10 Reasons to Hate Miley Cyrus


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141 She's dating Patrick Schwarzenegger
142 There were clips of her in the music video to Korn's Spike In My Veins

And this is a reason to hate her? Seriously?

Why is this a reason? Nobody likes her or Korn.

143 She is still alive V 1 Comment
144 She collaborated with The Flaming Lips and Moby
145 She did a cover of the Beatles's Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
146 She did a song called Hoedown Throwdown

I'm pretty sure anybody could think of that.

147 She is twisted
148 She's gonna ruin the youth of America with her image and behavior

Imagine younger kids watching what she does on T.V. because she used to be Hannah Montana (And Hannah Montana was a kids show). And have teenage girls reenact what she does. What has this world come to?!

149 She has awful performances
150 She gave Liam Hemsworth a cake for his birthday

It's not just a birthday cake! I'm warning you, don't see what it looks like.

151 She's a skank
152 She's hideous
153 She has no dignity
154 Wayne Coyne thinks she's amazing

Wayne, I've been a fan of your music for a longtime but when you actually support what Cyrus does, then you don't live in the real world. You really don't. Her behavior right now is absolutely appalling and should not even be broadcasted in front of thousands of people.

And you know what Wayne? You're just as wack as Miley is. I can't believe you would go this far to destroy your own image and your reputation (Especially when your band is making a Ke$ha album called Lip$ha).

No, I'm being dead serious. Look it up. Wayne Coyne on Miley Cyrus. Your career just can't get any lower than this can it?

It's Wayne Coyne. So understandable.

Wayne, I have lost ALL respect for you.

155 She's twisted
156 She cannot be taken seriously
157 She destroyed herself
158 She did a cover of The Beatles's A Hard Day's Night along with The Flaming Lips
159 She looks like a monster
160 Her career is pointless

Her whole existence is pointless.

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1. She wears fur
2. She exposes her body
3. She pole danced at the Kids Choice Awards
1. She is a slut
2. She sticks out her tongue way too much
3. Her voice is so irritating
1. She pole danced at the Kids Choice Awards
2. She twerked with a Mexican flag at a concert (during Mexico's Independence day)
3. She is a bad role model to kids

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