She is a bad role model to kids


The thing is she's no longer affiliated with Disney. She's not on Hannah Montana anymore and her music isn't released through Disney. If this wasn't the case I would get why people are upset. But since it is why is she still a role model? That VMA performance wasn't shown on Disney, it was on MTV. If you don't want your kid to see that kind of thing don't let them watch MTV. This isn't anything new. Every child star does it. Britney Spears did it, Christina Aguilera did it. Why does this still shock people? It's not like she claims to be a role model. That's not her goal. Her goal is to get attention. If you want your kid to have a positive role model then be that role model.

She tries too hard. It hurts to listen this "woman" talk; I could care less that she was on Hannah Montana, it's the fact that she's smoking weed, swearing, sticking her stupid tongue out, glorifying casual sex, and has one of the most annoying voices I've ever heard. Britney Spears used to be "innocent"-ish but she still kept it at least semi-classy, and didn't make herself out to be a total moron. This woman's stupidity is what offends me the most. If she died, I would throw a party. I mean that.

If you think about it, she kind of sucked back in the day too. Just loud and obnoxious, and never funny or any of the things that make people like humans. It was kind of like, Who is this person screaming at everyone all the time, and so you watched just kind of waiting for the punch line, but it never came. Her head is and always was bigger than her talent. With all of the child trafficking and horrible things going on in this world I can't understand how she thinks she's contributing anything positive or good, or even worth paying attention too. It's sad how the world makes untalented people famous simply to be entertained by their failure.

Yes, Miley Cyrus is a bad role model, but honestly, was she really a good role model with her Hannah Montana show? "Yes, become a pop star, but lie to everyone except for your friends and family about how you're the actual pop star. That's smart." I'm not saying it was a bad show or she wasn't a good role model outside it, and I watched it myself, but that's what you want little (key word: little) kids to think is right? To lie to everyone? I guess other people don't really consider the show seriously, but I've always over-analyzed stuff.

Okay this is pretty incredible

Something must be pretty wrong if you look for a recently bloomed and a radical pop artist for a "kid's role model" she is not meant to be that in any way

I'm pretty sure you people don't hate on all celebrities because of Their role towards kids

And for the "she was Hannah Montana" argument
- Hannah Montana ended 2009 which is quite a while ago

She Needs To Fix Up Because Her Performance At The VMA Was A Disgrace And Shouldn't Be Allowed To Any More Concerts And Her New Song Wrecking Ball Is Plain Disgusting The Song May Be Good But Her Video Is Plain Disgusting She Is Nude And She Has No Shame That Why This Generation Is Going Down, Music Was About Truth And Happiness Now Its All About Sex And Other Disgusting Things.We Want Old Miley Cyrus Back

Its very true, shes a TERRIBLE role model for kids, its so bad that people actually listen to her, and they don't even know anything in life

Honestly! Why did she even become an actress in Disney? I liked her show before, and she describes "Everyone makes mistakes, everyone has those days" I think she is having her days, which she wont get back.

She needs to show young girls how to get respect with their intelligent, confidence and self sufficiency not from using their bodies as a public playground for anyone to lust upon if they do choose..

If your crotch and your tongue are the first things people think of when your name is mentioned, then, you're not in a good place.

Yeah she is a bad role model and what she did in her concert kids could of seen that and how mad robin's wife would be if she saw that or when she saw that! This needs to stop like change is good but this is way over change! Miley cyrus created a monster

Umm I think that there are a lot of pop stars who are bad role models for kids. In Miley's case it is different as she was from the Disney Channel, Little girls grew up watching her thinking I'd love to be Hannah Montana. However it is the parents responsibilty to protect there children from seeing "bad role models" in a good light or just protect them for seeing there music videos and there actions all together.

True because, when I was a kid and I liked Hanna Montana, it was my favorite show. I liked her music so one day I went on YouTube and watched her then new song Wrecking Ball, thinking it would be something that would have been appropriate, but no. I was scarred for life. I was only 11 years old, so...

Wait... Than we need to hate Rihanna and Nicki minaj for that too. Nicki Minaj and Rihanna only effects girls between 6-12 year olds that has no taste in music I am not kidding and don't you understand she does this just for attention! And you are feeding her right now - Aguythatpeopleignores

She's a whore who craves sex and drugs. She probably slept with her father.

She is the number one terrible role models to kids and am glad I never ever considered her as my role model and never will

Miley Was one of my role model but when changed almost everything about her I started to be upset. I miss old Hannah Montana I really liked her then and hope she will realize what she is doing. I hope she will change back

I really miss the old Miley.. And obviously so does Liam, I mean... I don't know what actually happened between them? All I know is that he broke up with her after her ridiculous change of personality

I agree she is disgusting! But if Miley is reading this you are a disgrace and we want the old Miley back! Can you imagine what your father thinks?

She is like so gross and she tried to get the kids like her and then she wanted them to be like her. Shes a stupid Little virus that is selfish gross and super disgusting and she disgusts people!

She is a bad role model and I'm 10 years old and she is so disgusting I liked her better when she was in Hannah Montana please Miley go back to your good self

The fact that she changed from good to bad so quickly proves to the world that she should not be exposed to young children. - EmperorAguila

She is a bad role model for kids because I am a kid and it is very sad she has token this path that will ruin her life and kids might follow her steps

She is disgusting... This young woman better get some serious help, or she will not live to be 30...

She is a very bad role model I'm 11 years old and I miss her old personality I bet she lost more than 200 fans when she turned into a blonde haired wild crazy pole dancer