10 Reasons to Hate Miley Cyrus

10 Reason's why I hate Miley Cyrus, you can add to it if you like:)

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61 This list is popular

That's the good part about this list.

This is a reason to hate Miley? Really?

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62 She makes porn videos for kids

I should really send her to a mental hospital for this.

What?! She made porn for kids?! I'm not surprised. She is after all, insane.

I think she needs to go to a mental asylum

She's so mental I used to love her until she went crazy

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63 Thinks it's cute to play with infant's toys

It isn't cute to be playing with infant toys she needs to be stopped. This isn't the first time I saw her playing with infant dolls onstage,

What she's i. Her 20s and she be playing with baby toy! Wow get a life Miley you're so messed up

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64 She is dirty

Since hannah Montana... I am so tired of just hearing her stupid messed up name

She was a good person, but now she is the most stupid actress in the woeld!
Hate you miley
We want the older one!

Tired of hear her stupid name. I mean "Miley"? That's what I would name a dog! Oh! WHAIT NO! Not even a animal deserves a dumb ass name like "Miley"

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65 She is a big mess she needs to stop and go back to the way she was

I think it's really sad and pathetic how most young girls who are nice and innocent eventually turn into these sex hungry, drug using sluts who get in trouble with the law a lot when they get older.

66 Not a role model

That's so sad because that was Hannah Montana. And every little girl used to look up to Hannah Montana.
She actually was sort of an inspiration back then.

That's what's wrong with the parents of america today.

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67 She changed

I hate this change of Miley Cyrus... Demi lovato suffered much.. Her eating disorders etc etc... And she also changed.. She gained weight and all that but she always had positive thinking and positive music... And I like demi.. Because of this

She's changed a lot! She's a lesbian now and she speaks like a boy because of her low or deep voice. I hated Miley Cyrus since on her old song 7 Things! I hate that song! She should stop singing!

That's why I like selena and demi instead of this hot drama

Ikr. I hate this change. Selena didn't change... as far as I know.

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68 She made a terrible cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit

My ears were bleeding when my friend played Mileys cover of Summertime Sadness

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69 She's not a virgin

She is not a virgin she pay guys to have sex with her

I Hate Her Too

Non dick sucking or having bitch

70 She Did a Cover of John Lennon's Imagine

Oh! Now she thinks she can BE THE Beatles!

Doesn't get any worse than this!

She always copies people

Ariana Grande called The Beatles a crap band. >:(

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71 She's a porn star, not a musician

Ain't that the truth!

That's what I say.

72 She's unlikable

This list is on hating Miley. Of course she's unlikable!

73 She doesn't have any self-respect

She needs to stop thinking that she is BIG, she is a ugly ass cow

74 She called Katherine Heigl a bad actress

I love Katherine Heigl! I mean I don't know her too much as a person (I'm sure Miley doesn't either! ) but I do love her grey's anatomy performance. And based on interviews, she's WAY more professional then Miley

75 She Dated Rob Kardashian

Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and Miley Curys disrespect negative opinions on the Kardashians. Let's beat up those prissy girls! >

76 She made porn

Um... no... porn was made before Miley was even a fetus... - StayAlive

77 Her movies suck

Laugh out loud, Hannah Montana: The Movie, and The Last Song sucked ass!

Lol was literally the best film in the history of the world I'm literally crying because you are so darn stupid

If Miley Cyrus voiced Beezus Quimby in Ramona & Beezus, there would be middle fingers to this movie!

Actually I liked her movies when she was Hannah Montana

Only bad actress like her make that bad boring movies

78 The horrible clothes she wears on the red carpet

I know right. All the other celebs wear beautiful dresses whereas Miley cyrus shows up in fur coat, barely any top half and ripped skinnies

Every celebrity wears beautiful dresses, like Selena (#1 role model), but Miley? BLLEEEHH!

This is not even a reason to hate her...

79 She thinks she is beautiful

She is the worst ever.

Miley is always very jealous of Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez because they are both great models to the young kids. She is jealous when Liam is around with other people.

I don t know if this is true or not because I could care less about celebrities but if it, regan from the exorcist looks better than it (Miley Cyrus)

It's like she and Justin switched places.

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80 Her songs have no meaning whatsoever

The only reason I hated her show.

The wrecking ball song made no sense

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