bieber, because of that I hate miley either. They are like ugly twin, different dad, different mom, same ugly face

I started liking Justin Bieber. But seriously, they look like their twins!

EXACTLY! They might as well live together.

They should get married.

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22 She is a slut

She has always been one and she doesn't care about anything or anyone. Don't be tricked. She even hates her fans. One day she'll be a hobo

She is ugly white and is promoting drugs to our kids.

This girl is so parasitic because she is a major dumb ass who hates kids Justin Bieber and chicken

Even before she left Disney she was bad. Can't be Tamed is DISGUSTING and INAPPROPRIATE

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23 She follows the mainstream

Please can someone give me the definition of mainstream!

All pop artists follows the mainstream

Mainstream is like when everyone does what's popular, like uggs and taking pictures of Starbucks coffee is mainstream. Or twerking

Oh, never mind now I know what mainstream is, from a comment. Yeah, Starbucks is mainstream... and I never even had Starbucks (coffee isn't for me, and I know it isn't just coffee). But not all mainstream is bad.

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24 She hates Justin Bieber

So what I haye justin bieber too not everyone likes him this is not a reason

Thought it was the same person, I also hate Justin Biber

Justin Bieber is even worse than Miley Cyrus.

Guys Miley is first most hated, Justin is a close second I MEAN LIKE PHOTO FINISH CLOSE! its like a race Miley barely crossed the line first its not even seeable he crossed the line first without a microscope. Justin is 2nd because at one point he used to be super cute.

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25 She is the epitome of the recycled garbage produced by the entertainment industry, yet so many are still sucked into the hype.

Miley Cyrus is nothing more than another drama-filled teenager bred by the industry and fed lies her entire life. Now she believes that she is something special, and that she is "grown-up" (self assessed, by the way). So... As we all have seen since the 80's... She commits loud, boisterous, extreme acts in order to bring more attention to herself, thus appeasing her emotionally and increasing her revenue stream. It's a cycle; child actor/singer, then teenage actor/singer, then the "rebellion" stage (with the different hairstyles, outlandish attitude and actions, etc. ) then (some) actually grow up, get involved in serious projects, give it their all and see how their work is accepted by the general public. Not all make it that far, but usually that is the cycle. What pisses me off the most is the obsession over her; who gives a? I guess it's just my age, but I feel as if I have seen enough of these "pop culture sensations" since I was a child to the point ...more

To the guy who posted that Miley is only famous because her dad was famous and called her a fake whiny B! %ch you are 100% correct and are the man or woman depending on your gender.

I don't know what the title of this item means, but if it means she's a horrible teenager with used-to-have-good music, them I'm in!

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26 She licked a sledge hammer

Isn't that enough to hate her

I can't believe still how she actually licked that dirty hammer and am still confused why didn't it cut her way too long tongue

No that is not enough to hate her she was DUMB unless she licked your sledgehammer that is still SUPER DISGUSTING!

That's part of the many reasons why I can't stand her

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27 She has horrible teeth

Really? You think that is a valid answer?! She can't help how her teeth are? But really, this is a stupid reason to hate her because her teeth. You are childish.

This is a stupid reason. And offensive to me. I have crooked teeth and you would hate me because of how my teeth look? Ugh, how rude of you guys! I want to get braces, but my parents don't have the money. Remove this off the list!

She is so ugly! Mi don't even think getting her teeth fixed would help. There something about the weird jaw, wow, no amount of money can fix this Hot Mess!

Miley's teeth r fine! No need 2 worry people!
- iDixie Cat33

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28 She is insane

Next thing we know, we"ll have two Lindsey lohans! No wonder Liam broke up with her! He made the right choice! I have a feeling she will kill herself from all the drugs she's taking! Bye, bye!

Miley Cyrus is the craziest person on the planet

Miley Cyrus is the worst I can't believe I like her socio much and when I see her now I just want to throw up...

Oh hell yeah she is insane!

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29 She ruined her life

Yes she did ruin her life

She is not smart because she lost half of her fanbase with all the stupid stuff she is doing so she ruined her life and her career.

Just like her song, she should start over!

Yeah, all the hatred...

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30 She's a wannabe

She tries so hard to be someone she is not. It comes off fake. There is nothing genuine about her. Oh and I love her excuse of "Britney Spears did it". Pretty sure Britney didn't wear two pieces of underwear at 19. She didn't even start with the leotard thing til 2008. Also, when Brit was still in her prime she wasn't trashy or sticking her tongue out and NONE of her songs talked about drugs (I know everyone of her songs by heart).

Fr what is she trying to be? Nicki minaj! Well Miley Cyrus is a stick with no ass, no hips, and no boobs! Nicki minaj has everything! This butvh needs to learn to stop copying people

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31 All her fans are whiny little girls

Actually Miley Cyrus fans are teens they grew up with her half of fans 16_18 if you go to a Miley Cyrus concert right now you gonna see teens 16_18 male and female so get your facts right

She has lost half of her fanbase actually.

This is a reason to hate her? I don't know what the fan base does.

Rude just like Miley I am not superrised If the become porsuites

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32 She can't twerk

Her ass is like jelly, she is illuminati and looks like a prostitute.

THANK YOU! I don't see why she gets so much credit for twerking -_-

Nicki Minaj can twerk not Miley she works on twerk but never succeed! HAHA!

O yes she can! Stop being rude 2 Miley!
-iDixie Cat33

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33 She hates kids

She' said she " hated kids " & she is like -5 like she needs to get a life.

And I hate kids too, and I'm not even a teenager yet. But to be honest Miley is worse than them.

Kids are still learning but milly Cyrus is old another to know what to do and what not

We bcame closest friends on Minecraft, & I'm still a kid!
- iDixie Cat33

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34 She never apologized after taking lesbian pictures

Well I'm not surprised that she didn't apologize!

Well I am a supporter of people loving their own gender cause my cousin Tiffany died from committing suicide from her GIRLFRIEND overdosing on medicine but that don't mean that Miley is good.

She even said she doesn't apologize. And I don't care if she's a lesbian, I accept gays! Plus, I've never even seen the lesbian photos.

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35 She hates cats

Quote from Miley: "But cats - cats are creepy. Oh my God, cats are creepy. Every time I see a cat, I think it's gonna turn on me. It's gonna turn for the worst. I don't ever see loyalty in cats. They're gonna scratch you, and then run away. Same with little dogs. Did you know Yorkies were bred to kill mice in the Queen's palace? I had a Yorkshire Terrier, and if I was a rat, it definitely would have eaten me. And Chihuahuas are the most scary animals on the planet. I'm terrified of Chihuahuas."

I think she doesn't have a life... I mean like she hates animals... And this is weird

Wait, I'm the person who says who hates cats. But she hates dogs too? How dare she!

Sal from impractical jokers also hates cats

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36 She is an attention whore

She has no conscious about her actions, only cares about herself

I wish she was Hannah Montana again.

Maybe more like one of the most famous prostitutes in the world! Even more famous than pornstars!

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37 She is a big skank

She can't survive a day without doing something sexual

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38 She needs to wear a bra

Seriously, Miley. Nobody wants to see your boobs. I don't think she even owns any bras. Miley used to be my favorite, but now she's wacko crazy. Miley, if you are reading this, please go back to being The Miley we know and love. And don't walk around topless anymore.

Look, Miley! Your breasts aren't sexy! Buy a bra !

That's so true I am tired to see her boobs showing

I don't really mind about her boobs because I like them!
- iDixie Cat33

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39 She's a whore

This is the most obvious reason.

Yup Fr I can write a whole book about her!

DUH that's a sure banker, I mean common its Miley. Offcourse she's a whore

40 Her body is disgusting

I don't even think she's that sexy. Which is clearly my opinion! I'm not trying to shove down your throats.

Liar Liar! Pants on fire!


From iDixie Cat33

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