10 Reasons to Hate Miley Cyrus


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161 She has naked photos of herself
162 She's ugly
163 She has stupid songs
164 Her song, We Can't Stop, has a horrible message
165 She's a disgrace to music
166 She's a disgrace to Disney
167 She's a disgrace to the youth
168 She's annoying
169 She looks like a freak
170 She's fake
171 She's a failure of a musician
172 She's the daughter of the guy who sang Achy Breaky Heart
173 She sounds like an alien
174 She's scary looking

Miley Cyrus is no doubt number 1 on this list. She deserves that spot now and forever. She used to be a good girl, her songs were inspirational and her show was funny. I will admit to being a fan when I was younger. She was a good person to look up to. She was conservative, she had manners, and she stayed out of trouble unlike so many girls in Hollywood that go bad and off the deep end. She made me want to grow up and be a singer, and an actress, and a positive influence to other girls. Then, something strange happened. She cut all of her hair off, to symbolize being free. Not so bad, she just wanted a change. What happened next though, she started dressing like trash. I don't mean that in a mean way, I mean she had boobs and butt and everything straight up showing with sometimes covering nothing but her nipples and portion of the crotch. She started trying to act like something that she's not, when we all know this came out of nowhere. Now, she's doing every drug known to man, ...more

175 She's creepy
176 She's disturbing
177 The way she rapped in Mike Will Made It's 23
178 She's immature
179 She's not cute
180 She's a douchebag
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1. She wears fur
2. She exposes her body
3. She pole danced at the Kids Choice Awards
1. She is a slut
2. She sticks out her tongue way too much
3. Her voice is so irritating
1. She is a bad role model to kids
2. She only got famous because her dad was famous
3. Her 2013 VMA performance

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