Reasons to Hate MovieStarPlanet

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1 They Only Care About VIP's and Money

I was vip one tome and right when it ended I lost 50 friends

I am American, and I mainly use the UK server I don't know if they added it to any other servers, but they recently created a Piggy bank where you can save all your money and earn fame, and guess what? IT'S ONLY LIMITED TO VIPS!

2 All of the Clothes Are Slutty and Expensive

I found a pair of ugly shoes and it was sc1000 I mean who's going to buy that kind of junk

Who is gonna spend 5000 years on a game to collect 1000 starcoins for a dress? Or 500 starcoins for a hairstyle?

3 High Scores Like Pumpchkin, Ishacool, Pandypolo, and Candired

Pumchkin and Ishacool think they are queen of their servers (Pump US, Isha UK) Isha is this fame seeking girl who deletes people as their friend because they didn't watch and comment on their movies, Pump is this mean, crusty girl who is this big bully with an ego, if you want proof watch some videos on YouTube, Pump and her annoying fans trash people's walls because they aren't like them (KKK similarity? )

4 People Being Disgusting On Forums
5 Trolls
6 Emos
7 9 Year Old's Talking About Their "Melons"


8 The "Boyfriend and Girlfriend" Option
9 VIP's Get the Good Looking Clothes, and Non VIPs Get the Ugly Expensive Clothes

VIPs that are girls get the princess-like clothes, and the Non VIPs get the gay-looking stuff...

10 The Hash Tag System

On the UK MSP if you wanted to say 18, it'll pop out as ## and on the US MSP everything will pop out red, and you can't post your comment

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11 8 Year Olds Trying to Cuss
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