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41 It is satanic

The pony characters in the show, since they are part of the equine family, are a symbol of Pride, one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Horse is the animal symbol, and ponies count too.

Like ya' know, the ponies love Satan for no real reason - UntitledMan


42 Queen Chrysalis is the only good character

All characters are bad. Actually not bad, AWFUL.

Queen Chrysalis is also AWFUL, STUPID, AND UGLY!

43 Scootaloo is a ripoff of Buttercup

The actress who does the voice of Scootaloo has the same name as me (Madeleine Peters)

I hope Scootaloo kills herself

44 It ruined your childhood V 1 Comment
45 You're supposed to hate it

Who told you to hate a work of fiction that got popular anyway?

46 Flutter Brutter

What's that?

47 Pegasisters

Does this mean gilda and rainbow dash

Girls who like My Little Pony, GET A LIFE! You Retarded Bunch of Losers!

It is a lame name for them stupid fan girls who obsess over Ponies. More like Pega-Sissies.

I hate mlp but then I'm a girl, so I'm joining the cool dudes. - SnowyAqua

HA! Oh my god you said that. Look, just because you hate MLP doesn't all of the sudden mean you are a boy now and certainly not a cool one. There are girls that hate MLP but they don't say "I'm cool and I'm a boy" - Ultron123

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48 It is brainwashing

It is brainwashing and it causes unusual behaviors, loss of brain, and turning into a brony to cause Internet problems around the world.

This is not the show's fault. Very sadly, every cartoon out there runs the risk of being abused by obsessive lowlifes - it's the viewer's responsibility to enjoy media without going far enough to cause problems for themselves and others around them. - Entranced98

My sister has been brainwashed by this show. YOU WILL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE YOU STUPID PONIES!

I had a friend of mine who became a brony and as a result became a huge d! ck to my friends and to myself and as a result have isolated from him. Don't watch this stupid cartoon. - KennyRulz244444

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49 The fanbase

Ugh. I am from Mario fanbase and never have I seen such a terrible fanbase like My Little Pony.

Both Sonic and Mario Fanbase are really good. But My Little Pony Fanbase is overcrowded with Retarded Lunatics. And they make up stuff that is utterly dumb.

Annoying fanbase which thinks it is manly. Since when is MLP supposed to be manly? What the hell just happened to the world?

I've seen many bad fanbases (FNaF, Sonic (somewhat), Steven Universe, etc) but this one has to be at the very bottom as it is the absolute worst... FNaF is a hair behind. - KennyRulz244444

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50 Putting your hoof down was a mean-spirited episode

Please don't ever watch that stupid episode, because it teaches you to be mean spirited and get jealous with kind people!

51 Rainbow Dash's personality is a rip off of Naruto's

How is she ripping off sonic? Besides she is more of a rip off buttercup from ppgz the anime because they both love sports and put pressure on one of the characters when they try to do sports and both are tomboys and almost share the same voice and get mad about many things. Although, buttercup was way before the new rainbow dash. Buttercup from the ppgz anime was in 2006 while the new rainbow dash appeared in 2010.

Rainbow's personality is a rip off of:

1. Naruto
2. Sonic
3. Buttercup (with less aggressive)
4. Jake Long (From American Dragon if you don't know)

No it is not! She's a sonic ripoff!

I agree too!

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52 Too many mean characters

I bet ya that every pony episode has at least one mean, rampaging and disturbing pony with facial expressions overload.

Bronies these days make a lot of dumb assumptions. Get the hell out of the The Top Tens you as-wholes! You get terrible examples from the characters in this messed up show, and bully other people who don't like the show so much.

I hate it when those stupid bronies or pegasisters try to comment back to this list and say they love this messed up show! They deserve many negative values on their stupid comments!

Ikr! Twilight, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Apple Jack, Fluttershy, and Spike need to take a gun and shoot themselves! I hate them all! They are all mean! I wish they were real so I could stab them 99999999999999999999999999 times!

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53 Flutter shy has serious problems

You Flutter Shy Fans have to check this list out! There are way too many errors you guys are not aware of for your so called "Sweet and Innocent Flutter Shy" character you brainwashed idiots! I definitely agree with this entire list. Thanks for pointing everything out of this Messed Up Lunatic Flutter Shy.

You Flutter Shy Fans have to check this list out! There are way too many errors you guys are not aware of for your so called "Sweet and Innocent Flutter Shy" character you brainwashed idiots! I definitely agree with this entire list. Thanks for pointing everything out of this Messed Up Lunatic Flutter Shy.

1. Minute Flutter is frightened of anything that moves like her own shadow. (Dragon Shy)

2. She pretends to be nice, sweet and kind.

3. Flutter breaks down into a Maniac Rage.

I love fluttershy. How dare you guys!

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54 No male protagonist

Unfortunately, you were told Wrong. This is a show for little Girls, not for Men.

I do Not get this. If this is a Show for Men (As I was told. Clearly, it is NOT.), then WHY is the Protagonist a Stupid Lame Girl?

This sucks. I'm not a male however I think they should make a 'My Little Pony: Gaming is cool' and it has half and half; 3 guys and 3 girls. It could teach you WHAT to do and what NOT to do on the internet. It really would be cool.

Yeah,what about spike? -ApplejackFan

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55 Racism

"Bridle Gossip". How could such Racism get away in such a cartoon that is supposed to promote Friendship! I am an African and this is the most Insulting My Little Pony episode because them ponies judge her just because she is the Race of the Zebra (How is this not Racism? )

"Hearth's Warming Eve" is the best example of Racism on this cartoon.

They are racist to zebras

Bridle Gossip teaches kids that white people are the best people in sociotey - mayamanga

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56 Never ending gossiping

They never stop TALKING. It is endless problems Bla Bla Bla this, Bla Bla Bla that. No One Cares about your Problems.

Try watching this show with no Sound. You will know what he means.

In Ancient China, women could only speak when spoken to. In this disgraceful cartoon, they will not stop chatting.

Mlp is so dumb... and all the bronies said that mlp was cooler than kung fu panda! how weird is that! Something is wrong with their brains - SnowyAqua

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57 Gives you nightmares

Do Princesses Dream Of Magic Sheep?

They also give you cancer - UntitledMan

For Whom The Sweetie Belle Tolls.
This episode is so Messed Up.

58 It is not for kids

It WAS for kids but now its more for like 16+ year olds

When I was little at the weird Royal wedding
,when Rainbow dash did the Sonic Rainboom she took her clothes off!

59 It's popular

Whoever told me to shut up, you are being very rude! Besides, I was only sharing my opinion nicely, until you posted rude comments without thinking. You think being rude is fun and entertaining? It doesn't! So get off the internet if you can't put up with different opinions! I will get off the web if you do the same thing. Capisce?

What's wrong with something popular? Are you some kind of hipster? Hipsters hate things that are mainstream and popular and try to take it out on other people.

I think what he means is that it's too popular.

Shut up mr whats wrong with something popular

60 New characters look weird
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