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21 The pony's eyes are too big

Their eyes are almost their face

Their eyes give me nightmares.

The eyes try to be anime but they be failing bad

Wow...what about PPG...That type of eyes is one of the reason for why I watch that show!

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22 Stupid ponies

Yeah, I know what you're talking about. Even if the characters are meant to be stupid just to find a valuable life lesson, it will STILL get old and annoying as well!

I do not want to talk but mlp is ugly and stupid the ponies I hate are pinkie pie the ugly stupid pony 2 twilight the ugly bookworm 3 celestia is a troll 4 applejack the girl who is very lazy 5 twist she is stupid and a big big idiot

All these type of ponies are all stupid

MLP Is Stupid! They Teach No LIfe Lessons! They Teach NONSENSE To Everyone Who Watches It

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23 Spike looks more like a dinosaur than a dragon

Lol true it so stupid calling him a dragon if it is like a dinosaur - Toastymyroasty

True. And his full grown form looks like a poor Godzilla ripoff - Ultron123

He looks like a lizard

He ripped off Dibo - UntitledMan

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24 None of the ponies live up to their elements

Very true. If you want a story where characters live up to their elements go check out undertale (Humans have traits in their SOUL where for example the protagonist is DETERMINATION and is always determined no matter what they are doing)

25 It rips off many shows

It sure does, it kinda rips off sailor moon and a a little bit of ppg and kinda rips off barbie movies. And there is much more.

It rips of pokemon because some pokemon have the same powers as these ugly stupid bronies!

It ripped off Teen Titans. Don't believe me? Watch the episode where Pinkie Pie's mouth disappears. That happened in Fractured, a Teen Titans episode. Plus, Teen Titans came BEFORE My Little Pony, so that's proof if you think that Teen Titans copied MLP. - mayamanga

It’s a ripoff- a HUGE ripoff- of Winx Club. Winx was made 6 years before MLPFIM. Mlp copied characters names like they copied Helia, and bloom (they did that with applebloon) plus this show is so stereotypical. I actually used to be a lover of it for like 5 months. Now I have the songs stuck in my head. Save yourself from getting brainwashed by this show. I saved myself.
Twilight - the nerd
Pinkie- the party girl
Applejack - the pony version of Harriet Tubman
Fluttershy - typical shy girl
Rarity- a diva perfectionist
Rainbow dash- the tomboy
And the dazzlings are ripoffs of the Trix. The trix were actually FUNNY. The dazzlings did nothing but sing. How can you take over the world by singing? I’m glad I’m not a pegasister anymore. My sister is, and she’s in 11TH GRADE. She likes shows that are so bad even calling them shows is an insult to the world. You know like those HORRIBLE EDUCATIONAL PBS kids shows. Who likes educational shows?

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26 Some fans are spoilers

I only spoil if I know the person wants it. This is a problem, though

I am a bronies and I love to spoil everything

I am a brony and I love to spoil everything

27 It is satanic

The pony characters in the show, since they are part of the equine family, are a symbol of Pride, one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Horse is the animal symbol, and ponies count too.

Religious nutter in the house?

Like ya' know, the ponies love Satan for no real reason - UntitledMan


28 It is even bad to little kids

I don't understand why the show (That is for 5 year olds) has to include ugly ponies with mental health problems and going nuts/crazy/retarded. You name it.

The purple one goes completely mad and starts terrorising Fillies.
The pink one starts talking to objects just because of her birthday party plan gone wrong.
The yellow one has anger management problems when animals don't want to be with her.
The orange one (I will give her a pass) overworks and gets tired enough to not know what she is doing.
The white one is simply a Drama Queen.
The blue one is probably the only normal pony who has no breakdowns.

If parents think that this is fine, then why not show your kids something like Psycho if watching ponies going insane is fine with you.

Yes, not to be offensive but the ponies act crazy, like they have something wrong with them. Or everything.

It teaches kids how to be mean

Its worse than the Swedish/Maltese show called Höjdarna (en: The Rooftoppers)

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29 Mental problems

Them ponies are mental. Is that how ordinary gals act because I'm a dude and I never seen this kind of behaviour from my pals. We hang out, joke around and laugh all the time, play sports, video games and have fun when we aren't busy with College.

Gals with no life who spend their time on make up, gossiping and throwing tantrums like them Lame ponies, you have my pity.

This show drives me insane!

They're little ponies! They technically have a Napoleon Complex! Much like Chihuahua dogs!

mary sue
thinks she's the best but she's a butt.
screams because she fails a silly test
thinks she's good because she's a poopcess( poop+princess)

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30 Shining Armor is a crybaby

Yeah he cries at weddings

He is not a man. by the way this show is annoying anyway

31 Brony haters

Whoever put this on the list is a brony who can't keep his fat nose in his own business!

YOU HYPOCRITE! If you're gonna make a list about why you hate MLP, don't put this on the list!


...seriously? - KennyRulz244444

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32 The ponies have stupid names

Now I think Rarity is a beautiful name, but the other names? I really can't stand them. Pinkie Pie? Rainbow Dash? Really?! - mayamanga

Pinkie Pie?! That's just wrong. - mayamanga

Rarity is such an ugly name for a pony.

Rarity is a meh name, but the other names make me cringe like Hell has risen. - KennyRulz244444

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33 Too much singing

Yes. I hate singing when it is at every 1 microsecond interval when there is no singing.

Yes there's a lot of songs and most of them are awful

34 It's meant for little girls

I don't think that even little girls would like this show. They would only go for the toys.

Not always. There was a Cool character called Party Favour... But he is just a Male version of that annoying Pink party pony.

Exactly, the Sexism of this Show is already on this list. But point taken.

Hey! I'm a lil'(not really) girl and I hate H-A-T-E THIS SHOW!

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35 Rainbow Dash is the worst character ever

She is so annoying, even more than dora, I wish to take her out of the show and that she never comes back, she makes my eardrums explode and a very whiny voice. The show would be better without her, she is the whole reason I hate the show. I would not hate the show if she wasn't in it.

I hat her with a strong passion. If In ever see her I will kill her. Love most of the characters though. - TwilightKitsune

She's even worse than Applejack

I hate her more than Foxy, and that's saying something. - Ultron123

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36 It's taking over DeviantArt

My childhood died a little when I saw Madeline MLP stuff. (Yea, I read the books when I was little) - mayamanga

The whole time I'm in devianart I only see that and I get so annoyed there are better thing that pony crap

It's taking over the internet as a whole, it's literal cancer that cannot be cured, it's the return of the Plague of 1665 but with stupid MLP-obsessed morons. - KennyRulz244444

My childhood died when I saw Twilight Sparkle x Yoshi fanart. I still can't get over the cringe. Just look it up...

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37 Pinkie Pie is gay

Wait she's a female Pony how can she be gay?

She alway following rainbow dash and riding on fluttershy like a board and she's everywhere

She really likes to hang out with them that I think that she is gay


38 Scootaloo is a ripoff of Buttercup

Actually it's RAINBOW DASH who rips off Buttercup!

The actress who does the voice of Scootaloo has the same name as me (Madeleine Peters)

I hope Scootaloo kills herself

39 The series tries to act like an anime

Them big eyes and weird body shapes for a pony... Come on.

True, with all the rainbow blasts, and them weird stones that they had at the beginning, the movies are the ones that are kind of obvious, the show kind of does, not as much as the movies, with the magic costumes.

My God this is so true. The characters got these slightly nerfed DBZ super powers including super forms. I also saw one scene on Youtube that imitated a DBZ fight like no other American cartoon could've done. Twilight was fighting this demon centaur guy named Tirek and they were both using their horns to perform Kamehamehas on each other and knock each other through mountains and everything. To be honest, I was hard to take that scene seriously for a cartoon like this. - Mcgillacuddy

Once I get a YouTube channel and start up my video series, Pinkie Pie (more like Stinky Pie, amirite? ) will be the first of the Mane 6 to die. (My YouTube series will make the ponies the bad guys, by the way.)

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40 Too many mean characters

I bet ya that every pony episode has at least one mean, rampaging and disturbing pony with facial expressions overload.

Bronies these days make a lot of dumb assumptions. Get the hell out of the The Top Tens you as-wholes! You get terrible examples from the characters in this messed up show, and bully other people who don't like the show so much.

I hate it when those stupid bronies or pegasisters try to comment back to this list and say they love this messed up show! They deserve many negative values on their stupid comments!

If this is a kids show why is there mean characters in this.

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