Reasons to Hate Modern Feminism


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1 Real rape victims are harder to believe because modern feminists keep crying wolf

I hate this. - RoseWeasley

2 They created a war on men

Stupidest idea ever, I thought feminism is about heart and freedom - LightningStrike

3 Look at what they did to Brett Kavanaugh and his family

What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Anyone who is smart could tell the entire left was desperately trying to stop him from being confirmed by coming up with a lie. Luckily they didn’t succeed because that’s not how trials work - Randomator

4 Not only do they support abortion, but they also take pride in them

Evil, horrible, despicable, nefarious... Anything else?
Between 1970 and 2015, it's estimated the 45.5 MILLION abortions have been performed. Oh, and that's only in America, by the way. How many Einsteins, or Teslas have we killed, simply because a woman was too lazy to have a baby? Put the poor thing up for adoption, for goodness sake! - seancena04

You know what? Your opinion on it doesn't matter. A pregnant woman's does, and she shouldn't have her chance taken away and her life destroyed and put in danger because of your desire to control people.

The only time it could possibly be understandable is if a girl was raped and became pregnant without consent. But outside of that circumstance it is unacceptable and I have no respect for people who murder babies - Randomator

5 They encourage women to act like victims of oppression

How do you think women got the right to vote? By acting like oppressed babies? - RoseWeasley

6 Because of them, men fear getting into relationships

Just ignore politics. (Unless there is abuse) - 445956

7 They complain about the way men sit (with their legs spread out)

As far as I'm concerned, they don't have anything down there. - seancena04

Deal with it - Maddox121

8 They fail to recognize actual female oppression in other countries

If you think the west is oppressing women, go to middle east/muslim countries to see real oppression - RoseCandyMusic

If they want to protest they should go protest in those countries Like in the Middle East where Women are barely allowed to drive and show themselves in public - Randomator

9 They are teaching children their messed-up agenda

And this is a generation that a lot of people hate. Coincidence? I think not - Randomator

10 They are pro-abortion

Life begins at the moment of conception, and therefore, legalized abortion is infanticide! - clusium

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11 They are stripping men of their masculinity

*COUGH COUGH* Gillette Ad
#BoycottGillette - Randomator

12 It's Annoying
13 They completely destroy the original purpose of feminism

Elizabeth Cady Stanton would be so disappointed if she saw what her movement became. - RoseWeasley

Feminism is supposed to be a group fighting against sexism. Now they are the sexists. - 3DG20

14 Its effects on the entertainment industry
15 They are trying to prove how men are terrible people

They accuse all white men of being monsters because of a few who are actually bad. - Randomator

16 They do not realize that sex/gender doesn't really matter that much

I don't know if a lot of people would agree with me on this but I personally think sex/gender doesn't matter. I mean, it SHOULD definitely matter if you're going in a different bathroom but what I mean by all this is that it shouldn't matter if most of history's best or worst human beings are male if you know what I mean. Kinda like how it doesn't matter if most of them are also white (like how skin color also doesn' matter).

17 They want supremacy for women, not gender equality

Bloody feminists

This is Completely true - Randomator

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