Top Ten Reasons to Hate Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat Sucks! It the most violate game in the universe!

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1 It's Incredibly Violent

When you become older than 18, you'll realize it's okay for you. - Delgia2k

This list is terrible. This series is awesome. - Therandom

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2 It's a Killing Game

And you make a list of ways to kill Scarlett Johansson. How hypocritical can someone be?

Well, a lot of Mario games kill goombas when you step on them. And to be honest, I like a lot of the killing games better. - Therandom

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3 None of the Characters Were Heroes

Let's see, what about all the heroes who try to save our realm. That's half the characters. - Therandom

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4 All of the Characters Are Villains

They're Evil! They're from a Evil World! - Danteem

5 They Keep Nintendo from Making Another Super Smash Bros. Game

They already did! They keep Nintendo from making another Smash Bros. Game! That's bullcrap! Mortal Kombat is only duel and in Super Smash Bros. You can play up to 4 for everything else and 8 for Wii U! - Danteem

6 Fatalities

Fatalities are terrible! There scary! My parents won't let me buy a Mortal Kombat Game! - Danteem

7 Life Bar

In Mario games you die and restart the level with one hit so you should not criticize it when you praise another series with the same problem. - Skullkid755

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8 Brutalities

Those are close to Fatalities! There are mean too! - Danteem

9 It's a Terrible Game
10 It's Ruins the Fighting Genre

Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter are the reason Super Smash Bros exists. - Skullkid755

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11 The Terrible 1995 Movie

Thanks a lot Ed boon for ripping off Enter the Dragon movie

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