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61 It is not for kids

It WAS for kids but now its more for like 16+ year olds

When I was little at the weird Royal wedding
,when Rainbow dash did the Sonic Rainboom she took her clothes off!

62 It's popular

What's wrong with something popular? Are you some kind of hipster? Hipsters hate things that are mainstream and popular and try to take it out on other people.

Whoever told me to shut up, you are being very rude! Besides, I was only sharing my opinion nicely, until you posted rude comments without thinking. You think being rude is fun and entertaining? It doesn't! So get off the internet if you can't put up with different opinions! I will get off the web if you do the same thing. Capisce?

I think what he means is that it's too popular.

Shut up mr whats wrong with something popular

63 New characters look weird
64 Too many protagonists

What about the animated T.V. series, Justice League? It does have seven superheroes that revolve around teamwork!

And the bad characters always become good( Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer ps they are all so girly)
Plus, no protagonists die.
PS, I'm a girl

Yeah really, Protagonists are 1-4 characters, Grand Theft Auto v for an example, Has 3 protagonists, unlike my bitch pony, Which is like 10 protagonists

65 No goofy hollers V 1 Comment
66 It's a ripoff of Dora the Explorer

This is a very bad idea for the person who made this doll and a episode every week for the first ghosts 👻.

67 The show is not educational whatsoever and is only made to sell toys

True. That also includes Transformers and TMNT!

68 It's For Babies
69 Rainbow Dash's speed is a rip off of Sonic's

But then again Sonic's speed is a rip off of Blue Arms Sonic.

70 A lot of grown men like it more than little girls
71 It gets way too much undeserved fame

Fame over what, crusty animation, crusty characters... ?

Most of them Fans are Retarded/Gay and PDo's anyway. Only 10% of the Fans are actually little Children (And 8% them only like the Toys.)

Fame for what?
Bad morals and bad animation?
Way to go Hasbro.

72 Pinkie Pie is annoying

Get Lost Pink Poop. You're outta the "Rainbow's Club" because YOU are a Pink Sniveling Brat. If YOU R Stupid, then there is no Pink in a Rainbow (Same goes for YOU Flutter's and Twilight.) so go home and party by yourself with your Imaginary friends and take your lame party stuff that no one needs.

(Kicks Pinkie's Arse.)

Why do these ugly ponies who are supposed to resemble a RAINBOW if I am not wrong...
Have PINK ponies in it?

Pink is the worst colour imaginable but to have 1 pony who is completely "pink" is just utter horror for "pink" hating people.

And her name sounds wrong...

Pinkie Pie is not just annoying because she is pink...
She is annoying because she is all over the place, she acts like a retard, one minute she is happy and laughing, the next, she has hissy fits and temper tantrums over a small thing gone wrong. She has Bipolar Disorder.

She should drink bleach!

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73 The Save the trees donation

The money goes to them stupid Bronies, not to the trees.

That one is not actually bad Chaotixhero.
It's a good thing that people actually care about nature and trees.

At least the charity is not ridiculous...


74 3 pink "rainbow" ponies

Pink is the worst colour in existence of colours.

Why on Earth is there 3 pink ponies when (If I am not mistaken. ) the ponies are supposed to represent Rainbow Power?

Last time I checked...
A Rainbow does not consist of a colour Pink.

Thanks for pointing that out.

Seriously, what's so great about stupid over-girly looking ponies!? I just don't understand why so many grown up losers enjoy watching this overrated piece of garbage so much!

Twilight sparkle and pinkie pie are awful, but Fluttershy's the best!

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75 Applejack looks like a tramp

Applejack looks like a Tramp because:

1. She has Greasy Hair tied in a worst Hairstyle imaginable.

2. She has so called freckles (Or is that Bird Droppings? )

3. She does not seem to mind dirt and has no personal hygiene (I mean, have you ever seen if she has a bath at all? )

4. She is a girl but acts like a DUDE (So why is she so sexist to Spike in the Ticket episode.)

5. She is not cool (She just represents hard working women and makes farms look uncool.)

Applejack is Disgusting and (Probably) Stinks from sweating and not taking a bath.

1. Her hair is Greasier then French Fries.

2. Freckles? Freckles are brown, you Fool. They are Bird Droppings.

3. Children NEED to Watch Cartoon Characters Bath. What is your problem? Are you some Tramp?

4. Yes she does. Even her voice is like a Farmer Dude's.

5. Yes she should be. She makes Plain Jane Girls look Beautiful.

She is a rip off of Tramp! Lady and the Tramp is the best movie ever, but MLP is the worst show ever! The characters need to die!

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76 Sexism

Why I do not like this show a lot.

How come them Bronies did not recognize this utterly sexist mistake?

The main 6 is jam packed with dumb Girls. I bet you that you will only find a couple of dude ponies prancing around in this ridiculous Girly overload pony show only as stereotypical male background characters. And no, that Rainbow one is NOT a dude even though she acts like one.

Lauren (That Sexist Pig Creator Of MLP) said so herself that she want to make a new dumb T.V. about them ponies so that Girls would stop thinking about Dudes...

Meh, Lauren is idiot because she should know that...

1. We Dudes will always RULE. (No offense intended.)

2. We Dudes are better then them Girls (Sure, you get some Cool Girls and Lame Dudes as well Sometimes).

3. Bros before Hoes. Basic Human Logic, then we get Lauren twisting it around. (MLP says Hoes before Bros)

4. Lauren should already know by now that you will not change nature's purpose ...more

Dude or Gal, please don't copy my Coolness.

Bronies are the most disgusting people on the face of Earth.

I'm girl!
girls rule boys drool
sorry, dudes

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77 Their ultimate weapon: a rainbow

This is so Silly, Stupid, Funny and So Ridiculous all at the same time. How is a rainbow going to defeat villains? Stone them and colour them to death?

Paper Mario Color Splash used colors WAY better than this trash.

Oh yeah how powerful and strong, lame! Even the Ppg can defeat them.

Rainbows are nice when you see them in the sky, but this rainbow, a weapon... too lame to bear! - SnowyAqua

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78 Plot holes

Who are Flutter Shy, Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo's Parents?

We seem to know about the main character's families that appear to come from the Unicorn and Earth Pony breed, yet we know Nothing about the Pegasus Family which is Questionable.

So much lame Plot Holes.

Who R Flutters, RD's and Scootaloo's Parents? It seems that the Pegasus is the only Pony breed in MLP that seems to be missing their Families...

We know about Rarity's, Twilight's, Apple Jack's, Apple Bloom's, Sweetie Belle's... Yet we know nothing about the Pegasus backgrounds... Do they come to life from Cloud's or something?

How is the fact the characters parents aren't shown a "plot hole" LOL it doesn't affect the plot whatsoever

79 Facial expression overload

In Every Single Episode at least 1 Pony will twist her face (Mouth line twisting out of their Snout, and bulging Eye Balls) to make it look really bad. A normal human being would have a very bad face full of Wrinkles if they would exaggerate facial expressions like that.

Way too many Facial Expressions for 1 Human. The Facial Expressions are Wrong because:

1. Eyes bursting out of their sockets whenever Excited or Worried
2. Giant Mouths that come out of the Pony's limited anatomy and makes them look weird.
3. Extremely Tiny or Oversized Eye Pupils.
4. Over Exaggerated Facial Expressions.

I am surprised that these ponies do not have wrinkles (A normal human would have a lot of wrinkles from so many facial expressions.) after all the expressions that they do.

That's what you expect from a cartoon!

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80 Discord is the only good character

Spitfire is also an okay character because she is funny, but the rest suck.

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