Reasons to Hate My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic


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1 It is boring

I hate this show more than any other. - cosmo

Sorry visitor with no account but I hate MsWiseguy. She was bullying me for no reason. - cosmo

Visitor with no account can you please stay out of my list? Go comment somewhere else and respect others' opinions please! - cosmo

Woah, just looking back at my old comments as @ThePinkieMaster. I’m cringing so much right now. So for starters I have to apologise; sorry for being a totally mental fangirl. Most of these fake accounts were me trying to redeem myself.
I just want to make it clear that I now despise My Little Pony. Back when I first commented on this list I must’ve been, what, eight? Probably older, I’m not sure.
Now I realise how cancerous the fanbase is. Looking back at my old identity as “ThePinkieMaster” (Oh Jesus, why that name though) gives me a tantalising example of how much of a pegasister I was.
Well it’s early in the morning. I’m bored.
I hate My Little Pony. I’ve joined the weeaboo community now.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused by my lack of respect towards people who dislike MLP. -The person who used to be ThePinkieMaster

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2 It is too girly

Yep. Why do GROWN MEN even like this? - EpicJake

I can't stand these 3 pink girly ponies.
Pink has got nothing to do with the colour rainbow so why are there 3 ugly annoying pink ponies there.

There is one who is entirely pink (horrible colour. )

And one who has long pink hair (Girly overload. )

And one has a pink highlight in her hair.

WHY? Why not more purple or blue ones (Purple and Blue colours are the best. )

This show sucks, enough said - Delgia2k

True. Then stereotype stuff to much. Definitely is one of the reason this show seriously sucks!

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3 It is dumb

Yes. Any pea brained idiot would know that if they were creating Rainbow Ponies, that they would know that there is no colour pink on rainbows. People who created this show are much more stupid then 5 year olds.

How is magic part of friendship?
And how does a rainbow consists of 3 pink ponies?

There is no colour red or green ponies. How dumb must the creators be to miss that a rainbow does not include pink. (The worst colour in existence of colours. )

The ponies are extremely dumb in personality too.

The strongest element is magic
Not cool

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4 It does not teach anything

No, it doesn't. All I see are ugly ponies treating each other like poo. If they would be best friends, they wouldn't treat each other so badly.

Children should interact and play with each other, not watch ugly ponies do bad things. It does not teach absolutely anything.

Yeah... We are 12 year old boys who go to school, exercise, play in the park and skateboard AND know what a good show and a bad show is. We watch Real Shows like Gravity Falls and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Mostly on DVD). Do you have Problem with that, Bro-ny?

Yeah like, Dibo The Gift Dragon teaches anything, but not My Little Pony!

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5 It's annoying

Ha ha ha. Yes. The people who voice the characters are to blame. How did they even get to be voice actors in the first place, their voices are too annoying for such a wonderful job.

The ugly ponies have terrible voices. They sound like they ate nails or drank diarrhoea before speaking.

Two people at my school watch this and they act just like the ponies, which is annoying.

I find all characters except my 3 favorites Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and Rarity (FlurryHeart too and the CMC'S) annoying!

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6 There are tons of other shows way better

Ever heard of Gravity Falls, people? - Navylexi

Don't forget Popeye, Mickey Mouse (1929/...), Betty Boop, Felix The Cat or Looney Tunes.

I love ALL of those cartoons. (oh and by the way the first Mickey Mouse appearance was in 1928) - GrapeJuiceK

Fairly Odd Parents is way better than this show! - wanda

Scooby-Doo from the 60's manages to be better than this.

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7 Characters are too dumb

All them ponies are so dumb that whenever a villain attacks, they rely on the famous ones to rid the enemy with their (Terribly animated) Rainbow. How is a rainbow going to defeat a villain?

Princess Celestia is the dumbest of them all, sending Princess Luna to the moon.

Pinkie Pie is actually really rude and annoying. She always doesn't listen and annoys her friends to no end. She also doesn't listen to her friends when they tell her to do something. I purely despise this annoying brat. Along with Applebloom as well. - MontyPython

If someone's dumb, it's LUNA. She's way too useless and overrated. I hope Freddy will kill her!
Plus, Caramel (an earth pony male) has way too dumb name. I hate Caramels, and it's a girly name. Boo.

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8 Stereotypical ponies

All them Ponies impersonate Stereotypical Women...

1. Twilight The Nerd. (Yawn)
2. Pinkie The Party Animal. (I am surprised that she ain't high yet.)
3. Apple Jack The Hard Working Woman Farmer. (Yawn)
4. Rainbow The Tomboy.
5. Rarity The Perfectionist.
6. Flutter The Quiet Shy Scaredy Cat One.

Not just them, but the whole T.V. show has them Stereotypical ponies prancing around.

Fluttershy and Princess Luna are still nice.

Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie almost ruined me, I'm glad I saved myself from awful sexism. Shame on you three!

Flutttershy and Princess Luna aren't bad

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9 Friendship is not magic

Honestly, I really dislike the show, but I don't attack anybody who really likes it. But I disagree with many "lessons" it teaches. First off, friendship cannot be magic. That's the main lesson it teaches and it shows no controversy against it. I don't find their development in character interesting because they barely grow at all. The creatures in the show are always portrayed as one characteristic: Fluttershy is shy, Rarity is generous, Rainbowdash is loyal; it doesn't change. They're way too basic and I can't see how people can't realize this already. Besides that, the purple one, Twilight really shows no dimension. She shows certain characteristics of a good leader, but they are "too perfect." Sure, some of them make a few mistakes in a few episodes, but the "hardship" they went through was either because they were manipulated by magic or they just went through hardships just for the sake of it. About Twilight, it always appears that she always ends up being correct in the end ...more

Friendship is Science, not magic.

My Little PositronWildhawk: Science Is Magic. Just think of it! I'm kidding! - RiverClanRocks

That reminds me I wish to be magical. - cosmo

Most kids shows are about friendship.

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10 Poor animation

The animation is simply awful. From characters to backgrounds.

Why is the OUTLINE of the ponies not black?
Why is the background so terribly coloured?

The only thing good is the pictures on their bottoms.

It's already been written at the top on number 10.
But point agreed.

Only The Worst, Cheap, Low In Quality Cartoons Do Not Have Black Outlines.

What Animated Atrocities Do You Watch?

Come Back When You Get A Real Cartoon T.V. channel (Like Disney Or Cartoon Network.)

Until Then, Your Argument Is Invalid.

Have Fun Watching The Cheap Atrocious Cartoons That You Watch.

Yeah, the eyes are too big for their face, their muzzle is too mishapen for their head, they are not ponies, they are... Canines! Yeah their muzzles resemble dog muzzles.

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11 Pony porn

These Bronies need to be burned with fire because they destroy humanity with their messed up pony porn.

Pony Haters (and Lovers) Throw-Up all over these Messed-Up Individuals.

True, but unlike Pony Porn, it is Hidden away. My Little Pony Porn is Always In Your Face. What if children were looking for an innocent picture and see something like this?

Reason why Bronies shouldn't exist.

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12 It's not funny

That ugly pink pony makes the show un watch able.

How is this overrated junk funny!?

It's as if that Atrocious Pink Pony has to carry the responsibility of making this cheap knock off of a Show Funny and "Cartoonist". She is the only one who is actually "Cartoonist" while all the rest of these lame pony girls are being so Boring (Pretending to be Real Girls) in a cartoon which is supposed to make us laugh.

Honestly, the show is full of cheap humor. I bet even my jokes as a 5 year old are better! Not just that, I hate literally everything about it! The rainbows are the wrong color (Like dude, are the artists four? ), All the characters are stereotypical, It can be a bad influence, the animation is poor, and it’s racist and sexist. In a show, I expect well rounded characters, New lessons every episode, At Least decent animation, a nice storyline, and if it’s a comedy, then good humor. Instead, We get this stupid rainbow piece of crap that teaches the same lesson over and over. And friendship isn’t even magic. And don’t even get me started on starlight glimmer and the changelings. She turned from evil to a main protagonist in one episode! And the changelings turned good because of dumb ponies.

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13 Mean pony jerks

Bridle Gossip, Bad Apple and Putting Your Hoof Down is the best example of how much Jerks these Ponies can be.

And they are Racist too in Hearth's Warming Eve. The Ultimate Pony Racism.

I Want to kill them right now

Agreed... So many of them...

14 It is terribly animated

That's Retards to you. The Bronies are so wrapped up in Pony worship that they don't see how much errors their so called "awesome" show has.

You are right. I am surprised that many other people did not notice the awful animation.

The animation is terrible because it looks odd on the ponies (Have you noticed they have strange out lines which are supposed to be black? )
The background is simply awful and full of utter mistakes.

Go and watch a G1 or G2 version.

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15 Bronies

Most of them are GROWN-ASS MEN!

You stupid boys and girls liking this stupid piece of pony $h! T. You deserve many dislikes on your stupid comments! This list is way better than the opposite and this show sucks because of all those reasons. We watched the show and made this list as a critical review.

How can they like weird nonsense like:

Magical Harmony Crystals
Magical Flying Magical Princess Ponies (Laugh Out Loud)
Magical Problem-Killer Rainbow (I Fell Off My Chair Laughing.)

Annoying fans! Sometimes they make other people look like ponies! Stop it! They're so addicted to this cartoon!

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16 No plot

yup - StrikeOfLight

17 Rainbow Dash's personality is a rip off of Buttercup's

So true, but I like buttercup better, rainbow dash sucks. Rainbow dash thinks she is so powerful and awesome, lame! I wish buttercup can teach rainbow dash a lesson about real toughness and awesomeness. Buttercup rules, rainbow dash drools.

Rainbow Dash is lame because she thinks that flying fast and making exploding rainbows is so awesome and brags about it. Yet buttercup saves people and really helps her sisters fight, she is courageous and can lift up the most heavy stuff on earth, now that's awesome.

Already on this list but Correct.

Buttercup looks like Max from CrizRaging

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18 The show is overrated

Very overreted

19 Rarity is whiny, unlikable, and annoying

She and Rainbow Dash are mostly the reason why I don't watch My Little Pony anymore. Thanks a lot, Rarity and Rainbow Dash.

What's so attractive and beautiful about Rarity? I just see another ugly "pony" recolor. - KennyRulz244444

Me too! I wanna kill that white ugly pony!

Princess Luna is the reason why I don't want to watch MLP. Luna is a dumb idiotic pony and she's selfish. Thanks a lot, princess Tuna.

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20 Fans get into fights about the characters

Why the hell do you guys fight over which character is the best and which one's the worst? Please explain!

Yes, bronies do tend to get in fights about the "best pony", and they tend to get quite savage about it. - Chara

Self-explanatory! Enough said!

so true

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