10 Reasons to Hate Miley Cyrus


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41 She's a whore

This is the most obvious reason.

Yup Fr I can write a whole book about her!

DUH that's a sure banker, I mean common its Miley. Offcourse she's a whore

42 Her body is disgusting

I don't even think she's that sexy. Which is clearly my opinion! I'm not trying to shove down your throats.

Liar Liar! Pants on fire!


From iDixie Cat33

43 Her hillbilly mother stood and clapped like a seal on crack, after the VMA show

NO WONDER ARIANA GRANDE ATTACKED THIS LIST! - The Ultimate Daredevil, defending the anti-Smilers from Ariana Grande's whiny demands

44 She thinks she's so good

Of course not! She is not good. Her dad is bad model for her and of course her mom too. Her parents are not very good parents.

Listen here your not good

45 She is rich and talented and I'm just jealous

I don't have a life!

46 She does very immature things and is gross

I wouldn't even take a 16 year old to a concert! All she does is twerk on people

She is not the one you want to take your kids to a concert of hers with

47 She implied she was going to vote for Trump

That has got to be the worst thing she has ever done! It/'s up to her to do whatever she wants as long as she doesn't hurt anyone but voting trump hurts people he is a idiotic bigot.

That's exactly what one would expect from a basic prostitute - LOL

Trump is a nasty rat! Even Judas because he Btryved Jesus! Judas is also a nasty rat!

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48 Her father Billy Ray Cyrus is the worst country singer

We are talking about Miley Cyrus not her about her father - smiler

Did you see him sing I did and I was like :O

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49 Too sexual

She is worse than anyone else on the planet. I don't know anyone more sexual that her

She's not what I would even call "sexual". Sexy is suttle and mysterious makes your heart beat faster. She does none of those things. She's just obnoxious... that's pretty much it.

Sexual, no matter how or what, is going to be an element in music.
And sometimes, it isn't entirely terrible. - Swellow

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50 She doesn't care about her father

She had a drop in the relationship with her father

Unfair considering he's the reason for her fame

She really doesn't car

I agree her father should law down the law cause she acts really wild

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51 She's built like a young boy

Yup so true - looks like the typical lesbian as well (not that I have anything against them) just think she should climb out of the closet already

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52 She's disgusting

She makes me and my best friend want to vomit. In fact, we gag every time we hear her name.

She's so nasty it's not even funnt

She is a vomit for family grups

I don't gag when I hear her name because I love her.
- iDixie Cat33

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53 She says bad words


She act's like Justin Bieber because they say bad things inersepaber

I hate profanity, but I hate her even more.

Nothing can be done...

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54 This list is popular

That's the good part about this list.

This is a reason to hate Miley? Really?

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55 Thinks it's cute to play with infant's toys

It isn't cute to be playing with infant toys she needs to be stopped. This isn't the first time I saw her playing with infant dolls onstage,

What she's i. Her 20s and she be playing with baby toy! Wow get a life Miley you're so messed up

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56 She is dirty

Since hannah Montana... I am so tired of just hearing her stupid messed up name

She was a good person, but now she is the most stupid actress in the woeld!
Hate you miley
We want the older one!

Tired of hear her stupid name. I mean "Miley"? That's what I would name a dog! Oh! WHAIT NO! Not even a animal deserves a dumb ass name like "Miley"

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57 She is a big mess she needs to stop and go back to the way she was V 1 Comment
58 Not a role model

That's so sad because that was Hannah Montana. And every little girl used to look up to Hannah Montana.
She actually was sort of an inspiration back then.

That's what's wrong with the parents of america today.

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59 She changed

I hate this change of Miley Cyrus... Demi lovato suffered much.. Her eating disorders etc etc... And she also changed.. She gained weight and all that but she always had positive thinking and positive music... And I like demi.. Because of this

She's changed a lot! She's a lesbian now and she speaks like a boy because of her low or deep voice. I hated Miley Cyrus since on her old song 7 Things! I hate that song! She should stop singing!

That's why I like selena and demi instead of this hot drama

Ikr. I hate this change. Selena didn't change... as far as I know.

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60 She makes porn videos for kids

I should really send her to a mental hospital for this.

What?! She made porn for kids?! I'm not surprised. She is after all, insane.

I think she needs to go to a mental asylum

She's so mental I used to love her until she went crazy

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1. She pole danced at the Kids Choice Awards
2. She twerked with a Mexican flag at a concert (during Mexico's Independence day)
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