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81 Controlling Cutie Marks

What was once known as only a "Little Sweet Awesome Picture" on their Flanks known as "Symbols" has Manifested into an out of control "Cutie Mark" that Manipulates and Forces Ponies to do whatever Picture it has.
Do Not Believe Me? Watch "Call Of The Cutie","Magical Mystery Cure" and "Bloom And Gloom."

The way Cutie Marks are portrayed in Magical Mystery Cure is pretty Disturbing.

They Demonize Cutie Marks. What happened to Ordinary Symbols?

Just out of curiosity, what would happen if they didn't have those marks?

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82 "Love and Tolerate"

Bronies are so Hypocritical. They say "Love And Tolerate" yet they "Hate And Prohibit" our Opinions.

And they shut off comments on their YouTube channels because they don't want to hear anyone's opinion except their own.

Bronies say this every time. People should stand up to them. A resistance or Anti-Brony organization should be organized. WE HAVE TO STAND UP AND FIGHT THEM! WE HAVE TO PUT AN END TO THIS MADNESS!

I so agree with you.

83 It's going downhill
84 Its fanbase is far too big
85 It contains gay symbols


86 There are no good characters

They are all evil and all they ever do is use knives, well in my opinion, knives are for noobs - UntitledMan

87 The Mane 6 and Cutie Mark Crusaders are annoying
88 Flurry Heart
89 The Mane Six

The name sounds absurd, isn't creative, and just makes it more obvious that the show lacks in creativity as a whole. - KennyRulz244444

90 Rainbow Dash's personality is a rip off of Kim Possible's
91 The Save the trees donation

The money goes to them stupid Bronies, not to the trees.

That one is not actually bad Chaotixhero.
It's a good thing that people actually care about nature and trees.

At least the charity is not ridiculous...

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