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1 All Characters Have Become Unlikable

SpongeBob: Annoying as hell, not the cute and clueless sponge I knew.

Patrick: Dumb, dumb, and more dumb. Sum this and annoying, annoying and more annoying.

Squidward: A grumpy snob, totally different from how he was before.

Mr. Krabs: Just plain irritating.

Plankton: He's just turning sickeningly cute.

Pearl: A spoilt brat.

Sandy: Horrible and violent.

I Think Gary The Snail Is The Least Unlikable Character In The New SpongeBob Episodes, But That's Only Because His Personality Hasn't Gone Out Of Wack Yet.

Most Of The Time Squidward Is Actually Likeable In The New SpongeBob Episodes, But Sometimes Even He Can Go Out Of Control So Much That He Becomes Unlikable.

Patrick & spongebob: stupid & mean
Mr. Krabs: pure greedy jerk
Sandy: just smart
Squidward: pessimistic jerk abuse target
Plankton: abuse target
Gary: abuse target
Mrs. puff: whiny satan
Used to be:
Spongebob: childish, but nice & selfless & not nessarily stupid
Patrick: stupid, but funny & innocent
Mr. Krabs: greedy, but cool & caring
Sandy: was strong, smart, & cared about her Texan origins
Squidward: got a lot more breaks from the writers & showed more care for spongebob
Plankton: used to seem to be more of a threat
Gary: innocent smart snail that helps spongebob on some occasions
Mrs puff: while she was abuse target, she was a good teacher & cared for spongebob as a teacher should

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2 It's More Inappropriate for Kids

Yeah but not that way its more of fart jokes and bathroom stuff these days I disagree in all of this

3 Patrick Has Gotten Stupider to the Point Where It's Not Even Funny

I'm watching it right now and hating it. Patrick is an idiotic bully. Why? Why? He used to be a sweet, patient, but confused guy, now he's just an ignorant, mean, and incompetent moron.

Patrick's dumbness had comedy back then, then here comes Uncle Grampa with Patrick's voice in a nutshell. Nickelodeon tries hard to make Patrick funny but it seems how hard it did, this! I loved Patrick's quotes from BFBB.

Look Nickelodeon, those old shows are a nostalgia, now your making them stupid and they make bad moments on almost every episode. We should enjoy the old episodes and take craps on new episodes. Just cancel the Sanjay and Craig show and the Rabids Invasion because, Sanjay is a digusting show and the Rabid show is about the stupid bunnies! I want Nickelodeon to stay alive! - bugger

4 One Coarse Meal
5 It's Getting Worse Every Season

Um... No! That's Not Completely True, But It's Partly True.

Not Really That True with Modern SpongeBob maybe from Season 4-7 but from season 8 it only getting better a little.
Season 4 - Great
Season 5 - OK
Season 6 - BAD
Season 7 - Worst
Season 8 - BAD
Season 9 - OK

6 The original writers of SpongeBob left
7 Mr. Krabs is a money-grabbing arrogant crab who drives people to suicide and gives cancer to his loyal customers
8 Mr. Krabs Has Become Overly Obsessed With Money

New Mr. Krabs cares about more money. Like seriously, Mr. Krabs is a best character in SpongeBob along with The Flying Dutchman. Now the new episodes makes Mr. Krabs more greedy and Dutchman doesn't appear much in the episodes. SpongeBob is our childhood and we need to make Nickelodeon survive! - bugger

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9 A Pal for Gary
10 Episodes Are the Same Thing

Phineas and Ferb and Dora is in a nutshell due to the same stuff on every episode

Plot 1

1: SpongeBob works at the Krusty Krab
2: Dumb Plankton sneaks in the resturant to steal the formula
3: Benny Hill theme plays until Plankton is caught


Go make some original plots that are clearly new to us Nickelodeon! - bugger

The Newcomers

? The People of Bikini Bottom treat Squidward horribly.

The people of Bikini Bottom are always jerks to Squidward and they treat him like crap all the time. The writers are also to blame for how badly Squidward is treated. I hate the people of Bikini Bottom and I woyld love to see Squidward beat every single of those creeps to death. After that he should kick Sandy Cheeks to death as well. Then Mr Krabs Patrick and leave Spongebob and Spongebob's parents for last. Bikini Bottom is full of creeps!

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11 Bad Luck Happens to Squidward In Most Episodes
12 Plankton is more deserving than Krabs
13 Plankton tried suicide
14 Some characters are forgetting about one another
15 Paraphilia and Animal Abuse In To Love a Patty

I'm seriously surprised that PETA didn't sue this show for animal abuse.

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16 Patrick always gets in the way V 1 Comment
17 Mr. Krabs is more greedy
18 Frightening faces in Face Freeze and Whatever Happened To Spongebob
19 The Battle of Bikini Bottom

What are you talking about? This is one of Season 5's best episodes!

20 The new episodes are not interesting

Come on Nickelodeon, make some shows that are 100% interesting! Right now, your not making shows interesting which makes the channel dies. - bugger

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1. It's More Inappropriate for Kids
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