Reasons to Hate My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic


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1 It is boring

I hate this show more than any other. - cosmo

This is the first top 10 list I ever read plus I join this site 19 days ago well any ways can I be you friend cosmo - MorlaTurtle8

This show is just terrible. It's super annoying. I hope it gets cancelled and taken off the air soon. - Vancedapurpleguy

I am 13 years old I kinda do enjoy this show and I'm starting getting annoyed with it and I am gonna stop watching this after season 8 and yes I agree with you that this show has bad animation and it's even bad to little kids

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2 It is dumb

Yes. Any pea brained idiot would know that if they were creating Rainbow Ponies, that they would know that there is no colour pink on rainbows. People who created this show are much more stupid then 5 year olds.

How is magic part of friendship?
And how does a rainbow consists of 3 pink ponies?

There is no colour red or green ponies. How dumb must the creators be to miss that a rainbow does not include pink. (The worst colour in existence of colours. )

The ponies are extremely dumb in personality too.

The plots are stupid. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

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3 It is too girly

Yep. Why do GROWN MEN even like this? - EpicJake

This show sucks, enough said - Delgia2k

It's not enough? Why would anything have to be not enough? You expect me to write an ESSAY on it? - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

I can't stand these 3 pink girly ponies.
Pink has got nothing to do with the colour rainbow so why are there 3 ugly annoying pink ponies there.

There is one who is entirely pink (horrible colour. )

And one who has long pink hair (Girly overload. )

And one has a pink highlight in her hair.

WHY? Why not more purple or blue ones (Purple and Blue colours are the best. )


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4 It does not teach anything

No, it doesn't. All I see are ugly ponies treating each other like poo. If they would be best friends, they wouldn't treat each other so badly.

It teaches you that always except pretty ponies (people). Doesn't matter if they are evil. I have noticed if they are pretty AND cute they reform them. Discord got reformed only because of the star trek fans. Everyone else who was ugly and evil, tossed like trash. Even nice ponies who were ugly were treated with little to no respect. And don't get me started on the racist tones in the show, or that overuse Disney ideas. I used to be obsessed (i am a 16 year old girl) and I can't believe how stupid I was. The show is overrated and is basically a giant scheme for Hasbro to manufacture and sell even more toys! If you want to watch good shows, watch Lucifer on Fox Network, Hetalia: Axis Powers, and Hero Academia. At least those shows are good.

Children should interact and play with each other, not watch ugly ponies do bad things. It does not teach absolutely anything.

The lesson in this crap is rely on the pretty and popular people to save you because if you stay in the background and are not colorful then you are useless. WHAT KIND OF A LESSON IS THAT?!

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5 It's annoying

This series has the most annoying characters in existence, especially that pink one who completely turned me away from this show.

Ha ha ha. Yes. The people who voice the characters are to blame. How did they even get to be voice actors in the first place, their voices are too annoying for such a wonderful job.

The ugly ponies have terrible voices. They sound like they ate nails or drank diarrhoea before speaking.


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6 There are tons of other shows way better

Ever heard of Gravity Falls, people? - Navylexi

OBVIOUSLY. There is absolutely NO show that can be worse than this, so all shows are better.
Heck, I find the EMOJI MOVIE better than this crap

Teen Titans GO may be horrible but it's better than this garbage. I would rather watch the emoji movie while playing fortnite battle royale singing justin bieber's baby than watch this.

Watch South park instead, except if you're a little kid. - InfinateSuperstorm

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7 Characters are too dumb

All them ponies are so dumb that whenever a villain attacks, they rely on the famous ones to rid the enemy with their (Terribly animated) Rainbow. How is a rainbow going to defeat a villain?

Yes, Those Characters Don't Know The REAL Traits Of Friendship, Rarity's "Friends" Take Advantage Of Her, The Cutie Mark Crusaders Don't Know How To Mind Their Own Beeswax And Be Themselves, Pink Thinks Shes SO Funny And Fun But She Reminds Me Of My (The Worst) Enemy. Rarity Is A Spoiled Brat And Shes so Annoying. I WANT TO GET RID OF THOSE PONIES. THEY ARE GENDERBIAST AND RUDE. Twilight The "Nerd" Has Fake Intelligence, She Just Wants Attention And She Reads Books About Friendship And Spells, I'm SO Glad I'm No 1ST GRADER Anymore! And They Are SO DUMB. More Dumb Than DORA!

Princess Celestia is the dumbest of them all, sending Princess Luna to the moon.

Pinkie Pie is actually really rude and annoying. She always doesn't listen and annoys her friends to no end. She also doesn't listen to her friends when they tell her to do something. I purely despise this annoying brat. Along with Applebloom as well. - MontyPython

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8 Friendship is not magic

Honestly, I really dislike the show, but I don't attack anybody who really likes it. But I disagree with many "lessons" it teaches. First off, friendship cannot be magic. That's the main lesson it teaches and it shows no controversy against it. I don't find their development in character interesting because they barely grow at all. The creatures in the show are always portrayed as one characteristic: Fluttershy is shy, Rarity is generous, Rainbowdash is loyal; it doesn't change. They're way too basic and I can't see how people can't realize this already. Besides that, the purple one, Twilight really shows no dimension. She shows certain characteristics of a good leader, but they are "too perfect." Sure, some of them make a few mistakes in a few episodes, but the "hardship" they went through was either because they were manipulated by magic or they just went through hardships just for the sake of it. About Twilight, it always appears that she always ends up being correct in the end ...more

"Friendship is magic", and magic isn't real, so friendship isn't real.

Friendship is Science, not magic.

My Little PositronWildhawk: Science Is Magic. Just think of it! I'm kidding! - RiverClanRocks

Thor says science is magic. Friendship isn't magic, and not science either

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9 Controlling Cutie Marks

What was once known as only a "Little Sweet Awesome Picture" on their Flanks known as "Symbols" has Manifested into an out of control "Cutie Mark" that Manipulates and Forces Ponies to do whatever Picture it has.
Do Not Believe Me? Watch "Call Of The Cutie","Magical Mystery Cure" and "Bloom And Gloom."

The way Cutie Marks are portrayed in Magical Mystery Cure is pretty Disturbing.

They Demonize Cutie Marks. What happened to Ordinary Symbols?

The Cutie Pox too. Apple Bloom was out of Control.

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10 Fans get into fights about the characters

Why you guys fighting over who is the best there aren't even any good characters smh

Why the hell do you guys fight over which character is the best and which one's the worst? Please explain!

Yes, bronies do tend to get in fights about the "best pony", and they tend to get quite savage about it. - Chara

Self-explanatory! Enough said!

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11 Each episode, someone must be a jerk

There's no way around the jerks! You can't teach a lesson without making somebody a bad guy? Geez! To think I used to enjoy this show. If you want a show starring likable female protagonists, friendship lessons, character development, and no bronies, go watch 2003 Strawberry Shortcake. It's actually really good and is everything Friendship is Magic wanted to be but failed at. - tiffanyfrozen5110

Or Sailor Moon, that's another great show where the characters are likable, the lessons are actually good and not shoved in your face, the characters develop, and there's no annoying rabid male fans like the majority of bronies.

That's a reason I now dislike MLP: FiM, the majority of the characters have just become jerks. - SailorSedna

12 It's not funny

Pinkie Pie can't think of anything funny, the only thing she knows that makes other people laugh are what others already know about. - WorldPuncher47592834

That ugly pink pony makes the show un watch able.

How is this overrated junk funny!?

It's as if that Atrocious Pink Pony has to carry the responsibility of making this cheap knock off of a Show Funny and "Cartoonist". She is the only one who is actually "Cartoonist" while all the rest of these lame pony girls are being so Boring (Pretending to be Real Girls) in a cartoon which is supposed to make us laugh.

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13 Pony porn

These Bronies need to be burned with fire because they destroy humanity with their messed up pony porn.

Fandoms don't chnage gameplay - Hummingbirdf

Pony Haters (and Lovers) Throw-Up all over these Messed-Up Individuals.

True, but unlike Pony Porn, it is Hidden away. My Little Pony Porn is Always In Your Face. What if children were looking for an innocent picture and see something like this?

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14 It is terribly animated

That's Retards to you. The Bronies are so wrapped up in Pony worship that they don't see how much errors their so called "awesome" show has.

The animation is fine. Nothing special about it, but not THAT bad - SnailPony

You are right. I am surprised that many other people did not notice the awful animation.

The animation is terrible because it looks odd on the ponies (Have you noticed they have strange out lines which are supposed to be black? )
The background is simply awful and full of utter mistakes.

Uh, since when do characters have to be outlined in black? Flame princess from AT isn't outlined in black. Most Disney princesses aren't outlined in black... So what "rule" did that come from?

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15 It gets way too much undeserved fame

Fame over what, crusty animation, crusty characters... ?

Most of them Fans are Retarded/Gay and PDo's anyway. Only 10% of the Fans are actually little Children (And 8% them only like the Toys.)

Fame for what?
Bad morals and bad animation?
Way to go Hasbro.

16 Bronies Bronies

Seriously? What do grown men like in this... I can't even describe it. It's THAT bad.


Bronies are just like Jared fogle If he Was attracted of horses

Most of them are GROWN-ASS MEN!

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17 It's going downhill

This show used to be good until season 5, after that, the show and fandom have become literal hellholes and there is so much negative energy coming from both it's amazing this show is still airing up to 9 seasons and getting what could be a crappy reboot.

Good thing it's ending. Finally...


18 It's taking over DeviantArt

No it used to be My Little Pony so skinny and bony went to the circus one day she farted on purpose and blew up the circus and that was the end of her day.
But now men like girly shows because they look like anime characters instead of ponies like the 1980s.
The show has always been similar except for the animation changes here is the plot of the first in 1986
The End of Flutter Valley.
The ponies are on their way to Flutter Valley for the "Sun Tuesday" celebration with the Flutter Ponies. Meanwhile, the Witches from the Volcano of Gloom are busy hatching a plan to destroy Flutter Valley and the ponies, allying with an army of giant bees to get their revenge on the Flutter Ponies. The bees steal the precious Sun Stone, and if the Flutter Ponies can't get it back, their home will be destroyed.

And let's not forget the ass-holes who attack men just for liking MLP. These apartment-dwelling snobs will attack ANY male who who would rather watch MLP than sports. These sexist ass holes think ALL men should ever do is watch sports, get drunk,like cars,rape women,beat up others for no reason, smoke, like cars,act all tough and macho,etc. Even Donald Trump would think these people are disgusting.

My childhood died a little when I saw Madeline MLP stuff. (Yea, I read the books when I was little) - mayamanga

My childhood died when I saw Twilight Sparkle x Yoshi fanart. I still can't get over the cringe. Just look it up...

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19 Rarity is whiny, unlikable, and annoying

Yeah yet she's a bad influence to children


She and Rainbow Dash are mostly the reason why I don't watch My Little Pony anymore. Thanks a lot, Rarity and Rainbow Dash.

"Princess Tuna"? I think I just got AIDS! Thanks a lot! - SpyNaps

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20 Male Characters are Mostly Villains and are Treated Like Jerks, Dumb, and Unhelpful.

Show: Is for girls
Also show: Makes men stupid because they are not girls
Fandom: Is full of men
Me: Is confused

Just cause it's for girls doesn't mean that it should make boys look bad
Take, for example, Transformers, which is ALSO by Hasbro. It's aimed towards boys, but the Arcee, who is a girl, still kicks butt.
Hasbro has made it's biggest. F---ing. Mistake. Ever. Period.
Not enough to you? How so?

This is why I don't watch that T.V. show.

All of the boy ponies are either stupid or evil.

21 Rainbow Dash's personality is a rip off of Buttercup's

Delete that. I love Rainbow Dash

So true, but I like buttercup better, rainbow dash sucks. Rainbow dash thinks she is so powerful and awesome, lame! I wish buttercup can teach rainbow dash a lesson about real toughness and awesomeness. Buttercup rules, rainbow dash drools.

Rainbow Dash is lame because she thinks that flying fast and making exploding rainbows is so awesome and brags about it. Yet buttercup saves people and really helps her sisters fight, she is courageous and can lift up the most heavy stuff on earth, now that's awesome.

Already on this list but Correct.

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22 Poor animation

The animation is simply awful. From characters to backgrounds.

Why is the OUTLINE of the ponies not black?
Why is the background so terribly coloured?

The only thing good is the pictures on their bottoms.

Tries to copy anime, but the animation is bad - shingekicrap

I really hate it when people draw some of my favorite video game characters as ponies from my little pony. the mlp fandom is infecting really good games and making them totally crap

Only The Worst, Cheap, Low In Quality Cartoons Do Not Have Black Outlines.

What Animated Atrocities Do You Watch?

Come Back When You Get A Real Cartoon T.V. channel (Like Disney Or Cartoon Network.)

Until Then, Your Argument Is Invalid.

Have Fun Watching The Cheap Atrocious Cartoons That You Watch.

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23 The pony's eyes are too big

Saitama's eyes are better

Wanna be anime. I hate that show. - HakanBrakan

Their eyes are almost their face

Their eyes take up most of their face. It looks really bizarre...

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24 Stereotypical ponies

All them Ponies impersonate Stereotypical Women...

1. Twilight The Nerd. (Yawn)
2. Pinkie The Party Animal. (I am surprised that she ain't high yet.)
3. Apple Jack The Hard Working Woman Farmer. (Yawn)
4. Rainbow The Tomboy.
5. Rarity The Perfectionist.
6. Flutter The Quiet Shy Scaredy Cat One.

Not just them, but the whole T.V. show has them Stereotypical ponies prancing around.

Fluttershy and Princess Luna are still nice.

Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie almost ruined me, I'm glad I saved myself from awful sexism. Shame on you three!

Flutter Shy is a "Lost Cause."

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25 It rips off many shows

This show is a rip off of veggietales

It sure does, it kinda rips off sailor moon and a a little bit of ppg and kinda rips off barbie movies. And there is much more.

It ripped off Teen Titans. Don't believe me? Watch the episode where Pinkie Pie's mouth disappears. That happened in Fractured, a Teen Titans episode. Plus, Teen Titans came BEFORE My Little Pony, so that's proof if you think that Teen Titans copied MLP. - mayamanga

It rips of pokemon because some pokemon have the same powers as these ugly stupid bronies!

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26 Spike looks more like a dinosaur than a dragon

Seen the 80s My Little Pony Spike is more like a dragon.

But dinosaurs are better than dragons - Hummingbirdf

He sure does look like a dinosaur

Barney the Dinosaur

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27 Never ending gossiping

Try watching this show with no Sound. You will know what he means.

They never stop TALKING. It is endless problems Bla Bla Bla this, Bla Bla Bla that. No One Cares about your Problems.

In Ancient China, women could only speak when spoken to. In this disgraceful cartoon, they will not stop chatting.

I'm from China duh

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28 Stupid ponies

Yeah, I know what you're talking about. Even if the characters are meant to be stupid just to find a valuable life lesson, it will STILL get old and annoying as well!

I do not want to talk but mlp is ugly and stupid the ponies I hate are pinkie pie the ugly stupid pony 2 twilight the ugly bookworm 3 celestia is a troll 4 applejack the girl who is very lazy 5 twist she is stupid and a big big idiot

All these type of ponies are all stupid

They are very stupid, so very, very stupid. I guess that's all to say.

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29 Some fans are spoilers

I only spoil if I know the person wants it. This is a problem, though

I am a bronies and I love to spoil everything

I am a brony and I love to spoil everything

30 It is satanic

Lol wut. They're horses. I don't think the creators of this show had this in mind, but I think they might appreciate you actually took the time to research that, even though you're trying to discriminate them with it. And no, I'm not a brony, but I think that the show isn't that bad, even though it does have many mistakes. Me personally, I'm not Christian, I'm a Wiccan witch, (Not doing it for attention, I actually believe in the religion, so don't even try,) but I do have many Christian friends, and from what I've seen, this isn't what you guys generally act like. Although I am annoyed with you, I hope you have a great day. Blessed be! - HarpSealsAreAmazing

The pony characters in the show, since they are part of the equine family, are a symbol of Pride, one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Horse is the animal symbol, and ponies count too.

Religious nutter in the house?

Like ya' know, the ponies love Satan for no real reason - UntitledMan

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31 The show is overrated

Very overreted

32 Mean pony jerks

Bridle Gossip, Bad Apple and Putting Your Hoof Down is the best example of how much Jerks these Ponies can be.

It you want a show that characters learn life lessons then go watch veggietales and that show teaches good morels and more like a Christian show but good your welcome

And they are Racist too in Hearth's Warming Eve. The Ultimate Pony Racism.

The pony are jerks because they act like bullies in my school. They are bullies because they are so annoying.-- Dork diaries

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33 Shining Armor is a crybaby

That's sexist

Yeah he cries at weddings

He is not a man. by the way this show is annoying anyway

34 Brony haters

This was properly placed by someone else.

Why is this here

Whoever put this on the list is a brony who can't keep his fat nose in his own business!

YOU HYPOCRITE! If you're gonna make a list about why you hate MLP, don't put this on the list!

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35 It is even bad to little kids

I don't understand why the show (That is for 5 year olds) has to include ugly ponies with mental health problems and going nuts/crazy/retarded. You name it.

The purple one goes completely mad and starts terrorising Fillies.
The pink one starts talking to objects just because of her birthday party plan gone wrong.
The yellow one has anger management problems when animals don't want to be with her.
The orange one (I will give her a pass) overworks and gets tired enough to not know what she is doing.
The white one is simply a Drama Queen.
The blue one is probably the only normal pony who has no breakdowns.

If parents think that this is fine, then why not show your kids something like Psycho if watching ponies going insane is fine with you.

Yes, not to be offensive but the ponies act crazy, like they have something wrong with them. Or everything.

It teaches kids how to be mean

This "Show" Teaches Kids To/Be:

1. Retarded
2. Complete Jerks when you feel like it.
3. Crazy
4. Bad Behaviour
5. Mean
6. Rude
7. Awkward
8. Strange
9. Angry
10. Psychotic
11. Mad
12. Rage
13. Scream
14. Cry
15. Wail
16. Shriek
17. Mental
18. Lack Self Control
19. Aggressive
20. Frightening

True Story.

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36 Rainbow Dash is the worst character ever

She is so annoying, even more than dora, I wish to take her out of the show and that she never comes back, she makes my eardrums explode and a very whiny voice. The show would be better without her, she is the whole reason I hate the show. I would not hate the show if she wasn't in it.

I hat her with a strong passion. If In ever see her I will kill her. Love most of the characters though. - TwilightKitsune

Don't you think killing her is a bit too far? Plus, she's just a fictional character. - InfinateSuperstorm

She's even worse than Applejack

I hate her more than Foxy, and that's saying something. - Ultron123

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37 Notch became a Brony

Notch sucks and so does mlp

Some people like me hate minecraft so much because of this stupid show

Who cares about Notch!

The creator of minecarft seriously the show is a ugly little pony I hate the stupid pink pony it is a retard I only like rainbow dash though but the rest are sooo stupid I wish they will just go away if they come here I will commit suicide

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38 It rips off Powerpuff Girls and Powerpuff Girls Z

Mlp friendship is magic is a ripoff of powerpuff girls! My and Alexa's old time favorite show. Hasbro what were you thinking!? They should be ashamed of themselves creating this piece of garbage. This show needs to be cancelled and taken off the air in 2016.

Who is Alexa? I hate those comments that are like " I hate this show more than Johnny." Who the (technical difficulties please stand by) is Johnny? - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

I also agree too! It does rip off the Powerpuff Girls!

PPG rules, MLP drools - mayamanga

Mostly powerpuff girls z because most of the voice actors are from ppgz and rainbow dash rips off buttercup from both the original and z version. Plus ppgz and mlp are kinda the same because they are both magical girl shows, but ppgz came before. But the biggest rip off was that rainbow dash copies almost everything from buttercup from powerpuff girls z, they basically almost are the same but buttercup is a bit nicer and better. I'm not saying RD is terrible, I'm just saying she is a rip off.

39 The ponies have stupid names

Now I think Rarity is a beautiful name, but the other names? I really can't stand them. Pinkie Pie? Rainbow Dash? Really?! - mayamanga

Pinkie Pie?! That's just wrong. - mayamanga

Rarity is such an ugly name for a pony.

She is called rainbow dash so one of the characters has rainbow in their name
wow. such girly.

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40 No plot

I agree most of you folks I don't think this show isn't teaching my yunge r 10 year old brother any valus so for he's being rude to my mom so I said that my brother is learning bad behavers from this show of these pony s being so rude to each other but my mom will not believe me

I don't know why there is no plot at all - shingekicrap

The next episode, another topic. - WorldPuncher47592834

Check My little Pony wiki or wikipedia and you will see it has a LONG plot.

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41 None of the ponies live up to their elements

Very true. If you want a story where characters live up to their elements go check out undertale (Humans have traits in their SOUL where for example the protagonist is DETERMINATION and is always determined no matter what they are doing)

42 Mental problems

Them Girl Ponies are so Mental. Is that how Ordinary Girls act because I am a Dude and I never saw this kind of behavior from my Pals. What we do:

1. We hang out
2. Joke around
3. Laugh all the time
4. Play sports
5. Watch awesome cartoons from our childhood on the computer (T.V. is so Lame these days, Especially CN.)
6. Play video games (Like Mario)
7. Have fun when we are not busy with important life like University.

Girls with no life who spend their time on:
1. Make up
2. Gossiping
3. Arguing with each other
4. Throwing temper tantrums
5. Watching (LAME) Anime on their Computers. (Instead of Johnny Bravo or Looney Tunes or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1987/2003 or American Dragon or Teen Titans)

Then you have my Pity.

Them ponies are mental. Is that how ordinary gals act because I'm a dude and I never seen this kind of behaviour from my pals. We hang out, joke around and laugh all the time, play sports, video games and have fun when we aren't busy with College.

Gals with no life who spend their time on make up, gossiping and throwing tantrums like them Lame ponies, you have my pity.

This show drives me insane!

They're little ponies! They technically have a Napoleon Complex! Much like Chihuahua dogs!

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43 Flutter shy has serious problems

YUP! FlutterAnger aka flutter Shy has problems, She is acting shy just to get attention from her "friends" She sometimes is very assertive if shes angry.

I am autistic and this character is just insulting people with autism and aspergers by like she acts so like autistic and she is scare of everything she sees well I am not scare of everything I am brave

She has DID. - HakanBrakan

1. Minute Flutter is frightened of anything that moves like her own shadow. (Dragon Shy)

2. She pretends to be nice, sweet and kind.

3. Flutter breaks down into a Maniac Rage.

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44 It's meant for little girls

I don't think that even little girls would like this show. They would only go for the toys.

My cousin is 9 and she prefers the toys. She thinks the voices are boring. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

Bronies - WorldPuncher47592834

Not always. There was a Cool character called Party Favour... But he is just a Male version of that annoying Pink party pony.

Exactly, the Sexism of this Show is already on this list. But point taken.

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45 Racism

"Bridle Gossip". How could such Racism get away in such a cartoon that is supposed to promote Friendship! I am an African and this is the most Insulting My Little Pony episode because them ponies judge her just because she is the Race of the Zebra (How is this not Racism? )

Twilight only gets the main part so we can call this racism. It is only like good for main characters. Not the others. - ashlyn

Twilight is racism - ashlyn

"Hearth's Warming Eve" is the best example of Racism on this cartoon.

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46 It is not for kids

It is for kids.
But I have vintage My Little Pony 80s books.
Oh how Ponylike they used to be. Not gigantic eyes, smaller body.

It WAS for kids but now its more for like 16+ year olds

It used to be for kids, but then when you discover all the pony porn, grimdark fanfictions, adult stuff that's easy to find and more of it than anything else in the past decade compared to other cartoons and such, the toxic side of the brony fanbase that's extremely prominent, how since season 5 we've mostly just been getting pandering shoutouts to the fandom and the fact that kids nowadays that still do watch the show are finding it boring and mean-spirited...that says a lot. - SailorSedna

When I was little at the weird Royal wedding
,when Rainbow dash did the Sonic Rainboom she took her clothes off!

47 Pinkie Pie is gay

Wait she's a female Pony how can she be gay?

She alway following rainbow dash and riding on fluttershy like a board and she's everywhere

She really likes to hang out with them that I think that she is gay


48 Scootaloo is a ripoff of Buttercup

Actually it's RAINBOW DASH who rips off Buttercup!

The actress who does the voice of Scootaloo has the same name as me (Madeleine Peters)

I hope Scootaloo kills herself

49 Too much singing

Id rater remove all the musical episodes - WorldPuncher47592834

Yes. I hate singing when it is at every 1 microsecond interval when there is no singing.

Yes there's a lot of songs and most of them are awful

50 The series tries to act like an anime

The point of why Bronies exist. They look like anime ponies so Bronies appeared. But the original was better.

Yes. That is creepy - HakanBrakan

Them big eyes and weird body shapes for a pony... Come on.

True, with all the rainbow blasts, and them weird stones that they had at the beginning, the movies are the ones that are kind of obvious, the show kind of does, not as much as the movies, with the magic costumes.

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